CPU blocks ‘killer’ bridge


THE Civil Protection Unit (CPU) in Chiredzi has ordered police to block the “killer” Chilonga Bridge along Runde River and arrest motorists who continue using the low-lying bridge during the rainy season as it has claimed many lives over the past few years.


Chiredzi district administrator who doubles up as CPU chairperson Clara Muzenda told NewsDay yesterday that they had instructed police to stop motorists from using the bridge that links Chiredzi town and its vast rural communities of Chilonga, Chikombedzi and Malipati through Sango Border Post, until a new bridge has been constructed.

Muzenda said they had instructed police to carry out roadblocks on both sides of the bridge and arrest owners of homemade canoes who risk people’s lives by offering to transport them across the crocodile-infested river.

She said they had also ordered the Transport and Infrastructural Development ministry to erect road signs to ban the use of the road.
But Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Peter Zhanero said he was not aware of Muzenda’s directive.

“I am not aware of that resolution and I am not sure of what I can tell you about that issue. Give me time so that I check and I will come back to you,” he said.

The decommissioning of the bridge will force residents in Chikombedzi, Malipati and Chilonga to travel a distance of about 80km to reach Chiredzi, whereas the bridge had made the distance 60km shorter.

During last year’s rainy season, four people drowned when a tractor and a commuter omnibus were swept away midway through the bridge.
Meanwhile, canoe owners are recording brisk business at the flood-prone bridge where they are charging $2 per head either way.

The charge depends on the level of water in the river and if the floods are excessive, the rates go up to $5 for the 200 metres stretch across the river. There are nine boats stationed at the bridge with self-proclaimed touts and a station master controlling business.

The station master is responsible for controlling the queue of passengers and boats and collects fares from passengers. The money is then shared equally among the operators at day end of the day.
On a good day, especially Mondays and Fridays, each member at the station pockets $50, but the amount can be higher if the river is flooded.


  1. Why is the Mugabe regime not building bridhges 33 years after independence, we are still relying on bridges left by Cecil John Rhodes! nxa! mbavha munonetsa!

  2. the cpu is doing an unwise decision,, of wat benefit would tht be 2 us e residents of Chikombedzi,, ey re sayin tht cz ey juss dont stay there,, For how long have e poor Shangaan people been crossing thru the dangerous waters of Runde river. Leave us alone. U have nothing better to do. Construct the bridge 1st

    • I think you are insane, step aside and let the CPU control the situation, Big up Mai Muzenda, Nyede, Dhliwayo, and the rest of CPU for making a right decision which may not be a good one to idiots like tlakula, who wants to present a wrong picture about the Shangaan people.

  3. I’m very surprised by CPU’s decession, they suffer innocent citizens instead of govt. This bridge has been there b4 independance, this is nonsence, we’ve been free for a merely 34yrs, nothing has been done yet. All over Zim we are still using all roads& bridges left by colonialists Clara Muzenda is drunk.

  4. We need competent civil servants. I don’t believe this bridge issue is a tribal one because even when T. Maluleke was masvingo provincial gorvenor he did nothing to ameliorate the situation there. Where is the Chiredzi community share ownership funds. Somebody must be accountable.

  5. CPU you have done a good show. It shows that you are concerned about the life of the users of this dangerous bridge. However my question is have you put in place alternative means that people will access their essential services from both sides of the horrific bridge. If your answer is NO so let people risk their lives to get to the other end. DO YOU THINK PEOPLE JUST MOVE FOR FUNNY? Ko voshandisei vanhu isu tichida kufamba zvotofira mudzimba nhai vanhu vamwari. Instead of blocking the bridge the CPU should use their canoes to help people who want to cross to the other end. Isu ma CIVILIANS tisu tavane mhosva ko vasiri kugadzirisa bridge racho havana mhosva. CHETE MUZIMBABWE TINE VATONGI HATINA VATUNGAMIRIRI. Period.

  6. until we stop on realying on politicians.and start doing something as citzen of Zimbabwe .u mean hapana munhu or vanhu vanogona kuvaka tht bridge coz vamwe takatozvarwa vamwe vakatofa vachitarisira kuitirwa zvinhu na mugabe ne vadzidzi vake bt hapana its almost half a century now asi chabuda hapana.lets arise and build our nation guys.it takes u and me to live in better Zim

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  8. Tiko rahina ra tika. Since 2000 we were using that route. How many people died on that bridge. That route is very busy when are they to start bridge? Swatika maxaka vahitiva loko valava kuvoteriwa. So which route we going to use now or else govement provide with some boats. Na khesa. I’m Vutivi Nkuna Muhlava in Chibwedziva

  9. Makavhotera ZanuPF na Denford muchaiona nhamo yacho bridge ravharwa. Maiti mukavhoterwa muchavaka bridge iri vakai nemukadzi wako Caroline Naude.That aside Machangani chenyu kungoshandiswa ne Zanu. Most of you went to fight in the liberation struggle by virtue of you being near Mozambique but come the war veteran fund most of you did not get it. Hondo yaMatsanga ndimi makatambura. Minda ye nzimbe only 28 machangani vaka iwana. Only one boarding sec school, top civil service yose hamupo,hezvo mabridge akafa gore re cyclone eline nanhasi haasi kugadzirwa. Chinondishamisa ndeichi kana ava mavotes you are only second to UZUMBA MARAMBA PFUNGWE KUVHOTERA ZANUPF. WAKE UP GUYS.

  10. mukwa , i u re an uneducated harzadous idiot, . Get a life n find something 2 do with those bunch of mongrieles ure giving props 4 an herrendous decision that affect e lives of us e Shangaan pple, wen i go 2 Chikombedzi, i bet i wil find u n yo so called cpu, i e son of e female elephant will deal w u personally, u can put tht on my late grandfather

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  12. ummmm this is pathetic, am one of those affected by the late building of this Brdge, does it mean that the gvt does not have money to build this Bridge for all those years or its someone is just sleeping in parliament not pushing for the construction of the bridge????? anyway so why vote for a dead wood who does not help at all if it comes to people lives???? Better hunt for the culprit i mean the mp and get all these answers from him…. not excluding the ministry concerned??? someone has to start to be rsetless now…..we canoot vote for someone just to enrich him thats all!!! no we are not all tha stupid.

  13. if this issue is not adressed then better to inform the President staight away. we can’t blame our dearest president, he have got lot of things to focus on , thats why he asign his ministers, MPs and so on…. the ministry concerned must take action or else we will inform the president very soon than later./

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