Denmark tops, Zimbabwe low in rule of law


DENMARK has been ranked the world’s leading country in upholding the rule of law, according to an international survey conducted by World Justice Project (WJP).

By Munya Simango
Own Correspondent

The WJP’s 2014 Rule of Law Index report hailed Denmark’s justice delivery, good governance and absence of corruption within its institutions. The survey scrutinised governance and judicial systems in over 90 countries.

Zimbabwe scored poor marks in the 2014 survey with rankings close to the bottom in most categories; with the exception of criminal justice where the country was placed 67 out of 97 countries surveyed.

Incidentally, Denmark has been providing financial support to Zimbabwe’s judicial system for the past few years.

The World Justice Project is an independent, non-profit organisation whose goal is to strengthen the rule of law throughout the world. The Rule of Law Index ranks countries according to indicators that include limited government powers, delivery of criminal justice and absence of corruption.

In an interview recently, the Royal Danish Embassy Office head of mission to Zimbabwe Erik Brogger Rasmussen said: “Denmark’s public institutions are transparent, efficient and free of corruption. Our international cooperation activities are based on these principles. In line with this, the Danish engagement in Zimbabwe aims at building democratic institutions and promoting universal human rights.

“A key component of our development co-operation programme in Zimbabwe focuses on providing the support aimed at enhancing the independence and effectiveness of the justice delivery system while upholding the integrity of the judiciary.”

Since 2010, the Danish embassy has supported the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to develop and implement the commission’s strategic plan (2012-2016) which calls for judicial service reform.

Since 2009 the Danish government has also actively supported dialogue around the ongoing democratic transition process in Zimbabwe.

“Danish involvement in the transition process is aimed at establishing democratic, transparent and accountable governance in Zimbabwe through various bilateral and joint intervention initiatives,” said Rasmussen.

Danish development cooperation in Zimbabwe also supports inclusive economic growth through private sector development in agriculture which directly contributes to improving the livelihoods of ordinary citizens. Other components of the country’s development co-operation focus on infrastructure rehabilitation, policy development and the elimination of gender-based violence in particular sexual violence.

“Part of our assistance is geared towards the development of national frameworks and legislation which promote gender equality and to decisively reduce gender based violence. The support will also involve strengthening the referral pathway by providing victims access to services that include legal aid, shelter, counselling and livelihood support,” said the envoy.


  1. What have the police been doing for the past decade nothing but looting from motorist.Now to drive in Harare requires extreme concentration checking all mirrors every quarter second for runaway canons ie) Kombis taxis and even other private car drivers have adapted the habit of breaking all the traffic laws whilst the police are doing nothing.Going through red robots has become the order of the day drivers have lost all the respect for the law worse off just to flick the indicator to signal your intention has now become mission impossible.

    In the early 90’s police checked for vehicle road worthiness on road blocks, indicators, lights and you see all those defective vehicles going through the roadblock they only check for the licence disk that has happened to you ZRP.Imagine the revenue you can rack in for fining all those defective vehicles i did my own physical check for 5 days each day i drove from work i would see 4 in every 10 vehicles i come across would have some defect related to lights or indicators please do something to keep Zimbabwe a safe place all these accidents are not just caused by speeding but defective signals and lights also contribute.

    What happened to the police night patrol units we knew.If people are not policed all they do is break the law.Amber is a signal to prepare to stop but now it a signal to accelerate and beat the robot before it turns green again whilst one has stopped in the middle of the intersection blocking motorists facing the go light.when was the last time someone got a ticket for going through a red light i guess 1999 check your records.


    • The ZRP has issues, granted, but I am shocked at the World Justice Project’s ignorance of the most devastating and blatant failure of the US and European governments to deliver criminal justice and punish corruption that saw a few bankers steal trillions of dollars resulting in hundreds of millions losing their mortgages, homes, jobs and lives. Instead, the US and European governments bailed out the criminals! Imagine, Zimbabwean banks steal billions of depositors’ money, takes away a million homes and shuts down companies for the sole purpose of profit, then the government of Zimbabwe takes away tax payers’ money now and for the next 100 years to pay these banks to remain in business since all profits were shared by the banks’ shareholders. That is what happened in the US and in Europe, yet European and American countries are ranked as the world’s leading countries in upholding the rule of law. We have our own issues here and it is my wish to see justice served and looters jailed but on a global scale, our crimes in Africa combined will never produce a fraction of the damage, pain and suffering of humans seen after the world banking system collapsed.

