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Former Studio 263 editor supports street theatre duo


FORMER Studio 263 editor Emmanuel Mawoko has taken a move to support street theatre artistes from Harare’s Vahombe Performing Arts by editing and producing a DVD free of charge.

Tinashe Sibanda

The DVD is titled Mabhodhi.

Vahombe Performing Arts comprises the comedian duo Wilbert Chimarizeni and Samson Kabvura that have become popular in the capital for rib-cracking performances at the sides of Copa Cabana bus terminus where people usually gather for their free open air acts.

“I identified them in 2011 at Murehwa Cultural Festival and realised they were talented and needed help to take their comedy further so I took it upon myself to make this happen,” Mawoko said.

Mawoko has, of his own free will, compiled a one-hour DVD of the duo’s various acts in Mabhodhi which is about the day- to-day-life of a young man named Kabvura who sells bras for a living.

Kabvura has a hectic business, but makes the most out of it by giving people something to laugh about as he tries to convince women to buy the bras.

In one instance he gets into trouble when he is caught touching a woman’s breast in a bid to measure the size trying to convince her to purchase one.

His comic life deepens when he meets a new friend, Penzura who is an impersonator and together they become a tag team of the craziest and most popular duo, thus drawing customers for bras too.

“This is the first time I have ever considered helping street theatre groups and I must say I feel a deep sense of happiness,” Mawoko said.

He added that he had done this to help them reach the next level in life and that it’s important for artistes to join hands and make life better for everyone in the industry.

Mawoko said in 1996 he had also received great assistance from a UNESCO film and television project to upgrade his production skills, thus he knew it was actually a good thing for him to also give a good turn to others.

“I will continue scouting and helping upcoming artistes reach their highest potential and I am glad that since the production and release of Mabhodhi the duo has been able to reach out audiences as far as Bulawayo, Mt Darwin, Victoria Falls and Kariba, among others,” he said.

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