Cadetship students languish in Russia


A TOP government official told Parliament yesterday that several Zimbabwean cadet students in Russia had been kicked out of their halls of residence and were sleeping at railway stations over unpaid debts.


Secretary for Higher and Tertiary Education Washington Mbizvo said Zimbabwean students in Cuba and Algeria were also in dire straits as the ministry’s budgetary allocation was no longer sufficient to cater for them.

Mbizvo told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education chaired by Chinhoyi MP Peter Mataruse (MDC-T) that government had dismally failed to cater for the cadetship programme which has a debt of $62 630 345 accrued from previous years.

He said the programme had been allocated a paltry $8 million in the 2014 National Budget.

“Those countries (Russia, Cuba and Algeria) pay fees and we are asked to send little amounts as stipends for those children to the tune of $3 000 to $4 500 each per year, but sometimes we fail to do so and we sent only $500 each for two years,” Mbizo said.

“At the end, the Zimbabwean Ambassador in Russia Boniface Guva Britto Chidyausiku had to write to us saying our children have been chucked out of hostels and were sleeping at rail stations in Russia.”

Mbizvo added: “We were only given $54 000 last year to be able to pay for the kids in Russia because the ambassador was complaining saying things had become difficult. Those kids who had parents with money were in a better situation. I wish the committee could speak for us in terms of the crisis in the scholarship programme. We wanted $2 million for those students in the three countries but we only got $54 000 which only catered for students in Russia.”

He said students on local cadetship were also facing similar problems, forcing some to resort to prostitution as they could not afford about $1 500 required for fees, accommodation, food and other expenses per semester.


  1. the president has let us down entirely ,our children have become vagabonds and destitutes,whilst some ZANU PF Cadrers get 500k a month thats all the students in russia and local..nonsense fake politicking i will never vote for this useless lazy self enriching party ..stupid people

  2. I heart broken does not begin to describe how I feel, and resources are being looted left right and centre. Ludicrous salaries …what is wrong with us!!!! We need gods divine intervention. Lord we pray for your help.

  3. its so saddening that at first instance it was biti’s ignorance and now the government has no money. that ruling govt has the tendence of reducing others, they lack analytical skills, they don’t dig deep to the root of the prob to see the cause, when biti said the govt has no money they argued with him and even spread the message that he ties the coffers, now mapanyanga ngaibude…havatide vanhu ava vanoguta ivo chete. nxaaa better kusurppoter gumbura anochengeta vana achikangavadza hake panemi nxaa mese zvenyu vepolitics I mean

  4. Surprisingly ,the same person , “Respectable Perm sec ” , who is saying the gvt had no money , is the one who gvs farewells & sendoff , to those kids leaving for their studies in those countries , promising , them money which they knew ain’t available , why not stop the programme or tell students it aint a scholarship & let them decide to go on their own , they are even saying their ministrial budget is not sufficient for the programme just stop it & stop lying to innocent students , & cater for the ones who you sent alredy or see them through , whats so heartbroken is you keeo on selecting & senting , more , be serious people

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