Air Zimbabwe hearings continue


AIR Zimbabwe senior executives’ disciplinary hearings, which commenced last week, will continue for the next couple of weeks amid disclosures that a determination on company secretary Grace Pfumbidzayi will be made on Friday.

Paidamoyo Muzulu

The executives are being accused of inappropriately awarding the airline’s fleet insurance to Navistar Insurance Brokers in an alleged scam where AirZim reportedly lost $10 million over five years.

The other suspended executives include acting group chief executive Innocent Mavhunga, finance director Nicholas Mujeri, finance manager Patience Tichagwa and human resources manager Oswald Madziva.

Wellington Pasipanodya of Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners chaired Pfumbidzayi’s hearing that was concluded on Friday evening after close to five hours.

Pfumbidzayi was represented by Johnlife Mawire of Mushangwe and Company during the hearing that was held in her absence.
Mawire confirmed the hearing and said a determination would be made soon.

“The hearing was held last Friday and a determination is expected to be out by the end of the week. Call me after Friday the 14th of February for comment,” he said.

Pasipanodya was not immediately available for comment.

Both parties in the matter were no longer comfortable discussing the unraveling matter in the public and agreed to keep the hearings confidential.

Prominent labour lawyer Caleb Mucheche is said to be representing the other executives in the hearings expected soon as the airline tries to bring closure to the corruption scandal that was damaging its brand.

The hearings were a result of a forensic audit at the airline by BCA Consultants that unearthed some questionable inflated insurance payments made from March 2009 through to March 2013.

The hearings continued amid counter claims that the action was a witchhunt at the airline as board members were accused of parcelling out tenders and business contracts to companies linked to them.


  1. Pathetic, read the story from the herald and you will learn that Pfumbidzayi was found guilty. It looks like this paper read from the herald but now want it to appear as if its a new story which they are breaking, and funny enough its not even telling the details which are in the public domain, kikiki, nhaka
    gutter journalism iya yave kuonekwa.

  2. The hearings are nobble and should also be extended to PG INDUSTRIES before its too late. I am beginning to suspect that the board members are also benefitting .The losses are so glaring, the strategies so stupid yet we continue with Hilary munyati, caroline mapupu and james banda what a shame. The Sherwood deal has to be scrutinised somebody is eating in that deal. Truth will come out

  3. How is the government going to pay the civil servants’ when it sells 300 000 carats for 10 million dollars come guys don’t take us for fools even at the lowest price of 100 dollars per carat you were supposed to get 300 million dollars.
    Somebody somewhere is eating that’s the order of the day, otherwise how would this be possible 300 000 carats for 10 mill.
    Sometimes when you read in the paper people saying Ian Smith was better they are right, with Smith everything worked.
    With us blacks all we know is stealing, cheating, looting and destroying things, are black people even capable of anything everything we have touched as the black government for the people by the people has be laid to waste.
    We inherited the best performing economy in Africa now look at us a basket case, beggars, a disgrace even the President once said it when he was in South Africa that if you are being served by a waiter or waitress in a South Africa Hotel 9 out of 10 times it’s a Zimbabwean.
    Nothing is working in Zimbabwe nothing no power, no water, no health care, no affordable quality education, no nothing.l am ashamed to even say l am from Zimbabwe.

  4. British Foreign Secretary in 1951, Herbert Morrison, said it all: “To give a colony like Ghana independence would be “like giving a child a latch-key, a bank account and a shot-gun.” How right he was and he is being proved right. We see this all the time in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. You would certainly think the country is being run by a bunch of kids.

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