Corruption is criminal, not political


There is everything wrong with the way the Zanu PF government handles corruption issues.

NewsDay Editorial

Since 1980, President Robert Mugabe and his party have always taken corruption as a political rather than a criminal issue and this has led to the downfall of the country’s economy.

It is sad that whenever a corruption issue involving high-ranking figures surfaces, Zanu PF calls for meetings to discuss how “to handle” it. Why should the government call in the politician to solve a criminal issue?

Corruption does not only hurt the economy, but it also undermines the rule of law and creates unnecessary bureaucracies designed for the sole purpose of extorting bribes.

Normally, corruption goes hand in hand with the abuse of office to the detriment of many. We have seen how people abused offices to award themselves and their friends hefty salaries at the expense of the tax-paying public.

We have seen how those in high offices facilitated the mushrooming of land barons through whom they fleeced thousands of their hard-earned money.

These are criminal cases that cry for prosecution and not for the Zanu PF politburo to discuss and “find a way forward”.

The way forward, since 1980, has been to find ways of protecting the felons in high offices most of whom should be jailed for the safety of the economy.
But Zanu PF’s protection of such scumbags has landed us with a wrecked economy.

A few unlucky small fry have been named, shamed or prosecuted to divert attention from the real criminals, most of whom have been recycled in Cabinet portfolios. Because of the actions of these few criminals, the majority are denied quality education, economic opportunity and justice.

But the greatest problem is the impunity with which these criminals go about their business. Because they know that even if they are caught, political rather than criminal prosecution procedures will be instituted, they do as they please.

Corruption has become so endemic that even those who are supposed to deal with the issue can no longer cast the first stone as it were.

They have become part of the intricate web. They are both the actors and the referees; that is why they prescribe political solutions to criminal issues. And these people are only accountable to themselves, not to the majority. The ruling party, by deliberately prescribing a political solution to criminal cases of corruption, becomes a haven for criminals who launch their attacks on the economy from the safe refuge of the party.

In Zimbabwe today, it is difficult to distinguish ministers, MPs and top government officials from criminals.

But as long as those in power deliberately ignore the fact that corruption is criminal and not political, we will wake up one day to find this country literally dead.


  1. Mr Editor yours is an excellent open letter to the President so he can direct sleepinng on duty Chihuri and the Prosecution to do their work and bring the culprits to face justice.

  2. I’m very much worried abt hw these corrupt cases wanna be handled.Look at Hre city council Mahachi denied to show up some hefty packages which they are looting from tax payers and our local gvt minister reinstated him at his post soon after his suspension which clearly shows that there a lot of dirty work which is kept under the carpet. As a country we must name and shame the main culprits.We have 2 investgate some of these big fishies (ministers) how they acquired their wealth.Truelly speaking how can a single minister owns half of Hre using bogus means to acquire those properties?Abasha corrupt ministers,Abasha nepotism,Viva naming and publishing those rottern elements in the society.Shame on u guys,u are stealing in the name of the ruling party.

  3. Excellent piece indeed Editor. As long as Mugabe and Zanu PF are in power, only cosmetic announcements will be made about corruption. Mai Mujuru’s utterances in Chinhoyi is the reality – Zanu PF, from Mugabe wacho to the most junior official, are all CORRUPT. What Mai Mujuru suggested in Chinhoyi is exactly what happened – Zanu PF called for a Politburo meeting, instead of empowering the Anti-corruption Commission to investigate.

    With evidence now abound that Mugabe stole money from Government to buy a house in Malaysia – do you think he will act on corruption sincerely? Some of the guys involved would be some of those who helped him corruptly acquire the wealth that he has.

    Zimbabweans, the first real attempt to tackle can only take place after Zanu PF is uprooted.

  4. please can the newspapers investigate who benefitted when parastals where privatised. these are public entities yet only two nobodies ended up very rich, they must pay back every cent. mbava ku coTTCO ne dairiboard……

  5. Mr Editor, yours is the letter of the year. How can the President call for a politburo meeting after a series of corruption revellations. Zimbabweans lets be serious this time, come 2018 lets uproot this corrupt government. Ndatsamwa sterek.

  6. corruption is at its highest level in zim, just image someone earning a salary equal to combined salaries of 575 teachers or nurses. shame ZANU PF

  7. I wanted them voted in power and after that cure the corruption. We thght we were suffering together as a result of sunctions, but nw am fully convinced kuti imbavha. However I personally see no betterment even with the MDC. Totoda hurumende yaSmith if we are not gona succeed in rooting corruption from Zanu Pf or can anybody else form a political party based on Zanu Pf principles but without it’s stance on corruption.

