Companies to fund Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board


THE National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board (NIEEB) intends to levy all companies operating in Zimbabwe to sustain its operations in the absence of adequate budgetary support, Parliament was told last week.


NIEEB chief executive officer Wilson Gwatiringa told the Parliamentary Thematic Committee on Indigenisation and Empowerment that although the board had made proposals to levy 0,5% of annual turnover, it did not have the Statutory Instrument to collect the levy.

“We have, therefore, been dependent on fiscal budgetary allocations since inception with the result that the programme has been grossly underfunded,” he said.

In the 2014 National Budget, NIEEB was allocated $2,6 million against a bid of $10 million.

Gwatiringa said disbursements were usually different from what was allocated, adding that if the trend continues “we will get disbursement of under $1 million.”

The move to levy companies comes at there are differences in government on how the empowerment crusade would be implemented.

There is concern in some quarters that the empowerment crusade has to be implemented with the need to attract foreign direct investment in mind.

Zimbabwe is starved of foreign direct investment to help rebuild the economy which is showing signs of a slowdown despite the continued use of the multi-currency regime.

The banking sector has provided headaches to proponents of indigenisation on how it would comply with the law.

Critics have argued that the sector thrives on confidence and it is a tall order to “indigenise” deposits.

Gwatiringa told the parliamentary committee that NIEEB will continue to engage foreign owned banks.

“There are institutions that we are engaging with on how best they can comply with the law. I hope at the end of it all we will come up with a compliant industry,” Gwatiringa said.

In the period 2010-2013, NIEEB processed 1 471 indigenisation plans.

To date, NIEEB, through the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Fund, holds 16% in Blanket Mine and 9,7% in Portland Holdings following the indigenisation of the two institutions. Payment for the shares would be done through forfeiting future dividends.


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  1. The writer should tell it as it is and not ‘candy coat’ the facts. The economy is not showing signs of slowing down it is collapsing daily and the intended levy will only hasten its demise. Why not do some homework & give us an indication of how much the levy will rake in. Then we will at least have some idea of how much more they intend to steal from us

  2. How will companies find more money to fund this?
    there is no economy to talk about and no money in this economy
    Most companies are experiencing lots of hardships.
    first you need to open up the doors to foreign investment
    companies must do well in order to fund the levies

  3. We find it ironical for such people calling themselves a BOARD when in fact they are activists for certain clan and their efforts are to enrich themselves out of the Zimbabwean riches. This man must go and hang as there is no companies to levy from. Your previous minister Kasukuwere picked all the rich pickings to himself and his cronies. Can this board member or chairperson give account of the Ownership schemes scams initiated by his former minister. We will not tolerate extortion of this nature, when we do not see any benefit to the generality of Zimbabweans from their services.

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