Chihombori’s love for cartoons pays off


ENOCK Chihombori’s love for cartoons has finally paid off with the publication of his cartoon book Little Hare Stories: Big Trouble at the River on

Silence Charumbira

He becomes the latest Zimbabwean author to publish works online after the likes of Ignatius Mabasa and his sons Paul and Tinashe Muchuri among others.

Chihombori seems to have struck the right chord after numerous failures to agree with publishers since 1994.

The publication of Little Hare stories: Big Trouble at The River apparently came unintentionally as he had intended to publish Gringo cartoons first.

“In October I got in touch with United Kingdom publishers and as I was negotiating with them, I got to show them my animal cartoon story,” Chihombori wrote on Facebook.

“They immediately liked it and soon I dropped the Gringo project and I started reworking on the text for the animal story.”
Chihombori said as soon as he finished work on Gringo Troublemaker in 2013 he set to work on Gringo cartoons.

“My passion has always been cartoons. I have always wanted to have cartoon books published, but to be frank, I have had little success on this,” said Chihombori.

Released two weeks ago, the book is available on different versions between $8 and $14.

Chihombori said he first tried to get a book published by approaching several publishers, but none of them was interested.
Rejection from publishers made him realise the idea was not as appealing as he thought, thereby bringing about Gringo, the TV character.


  1. I remember around 1986/7 when i was in Primary school , there was a cartoon character called Gringo signed by Eno Chihombori that made us laugh at school.The character looked very much like Lazarus Boora ;the height , the hair,the chin,the clothes. I think it was in Kwayedza newspaper and Chimbori might have been a young boy then but his cartoons were popular and made everyone laugh. Angadai akaita mari kudhara mfana uyu.

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