HomeNewsChipinge man jailed 5 years for killing brother

Chipinge man jailed 5 years for killing brother


A 34-YEAR-OLD Chipinge man, Mufakairi Sigauke, who fatally attacked his brother with an arrow following a brawl over food, was on Tuesday sentenced to a five-year jail term when he appeared before High Court judge Justice Charles Hungwe.


He was convicted of culpable homicide.

Mufakairi was sentenced on his own plea of guilty to causing the death of his younger brother Fungai after a beer-drinking binge on December 26, 2005.

Circumstances into the matter were that on the fateful night, the two brothers, who were all drunk, had a heated argument after the elder brother accused his sibling of exhausting all the food reserved for them.

In the ensuing melee, Mufakairi picked a bow and arrow and shot his brother once in the stomach, leaving the arrow lodged inside.

Fungai was rushed to St Peter’s Hospital, but later referred Chiredzi Hospital where he died on admission.

In passing sentence, Justice Hungwe said although Mufakairi had shown a deep sense of remorse throughout the trial, his moral blameworthiness remained high considering the weapon he had used to commit the offence.

Christine Nyamaropa prosecuted.

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  1. This was childsh and total madness. How can bloodbrothers kill eachother for food? This man must have been given more time in jail.Five years sounds too little for killing somebody.

    • Hona vanozviti majudge aya BaMatipa, surely murdering somebody attracts 5 yrs only. l think jail time for murderers should be much higher than rape for adults. If Gumbura gets 40yrs for cases against living people?? Or maybe it is so because the one killed was a male

    • the reporter did not tel us kuti were was he since 2005 maybe he was in remand so from 2005 to date thats about 13 year plus 5 sentenced thats 18yrs.

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  3. Haaa iwe unoti 5 yrs ishoma iye akasungwa 2005. It all means anga ari behind bars for the past 9 yrs. Nyatsoverengai musati mapa comment vanhu imi. Nxaaaaa

  4. I think its reporter’s shortcomings. Not all points were reported. Remember this Hon.Judge talked of slowness of criminal cases. This one is such a case. This chap was arrested in 2005 and only got convicted and sentenced in 2014. That’s a solid 9 years. So 9 years in remand prison + 5 years gives 14 years. I am sure period before conviction and sentence is traumatizing.

  5. the jail term is very short 5yrs nyangwe if u add 9yrs he has bn in remand its still too little. Imagine Gumbura 40 yrs fo swt talking thoz ladies into having sex w him. Auraya onzi 5yrs. Pane imwe yeakabatidza magetsi adhingurwa pamba pake akanzi 10yrs umwe akaba oil transfomer plus some properties were burnt akanzi 2yrs. Somtimz hameno kut ma judge edu aya anozvifambisa sei ukambogara mu court uchinzwa vachitonga unotot sabhuku vharazipi better atonge coz iiiiiiiii

  6. First the charge was culpable homicide which is taking a life unwittingly which is different from murder which is wilfully taking a life.

  7. I think Justice Hungwe is right..considering 2005 was a year of madness characterizing of zimdollars, no sadza only bulgar…..apa urikumusha usingazive kuti mari ino benwa sei…maone wangu

  8. Reporter please tell us were was the accused since 2005 to date was he in remand prison, on the run or in hibernation that we can make rightful comments.

  9. @Julius caesar.nyara hako nevarungu wako nekuti hamuzivi chirungu,” two brothers,who were all drunk.” that is correct English. its kuti wakajaira kushandisa, ” both.”

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