Ex-prisoner stranded after pardon

A 40-YEAR-OLD beneficiary of President Robert Mugabe’s recent amnesty for prisoners yesterday claimed he was now stranded in Harare without any means to travel back to his home in Plumtree.


Gift Chirwa, who had served six years of his 15-year jail term for the murder of his then seven-year-old son in 2008, said he had now turned into a street beggar following his release from St Thomas Prison in Marondera on February 12.

“I have been here since I was released and I am stranded because I have no means of going back home to Plumtree,” he said.

Chirwa said he did stints in Bulawayo and Harare Central prisons before he was relocated to Marondera.

“My wife and relatives used to visit when I was first jailed in Bulawayo, but since I was moved from there, they were not able to raise the bus fare,” he said, adding that he was not sure if he would be accepted by his family when he finally gets home.

Chirwa, who looked shaken by his jail experiences, recalled horrific prison conditions characterised by hunger, hard labour and the threat of homosexual abuse.

He said when he was released he wept with relief but was shocked to learn that the Zimbabwe dollar notes he had with him when he was arrested, which were returned to him upon release, had been rendered worthless during his stay behind bars.He said he spent his first night at Marondera bus terminus following his release in the evening before a Good Samaritan bought him some food the following morning and later gave him $2 which he used as transport fare to Harare.

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  1. How was he released when murder convicts were not beneficiaries of amnesty?

  2. Can the Commissioner of Prisons tell us what was the criteria used to pardon these inmates.

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  5. where is he now’ ask him to call me through newsday

  6. What is Gift expected to do? Are we not setting him up to commit a crime to survive? Surely the government should have arranged transport for him to a town nearest to his home.

  7. mapungubwe dundilabazwele

    Such a crimina killer was also pardoned?

  8. There is more to this story than meets the eye. According to my understanding only those that had served three quarters of their sentence for offences like assault, where the ones to be released, so how did he qualify for realease? I know a guy who is supposed to be released next year for cattle rustling but HE WAS NOT RELEASED! And the murderer was released?

    1. I agree wth u. X-convicts are given a document that request public transport operators to offer them free rides

  9. this liar is simply afraid of going back home. murdering your own blood? he even went further to lie that he was shocked his zimdollar notes were worthless when 6 years ago he was convicted at the height of inflation. knowing. marondera as I do, that fake samaritan who doesn’t know when to keep his pocket shut, should have left him to freeze there. better a frozen killer than a stranded one

  10. We people cant judge him only God can judge murombo pamweya dai Mwari vamukundisa

  11. @ Stinko, not God judging, did you read the conditions for one to be pardoned, murderers NOT TO BE PARDONED

  12. where is the justice when a murderer only serves 6 years in jail for his crime. His son has been denied justice

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