    • the entire system is corrupt.thts the main reason they’r clinging to power under hook and crook.every failure is blamed on sanctions’and yet they are busy looting and killing the economy nxcaaaaaa

  8. Tinotenda Mr Editor. Maifanira kuudzao our ignorant literate ZiMbos that the gains acquired from graft is stolen money 4 the country Mari yedu. Money 4 schools, hospitals, prisons, agriculture etc. Tiri kubirwa takatarisa. Where is the oPposition voice nhaimi. Wth our poor Zimsec education quality unotonzwa vamwe vachiti haa Chombo mudealer haa mudhara ane mari. MDC come out nd make noise about this

  9. Thanx mr editor for enlightening us on corruption issues and why our country’s economy is in shambles. IT’S NOT SANCTIONS after all.

  10. what a masterpiece mr editor but where is the opposition it should be on the forefront demanding actions and decampaigning corruption that is being condoned by the ruling not so untouchables its only a matter of time before they go to chikurumbi. we need action tsvangson

  11. The MDC has no solution to this because they are just as corrupt. Their love of the luxurious and the flamboyant clearly shows them to be no better. No matter how long it takes, whenever it will occur, individuals should be investigated for whatever wealth they have to ascertain the sources of what they own and give back to the state whatever belongs there. This might be the current Ministers, MPs, top civil servants, private sector gurus and all the lot, and their offspring. The family or family line should be able to prove the hard work behind the wealth they possess. The problem with this country is that it has had political Parties which belong to individuals. Consequently, these Parties serve the interests of their owners and not the broader concerns of the national agenda.

  12. thts wht total empowerment is all abt, plundering.hanti ndimi makavavhotera kuti mbavha idzi dzinyatsoba hanzii heee masanctions my foot

  13. Ian Smith was better by98% he was bad 2% namely 1%,calling the whites ”Bhasa” and the other 1% was calling their kids ”piknini bhasa”,ZANUPF are looters they cant even maintain what was built by Smith,I salute you mr. Editor

  14. I like this, “In Zimbabwe today, it is difficult to distinguish Ministers, MPs and top government officials from criminals.” These people are “Formal Thieves”.

    • Lost, in fact, it would even have been better if the sentence had started ” In Zimbabwe today, it is difficult to distinguish the President, Ministers….from criminals”. Mugabe is the most corrupt of them all. Remember how he fought in Chombo’s corner once the fact that he had fraudulently obtained property in virtually all urban areas across the country.

      Mugabe is a multiple farm owner and the dairy equipment at Gushungo dairy was purchased from Germany using tax payer’s money. He owns over a dozen farms, a house in Hong Kong, lives in 3 houses, takes in excess of $3 million every time he goes to Malaysia. In short, Mugabe oozes corruption. He cannot survive without it. If corruption was to be investigated without fear or favour, he and Grace would be the first ones to be shunted to jail.

  15. ur problem is that w want the opposition to take action or other groups whilst w a the ones who suffering guys until and unless w raise our voices w will continue to suffer

  16. we’re not serious in zimbabwe! Calling a politibro meeting to discuss corruption! Christ, this issue is very simple an jus needs a simple constable kunosunga vane mhosva then mamagistrate oita basa rawo vanhu vovharirwa we do have a constitution wani. its very clear on thieves. ko misangano yava yei futi? thot kuti inyaya yekupa vashandi mari dzavo! m truly dissappointed by mr president

  17. Zimbabweans hakuna chisinga peri,remember Rhodes and Smith era they did everything under the sun to their advantage.Naming all the God given natural heritage,roads,buildings,rivers etc but today the status co has changed drastically,this will compulsorily change,time will tell.We are not going to respect their kith and kin because all left to them is ours.We are going to do proper audit sooner or later,Fair play leaves ever lasting legacy mr president and your inner-circle.

  18. The greatest weakness of men is fear…who are we to just stand and watch whilst our national resources are being plundered by these ruthless lot…oh cry my beloved Zim!

  19. I dot imagine Chihuri arresting Mpofu, Chombo or Goche, Tomana prosecuting with half the zeal applied on Tsvangirai’ treason trial, justice Chidyausiku convicting and Zimondi oiling the trapdoors no i don’t share the dream.

  20. Zvakaoma. Izvi hazvidi kuenda kunganga kuti zvipere. Action by the government is required or else vanhu vano mukira hurumende. Enough is enough anhu weee!!!!

