Former soldier sues Defence ministry


A FORMER member of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) Didymus Maboreke is demanding $350 000 compensatory damages from the Ministry of Defence for injuries sustained while he was on duty in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2001.

By Feluna Nleya
Staff Reporter

Maboreke, who served in the army between July 1999 and November 2008, said he suffered brain damage after he got involved in a road traffic accident in the strife-torn DRC following his deployment as part of a regional peace-keeping force.

He said as a result, he was now suffering from psychosis and had been placed on mental health drugs for life since 2008. In summons filed at the High Court on February 10 this year, Maboreke, whose force number was given as 810159G, accused the army of spurning his compensation claims.

“I submit that the case was twice brought before the attention of the Zimbabwe National Army Payments and Records by my father Moses Onia Maboreke and again by the Ombudsman’s Office, but nothing came out of it,” Maboreke said. “I further submit that efforts by my father to secure compensation failed as it was alleged that I did not sustain any injuries while on duty and this is despite evidence by witnesses who attended the scene.”

He wants the army to pay him $50 000 for past medical expenses, $250 000 for future medical expenses and $50 000 for shock, pain and suffering.


  1. If he was nt on duty in DRC then what was he doing there? Give him the money and the army shld learn to take care of its employees during trying times than to sit and watch.

  2. Why is the army being insensitive?They use someone and ignore him when he is no longer useful to them.I will ask the same question Gono has asked.Was Maboreke in the DRC or not? Why is he not in the army now?Something must have happened in the DRC and the man needs to be compensated.

  3. My cousin’s wife was run over by an army truck and lost her leg. It was in 1993. She was compensated though, but 18 years later i.e. in 2011. Be of good courage soldier, the jeouney to getting compensated is long and winding.

  4. Please we don’t want to practice corruption on clear things like this !pay this ex soldier as he deserves to be paid and remember hwatove upenyu hwese ichirwara marwadzo aya and that money is too little for life compensation!pay, pay ,please pay he was on duty in conco.

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