Chiredzi cops up for murder


CHIREDZI — Two junior police officers based at Gezani Police Station in Chikombedzi appeared in court yesterday facing charges of killing a suspected wife-basher they had been assigned to arrest.


Constables Patrick Matutu (31) and Michael Tatenda Kutsukuta (26) were not asked to plead to the murder charge when they appeared before Chiredzi magistrate Honest Musiyiwa.

State counsel Gladmore Gwara told the court that on January 31 this year, the two cops were assigned to arrest Rungani Gezani and have him charged for assaulting his wife Tsatsawani Chauke.

When the policemen arrived at Gezani’s home in Chavani village under Chief Sengwe’s area, the suspect allegedly claimed that he was not the person they were looking for and instead, directed them to his neighbour.

As Matutu left to enquire at the neighbour’s home, Gezani fled from, but the policemen gave chase and handcuffed him.

They then allegedly assaulted him with a dry wooden stick all over and made him run an eight-kilometre distance with his hands cuffed together before he collapsed and died along the way to the police station.

Gezani’s body was carried to Chiredzi General Hospital for post mortem while the stick which was allegedly used in committing the offence was recovered from the murder scene. The police officers were remanded in custody to February 20.

Meanwhile, incarcerated police Assistant Commissioner Gideon Baloyi yesterday pleaded with the High Court to consider granting him bail pending appeal arguing that the failure by the court to release him now would render his appeal a non-event should his appeal against both conviction and sentence be upheld by the higher court. Through his lawyer Advocate Thabani Mpofu, Baloyi argued that the magistrate who dealt with his matter wrongfully convicted him and failed to take into account his side of the story which was not disputed by the State.

Mpofu said the magistrate further misdirected himself by denying Baloyi a chance to execute his appeal out of custody after failing to give reasons on why he had dismissed his bail pending appeal.


  1. Since in our government we blame everything on sanctions, this is also another barbaric act by our disciplined police force which just shows the effects of the sanctions on our nation. Had it not been for the sanctions imposed by Britain, America and their allies, police details wouldn’t be behaving in awkward ways like this where they end up killing civilians.

    • I guess they were outraged at his bashing the wife. That’s why they beat him up. Your newspaper was supposed to report on how badly-hurt the wife was, as well as what caused the husband to bash her. This is not balanced reporting.

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  2. Baloyi should appreciate that the law takes it course. He is a been a high ranking member of the police and he knows how the system works and should not cry today because he is the one being prosecuted. The law should the applied to all in a fair manner without favours and in this case it looks like its one of the rare cases were the system of patronage has not really worked for Baloyi. Well Sir hang in there, ZANU-PF will get you out soon, you are just being punished for doing or not doing something. Anyway in the mean time may I ask what you did or did not do for the patronage system to come after you?

  3. Hayas, talk about human rights. Zim cops vanonyanya, I guess they learnt abusive measures from their boss. Kuri kuSA the public would hav been outraged, asi muno I guess its normal. Who are the police protecting???? Seriously

  4. Killer cops
    abusive husband
    libidinuos wife
    quacky community
    bleeding economy
    dark continent
    stupid world = crime

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