Fresh Air Zimbabwe arrests


THE clampdown on suspected corrupt Air Zimbabwe executives continued yesterday with the arrest of the airline’s former chief executive Peter Chikumba and suspended acting CEO Innocent Mavhunga.

By Paidamoyo Muzulu
Senior Reporter

The arrests are linked to the multi-million dollar fraud at the parastatal.

Chikumba (59) was chief executive from September 2007 to December 2010 while Mavhunga (53) was acting chief executive till his suspension in January this year after the release of the BCA Forensic Audit which unearthed fraudulent activities by management which cost the airline millions of dollars.

The duo joined suspended company secretary Grace Pfumbidzayi who was arrested in Harare on Wednesday and is yet to appear in court.

Police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the arrests last night.

Charamba said police swooped on the AirZim executives after being satisfied there was a prima facie case against them.

“In the case of Air Zimbabwe, a report was made on 3rd January 2014 with no forensic audit report available. When the report was later supplied police had to expertly sift through and analyse six (6) voluminous reports to establish a prima facie case against the accused,” Charamba said.


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  1. Why are the ministers not being arrested or being fired ?? Surely they also failed the nation. As well as the directors that benefited from this illicit deal. The obviously through their meetings over a round of golf or drink new very well things were not being done professionally.

  2. ha ini ndotozogutsikana kana Obert Mpofu(Jeshurun) nemamwe maminister asungwa, kutosvika kuna Gabriero waxho ndokuti ndigutsikane kuti pane action iri kuitika

  3. Trying to rein in corruption in Zimbabwe is like trying to lay rail tracks in front of a runaway train – impossible. In the early 1980s Zanu sycophants were always saying Mugabe was incorruptible when he rooted out the corrupt cabinet ministers like Nkala, Maurice Nyagumbo, Fredrick Shava,, Calistus Ndhlovu and others: fast forward 2014 – Mugabe is the most corrupt person in Zimbabwe. But he is untouchable because he is a law unto himself. The most important thing for Mugabe is securing the Presidency and all else is secondary. ZanuPF legalised theft from the year 2000 where hordes of thugs invaded farms looting everything in sight how can they arrest others and leave others? It’s a joke that corrupt ZanuPF apparatchiks could be arrested by ZanuPF police to serve time in ZanuPF-supervised jails. They look after each other these crooks.

  4. Problem yana Pfumbidzayi ndeyekukara. Vakarova mari zhinji voga chinyararire isu ana chamangwiza vachitisiya. Zvino ukada kuzviita tsuro magen’a tinokuturunura kubva kudenga ikoko tikakugadzika pasi ukagwanama zvachose. Tinobva takushandisa iwewe semumvuri wekuviga matsimba edu neuchenjeri hwako iwowo husina kungwara. Zvino waizviti wakangwara zvavepi. Unonyura chete.

  5. ko mavhunga namukumba ndiwo vadii?stupid police force.pure selective application of the law.ndanyara nazvo ini.SHAME ON U MUGABE.

  6. H. Muchechetere, C. Dube, O. Mpofu and d all like fraudsters will never see the inside of a charge office simply because they have distinctions in Applied Actuarial Corruption.


  8. this salary-gate issue is worries,why can’t they be brought before the courts and stern measures be taken

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