Dynamos to continue using BancABC-branded kit


DYNAMOS say they will continue using the BancABC-branded football jerseys for the Caf Champions League despite the institution not bankrolling their current African safari campaign.


The Zimbabwean champions beat Mochudi Centre Chiefs 3-0 on Sunday in Harare and are now faced with a 1 069km road trip to Gaborone, Botswana, to fulfil the second leg over the weekend.

BancABC are the principal sponsors of the club in the Premier Soccer League (PSL), but last year combined forces with Mbada Diamonds to brand the jerseys they used for the Champions League.

This year, Mbada Diamonds are sponsoring How Mine, who are representing the country in the Caf Confederation Cup and beat Chouni of Zanzibar 4-0 on Saturday. The second leg takes place this Saturday in the small island nation.

Dynamos chairman Keni Mubaiwa told NewsDay Sport in November that they had met with BancABC to map the way forward after they lifted the Premiership crown, but nothing materialised with regard to their participation in the Champions League.

“We met our sponsors BancABC over our participation in Africa, but they advised us they were not in a position to sponsor us in the African Champions League. It’s a major blow because we cannot afford to participate in the tournament without sponsorship,” he said then.

While a deal for the local league is work in progress, Dynamos turned up for their match against Mochudi in the at the National Sports Stadium on Sunday in BancABC regalia, drawing mixed feelings from the Harare giants’ faithful, who claim the giants are reaping where they did not sow as far as the Champions League is concerned.

Dynamos have even tried to raise funding via the Ecocash platform.

Of particular concern was Oscar Machapa’s jersey number which had to be “pasted” by coach Kalisto Pasuwa.

Team secretary-general Webster Chikengezha says he sees nothing wrong in wearing the BancABC jerseys.

“Is there a problem? You cannot really divorce the Champions League from the PSL because it is the PSL that gives you the platform to play in the Champions League.

“We made a decision as an executive and they can advertise even if they are not sponsoring,” Chikengezha said yesterday.

No comment could be obtained from the bank’s managing director Hasmon Matemera on the issue as his number was not available.

A number of Dynamos fans on Facebook page Dembare Dotcoms gave varying explanations on this.

Wonder Nyamasvisva Gunha: If they provide money to buy players who are playing in that tournament they have the right to advertise, but truly speaking, banks are not performing well to such an extent of sponsoring such a tournament.

It’s not about not wanting, but about affordability Luckmore Chivese: You stop wearing their logo, they stop paying salaries, players go on strike, and it’s chaos.
Samuel Ziyambi: It’s logic. Dynamos doesn’t have to use BancABC material for Champions League because they (are) not part of that. Champions League and the PSL are two different safaris.

Samanyika Wenharo: Remember, it’s DeMbare we are talking about here.

Jackson Chunga: Only unprofessional leaders can do that.

Prince Tineyi Murambi: The leadership is asleep.

Elisha Sithole: Conned!

Erasmos Mafe: Who bought the kit? If it’s BancABC, then the boys at least have something to put on. Did BancABC ask Dynamos to wear the kit? If not, BancABC may actually sue DeMbare for wearing their logo.

Wilberforce Shava: If only the club knew its value. Dynamos is a big brand and deserve a better deal. The club is being taken for a ride.

Fungai Mugoga: The situation in Zimbabwe is difficult such that you can’t blame Keni for being dumped. Otherwise, do you know that wearing that jersey might simply mean we don’t have another kit?

Itayi Mastech Masaka: Dynamos, at this level, should be now competing with some South African clubs in terms of professionalism and paying players.
Marx Machiti: Old jerseys?

Resmond Madzivire: No, this is a shallow analysis. BancABC remains Dynamos’ principal sponsor and that sponsorship deal is as best as you can get anywhere in Africa (excluding ABSA of course).

BancABC pays salaries for players and the technical team, they provide signing-on fees for players, they provide transport for the team etc, so there is nothing wrong in the team continuing to use the BancABC-branded kit.

They obviously could not sponsor us in the African safari, because to them, there is little mileage in there. They get maximum mileage by sponsoring us in PSL games!


  1. the club sponsor is bancABC period. so whether its the african safari or psl they still have to wear jerseys ABC branded jerseys just like chelsea wear samsung branded shirts whether its the premier league or its the champions league. hapana nyaya apa. pamwe they are using kit from last year they cant afford to buy a new one because of sanctions!

    • The truth is Dembare does not have money to buy a new kit period. samsung is sponsoring the blues both in EPL and champions league, so you can not compare them to Dembare. Banc Abc is not bank rolling dembare in the champions league and the kit they gave dembare was for the premiership only and they had already distanced themselves from champions league. its not true that they are the sponsors of dembare coz another company can take over and sponsor them in the african safari.

  2. Dynamos is the worst managed club in Zimbabwe, so the talk of dembare being a brand is nonsense, Dynamos needs to chase away all those thieves and crooks from MY party Zanu PF who have been looting and running down the team together nemahwindi who claim to be leadership yedembare. Remember the same goons selling away games to TP mazembe zvikanyararwa hazvo coz the team is run by the mafioso…..Until the team changes then sponsors will shy away fearing that they maybe indigenized..kikikiki, ndataura ini saMugabe

  3. we should salute BancABC for remaining with dynamos despite the chaotic or non existence of basic management. if anyone can come in and pay salaries, camping costs, travelling and kitting ngavauye tiione. the success of dynamos for the past 3yrs is due to the stability brought in by Bancabc period!

    • Let Dembare use their bank branded uniforms. Surely if the bank who is their sponsor did din’t approve, Dynamos would not have used those uniforms. The bank n Dynamos know better, so if there is an issue , let the two comment. Otherwise let’s keep quiet n watch football. Period.

  4. This is all so wrong. Any branded jersey has to be paid for, how can they give BancABC free advert team ichifamba nebhazi kuenda ku Botswana. better kupfeka maplastic chaiwo. i am deeply hurt . hurombo huroyi vakomana

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