      • scotv, are you actually familiar with the Zimbabwean situation? If you were, you would be aware that corruption in this country has brought more suffering, pain, hunger, starvation, disease and humiliation than has ever been experienced in the countries you have named. We have not seen potholes, hunger and cholera in Europe because of the banking crisis in the west. You are like an ostrich desperately trying to hide your head in the sad. Be objective for once

        Name one country in Europe where people get arrested even when they have been acquitted by the courts. It happened to Dumiso Dabengwa and Lookout Masuku, the heroes of our struggle. We also witnessed the shameful incarceration of 29 MDC activists for 2 years even though none of them could be placed at the scene of the crime. Some died in custody. We saw petrol bombs hailed into a car and Tichaona Chiminya and Tatent Mabika burnt to death. The known perpetrator continues to be on the CIO payroll. Kizito Chivamba and Elias Kanengoni were found guilty of the attempted murder of Patrick Kombayi. Mugabe pardoned them soon after being sentenced to serve jail terms.

        One could go on and on. Bottom line is Zimbabwe is a case study for selective application of justice. Add to that the countless instances where the government has refused to implement any judgments that go against it in its courts of law. I am actually surprised, having been at the receiving end of injustice on numerous occasions, that I am actually surprised we did not come out at the bottom of the pile.

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  2. snowden you are right we have to have our home system fixed whats the point in showing concern over the dog sh*t on your neighbour’s door step when you have sh*t inside your house???


  4. If we do not care so much about others’ injustices then why do we use these silly surveys as a benchmark? Injustice at home must be served, if Mugabe is guilty he must be prosecuted and I support this 100%. While we are at it, let us also prosecute the guilty from the opposition and the rhodies who are calling for justice today must also pay for their crimes. Everyone must face justice!

    • scotv, it was Mugabe’s choice not to prosecute the Rhodesians. Now that we are familiar with his own evil deeds, it is obvious that the reconciliation policy he touted in 1980 was so that there would not be investigations of crimes against humanity by both sides.

      When you say everyone must face justice, how do you reckon that should be done? What we see is that countless opposition activists are brought before the courts and the majority are found innocent while very few ruling party criminals are brought before the courts. You know that very well.

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  6. This is now becoming too much , who will stop this , its you and me not the president alone, why do u give the ZRP officer money, why don’t people have a march or something like that concerning VID corruption , why don’t all thoz peeps who are subscribed to PSMAs juss deregister which shows hw painful it is for your money to be deducted and you get poor service delivery and they pay themselves, My point is what are doing to stop this………..corruption is not political it is a criminal case lets help each other to enforce law

  7. Chirandu these psmas people can not afford other medical aids thats why they are on psmas,but a fact is a fact they should get at least a year of free treatment because they deserve it.Mari ikunetsa munhu wese ska why let these peope loot and was away scot free.

    Buy this time people should have acted taken to the streets demanding an explanation on all these city of harare ,psmas and air zim lootings.A demon of greed is about to take over our country 500 000 usd per month unoidii munhu kana kuri kutenga mota hanti you can only drive one car at a time even dzimba u stay muimba 1.

    FYI Mwari vanoona ,i pray that money ishaye zvainoita zvinemusoro in their lives coz its blood money.Zimbabweans somethings tinongoshingirira tichiti hazvinei nesu this and that but its really showing how corrupt we are the law should make an example of such people,but what do we do ?We sit back and relax as id we are watching a 3D movie mmmmmxxxx this is disgusting.

  8. To Mrss RURAMAI – You really argue that Zimbabwe’s justice system is rotten as compared to US and worse you give examples of Dabengwa, Lookout, 29 MDC activists. Do not venture into public debate if you ill informed. US is still incarcerating persons US differ with on political conscience and some have been brutal killed. US is the only country that can carry summarily executions on opponents within and abroad – where is Sadum, Gadafi, Bin-Ladin etc. Ruramai – please rank again Zimbabwe against US in this debate!

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