Fans protest at Sulu’s show


FANS walked away in protest against dendera musician Sulumani Chimbetu who came late for a show at Club XS in Marondera on Saturday.


When the NewsDay crew arrived at the venue, the supporting act David Hondoyedzomba was still on stage and a few revellers were protesting.

“I am very disappointed they are charging $5 entrance fee, which for me is a lot of money. I was expecting that Sulu would be on stage early,” Mary Mawoneke said.

But, Sulu’s publicist Joe Nyamungoma said the musician performed well on time.

“We had a supporting act who also needs exposure and played until 10:30pm.

“The band did a routine sound check for 30 minutes before Sulu joined them at 11:00pm,” Nyamungoma said.

“It is actually normal anywhere you go.”

However, for those that had waited patiently for the musician’s performance, it proved to be an experience as the musician belted out yesteryear hits like Gamba, Kwaziwai and Samatenga among others leaving revellers spellbound.


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  2. nyaya inonetsa ndeyekuti sulu unotanga kuzvitutumadza, kuzvidhonza usati wagona kuimba kwacho.
    manje tarisa uone zviri kuita vafana vako vari kuuya hot

  3. ita mushe chikomana rwendo rurefu urwu wadonha wakoromoka hamuki vana andy brown vakakudzidzisei votambura wangu mwii

  4. Newsday Sulu akakutadzirei l was there handina kumboona kukanya kwakaita sulu if you see munhu one complaining haasi mafuns its a Fun.Muharwadziwa mukaneta mufana arikurovera kuenda I I kikirikiri naye.Heya heya kuti Sulu ndokuti DENDERA.

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