Fake stock cards in circulation


THE Department of Veterinary and Livestock Services has started withdrawing old stock cards after it emerged that some fraudsters had printed and sold the fraudulent livestock documents to  unsuspecting farmers countrywide.


Director Josphat Nyika told NewsDay that out of the 16 000 of the 136 000 stock cards recovered from Chiredzi district had been found to be fake.

“It is true that some farmers no longer have their stock cards because we withdrew them when we discovered that fake stock cards were printed and distributed among farmers nationwide,” Nyika said.

“We are printing new stock cards with security features. We will investigate the origin of these fake cards.

“This is a national programme we are undertaking and very soon everything will be normal.”


  1. ko kuti mombe yacho anoiziva here nhai Zimbabwean.just looking at his name Mupfana we Bikini wl tel u something.

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