Chihuri cracks whip


THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has reportedly deployed crack anti-corruption teams at every police station countrywide as the force moves a gear up in fighting corrupt tendencies among its rank and file.


The dispatch follows growing calls on Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri to weed the force of corruption rather than the tradition of transferring officers fingered in graft to remote locations.

Police sources said communication would soon be dispatched to all stations informing them of the latest development.
“What we heard was that teams are being assembled for deployment countrywide.

“The scope of the anti-corruption teams is to gather any evidence of possible corrupt activities,” said the source.

“They could range from activities taking place within stations and outside.

“Lifestyle audits will be conducted and that has caused panic among some officers as those who were in the habit of soliciting bribes thought they could avoid censure.

“There are also fears that officers would start selling out on flimsy allegations to settle personal scores,” the source said.

National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi yesterday said the police did not comment on operational issues in the media.

Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi could neither confirm nor deny the new development, but also said he does not discuss operational issues with the Press.

“I don’t discuss operational issues with newspapers,” he said. “This is a security ministry. If I tell you, what do you want to do? You want to counter that?”

Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba recently said the force had introduced a raft of radical “razor-edge” internal disciplinary measures, supervisory and monitoring mechanisms to counter acts of misconduct within the police force.

Last month, Assistant Commissioner Gideon Baloyi was jailed for an effective nine months in prison by a Harare magistrate for indiscipline under the Police Act.



  2. is the anti-corruption team clean itself. has it been sent to deal with corruption or to find if chihuri and mugabe will not be named in case anyone of them is implicated. you see it wrong to investigate these guys when we know that the fish rots from the head. the head is rotten chihuri. we told you long ago that your police force was and you refused. and now that the net is about to catch up with the chefs, you are pretending to be doing something. it might be too late sir. anyway knowing you zanu, you might be having a trick up your sleeve to escape this. that’s why dube and the rest are still comfortable today.

  3. Why not do away with these spot fines first ndozvakakonzera corruption in the police force now everybody has joined the bandwagon. Lets revert back to the ticketing system

  4. This is long overdue, they should start counting the number of posh cars parked at the stations and spend much of their time at roadblocks…..kkkkkk & see if they will not be tempted to join the squad. This thing has gone on and on for a long time eg kuclear mombe kunoda $20.00 chioko muhomwe $10.00 yemupurisa wekuenda naye and $10.00 ya officer in charge, ungapagone pakadai. ko iko kuVID NDIKO KWAKAORA MANJE VANHU AVA VAVE NEMARI YAKATSVUKA KUTI PIRIVIRI KANA CUTHBERT DUBE HAAKWANE ON A BAD DAY EACH TAKES HOME NOT T LESS THAN A $1000.00 mungavagone here achihuri

    • taura hako, there is guy anodriver zibenz kuhitungwiza you could easily mistake for a CEO of a big multinational company

  5. Chihuri, pfejedza napurisa ordinary clothes. Buy then tekkies and give tomatoes, fake cds, kombies, mini skirts and ka good purse to bribe the police (mark the currency) uone kuti in one day unobata mapurisa mangani. Kana muchisecha, also look muma hairstyles avo. They hide money extorted from poor mbare vendors muvhudzi & panties. Try it for yourself. By giving police minimum daily returns wauraya nykia Chihuri. No more policing, instead hide & seek& fine& corrupt! What a meeeess!

  6. Who will police them. Read the following and see where we are coming from


    1987 — Ziscosteel Blast Furnace Scandal
    1987 — Air Zimbabwe Fokker Plane Scandal — $100 million
    1986 — National Railways Housing Scandal
    1988 — Willowgate Scandal
    1989 — ZRP Santana Scandal
    1994 — War Victims Compensation Scandal
    1995 — GMB Grain Scandal
    1996 — VIP Housing Scandal
    1998 — Boka Banking Scandal
    1998 — ZESA YTL Soltran Scandal
    1998 — Telecel Scandal
    1998 — Harare City Council Refuse Tender Scandal
    1999 — Housing Loan Scandal
    1999 — Noczim Scandal
    1999 — DRC timber and diamond UN-reported scandals
    1999 — GMB Scandal
    1999 — Ministry of Water and Rural Development Chinese Tender Scandal
    1999 — VIP Land Grab Scandal
    2001 — Harare Airport Scandal

    • You see what Steel wire. this is propaganda pure. These people, Jonah, Ngwena, Chihuri, Chiwengwa want to brainwash us. We know that they have been corrupt them selves and now they want to crack whip. where were they all along now that they want to crack whip now? And they say Mujuru said this and that. dont be fooled people a leopard acan not change its spots. We need to start chimurenga now

  7. Waste of time Chihuri. Wanga uripi mapurisa achiita mari. Tibvire iwe hauna kuora. Zviri kuitika munzira umu hauzvizive here. Dont raise our tempers. NONSENSE!

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