  21. Most corrupt people hide behind politics. I always peruse many articles of corrupt govt ministers who dont get punished. Corruption is slowly but painfully destroying our beautiful nation.

  22. Editor corruption in Zimbabwe by ZanuPF so-called war veterans is political not criminal as you put it. The last so-called war veteran to be arrested for corruption was Chenjerai Hunzvi and we all know what happened after – complete mayhem which precipitated farm invasions. Mugabe and ZanuPF have learnt their lesson from the arrest of Hunzvi. There’ll be no repeat of that sort of scenario. All parastatals have a retired army Brigadier or Major in their Boards who is a so-called war veteran and are therefore immune from prosecution. You can write acres on corruption but for as long as a so-called war veteran is on the Board of Directors nothing will happen. You and other people believe these so-called war veterans “liberated” you so you should not complain when your “liberators” use your money or misuse your money. The new Constitution endorsed by over 3 million gave the so-called war veterans the right to be empowered economically! It is not corruption but so-called war veterans empowering themselves economically. I don’t share the same sentiments as the 3-odd million, who have no clue how black rule was attained, who think so-called war veterans should be economically empowered because my vote in 1980 was one of those which got Zanu into power not some war. It’s you people who have made corruption political not criminal by your ignorant actions.

  23. The article rightly points out the error in handling corruption as a political issue rather than a criminal issue. It is impossible to expect criminals to act dicively against each other. Our government leaders are highly compromised hence cannot and will not be able to usher Zimbabwe into a new season. Corruption is a deadly disease, which is hard to cure. Its not realistic to expect our Head of State to start dealing with corruption decisively now when he has not done so over the years. He is in the sunset of his years where a lot of other things consume his mind like health, reflections over his life and general family.

  24. Citizens are the ones who must demand that justice be served. If we expect ZanuPF to fix corruption we are dreaming. ZanuPF have corruption in their blood – its impossible to get it out of them. It is only citizens who are fed up who can demand that criminals be put behind bars. How do employees at our parastatals still allow some people who have been implicated in the so called salary gate to even enter the the gates of their work place and report for work without shame. Citizens must lock these corrupt people out of the workplaces. The Commissioner of Police and the respective Ministers must be given an ultimatum to act otherwise the people have no choice but to then be makers of their own history and protectors of their right to be governed properly.

  25. He/She who is clean in ZANU PF for President. Ndongouna Makhosini oga oga. Simba Makoni wakaputsa Mavambo pamusana pesvimari. Tamboti wakachena. Plus kuSADC uku anenge aifavor Zimbabwe. Saka Hlongwane wapinda. I now belong kwaHlongwane kkkkkkkk. Succession muZANU is about safeguarding stolen wealth and the current factions are all very guilty of this. Saka ngatimboisazve zita rava Sekeramayi mudariro. Iri rinenge richakachena zviri nane. Hatisati tanzwa zvizhinji zvaro. Plus hatisati tanzwa kuti une zvitutu zvitutu mumusangano. Sekeramayi naMakhosini good combination mazvihwa. Hazvidi vagwere izvi

  26. lm so angry l wish l cld also be president of zim 1 day & l wil show all of you inonzi looting chaiyo, that is if there’ ll stil be anything left to loot by the time these guys r gone. By the time they finish swearing me into offc ceremony, l will hav 10million in my account already

  27. Ladies and gentlemen let me start by giving yu a tip that will make yu smile everyday. Dont take these things personal, yo kids luv yu, yo spouse, friends and relatives. Yu will sucumb to stress and die before yu realise it. We all hate corruption but if yu go through the above comments yu can tell the person was fuming when writing his or her facts. Just wait and see. I personally do have faith in our president. He will deal decisevly with these “scumbags”.

    • @Wasu – You don’t know what you are talking about. Obscene salaries are not the only form of corruption, stealing elections as happened in July 2013 is corruption. Electoral fraud is corruption. Mugabe is President because his party stole elections. Mugabe cannot deal with corruption because he is very corrupt himself – he has 39 commercial farms.

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  29. Mai Mujuru and Tsvangirai are both inept and sure are corrupt and they should get off our Political scene so we may maintain the little respect we still have in front of Fellow Africans

  30. Ten points (AND more!) to this editorial.
    My Ten points (AND more!) would have gone to President Mugabe had he called a press conference to address the nation on this salaries scandal and announce that he was to use his Presidential Powers to order the Anti-corruption Commission to investigate and the ZRP to prosecute.

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