Cuthbert Dube still in office

PREMIER Service Medical Aid Society chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube, who was retired recently following disclosures that he earned a salary of about $230 000, is still in office after all, his lawyers said last night.


But PSMAS board chairman Luxon Zembe maintained that Dube had been retired. Last night he wrote a letter to this newspaper threatening to gag it for reporting that he was now a former chief executive officer of the medical aid society.

Zembe recently announced that Farai Muchena was the new PSMAS acting chief executive officer.

Dube, through his lawyers Venturas and Samukange, yesterday wrote to NewsDay saying articles describing him as “former” or claiming that he was dismissed or suspended were wrong and causing serious damage to him.

The lawyers also accused NewsDay of misleading the public by claiming that Dube had been receiving huge sums of money from PSMAS.

“In one article you refer to Dr Dube as former chief executive officer, when in truth and in fact, he has not been dismissed or suspended from employment. ads Ads

“In the result, to refer to our client as a former chief executive officer is misleading, blatantly untrue and defamatory,” the lawyers said.

“In fact, the list of your lies is endless. Our client is assessing the amount of damage he has suffered as a result of these defamatory statements.”

Last night, Zembe said Dube reached retirement age on December 31, 2013 and although there was a grace period for him to work until the age of 70, he agreed with the board’s decision to retire him.

“Dr Dube was asked to go on normal retirement after reaching retirement age on December 31. He is no longer at PSMAS,” Zembe insisted.

Dube was retired following exposure that he was earning an obscene salary of close to $230 000 a month at a time PSMAS was owing service providers close to $40 million.

Finance ministry’s suspended director of implementation and control of expenditure unit Meisie Namasasu, who was PSMAS board chair, was also dismissed.

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  1. Very funny Cash-Boat Dube is trying to sue for damages. His Boat of cash not full enough yet?!

  2. PSMAS board and the relevant authorities tipeiwo maserious. The man is actually a security threat, all other government employees and the uniformed forces live below the poverty datum line while the scoundrel is living like a king…a greedy madman who has done nothing to deserve those earnings. Munhu uyu aiba mari yevanhu ngaaendeswe kujere. Imi Editor dont be intimidated…evil is evil.


  4. Despair, desperation, frustration and endless hopelessness for the people of Zimbabwe. The VP knows he has been unfairly targeted. Beloved powers that be, may Cuthbert’s salary now go down to below $9000 per month including allowances. PSMAS is not a factory or a ranch: It relies on paupers’ contributions.

  5. leave the dude alone vakamupa mari so whats the problem if we have to investigate 90% of zimbos would be found guilty of misappropriating something our country has bred thieves. repent.

  6. Help me guys, did Dube approve his own salary and allowance or it was the board which approved? Who would refuse such a huge amont if offered? Wayezithathela yini leyomali kumbe he was being given? Whose signatures are are there on the PSMAS payroll? For all these years, didnt anyone pick Dube`s salary? Why were questions not raised for all these years? Who didnt do his job here, Dube, his paymasters, the signatories, those who offered him the pay rise, the board, who is to blame here??????????????

  7. MaiMujuru varkuti ngaarambe arimo…Look where this rot is coming from


    1987 — Ziscosteel Blast Furnace Scandal
    1987 — Air Zimbabwe Fokker Plane Scandal — $100 million
    1986 — National Railways Housing Scandal
    1988 — Willowgate Scandal
    1989 — ZRP Santana Scandal
    1994 — War Victims Compensation Scandal
    1995 — GMB Grain Scandal
    1996 — VIP Housing Scandal
    1998 — Boka Banking Scandal
    1998 — ZESA YTL Soltran Scandal
    1998 — Telecel Scandal
    1998 — Harare City Council Refuse Tender Scandal
    1999 — Housing Loan Scandal
    1999 — Noczim Scandal
    1999 — DRC timber and diamond UN-reported scandals
    1999 — GMB Scandal
    1999 — Ministry of Water and Rural Development Chinese Tender Scandal
    1999 — VIP Land Grab Scandal
    2001 — Harare Airport Scandal

  8. I can bet my bottom dollar dai ari Elton Mangoma aita izvi or anyone from MDC dai akatorara kuChikurubi and taken to court in leg irons

  9. Haaite haaite mari yese ega iyi aktoda imwe ft

  10. Ko minister wedu we transport arippiko k road motor services kmagonyeti kne rimwe boys ririkdya yese rega

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