Actor Jabu turns producer


LOCAL actor Denzel Burutsa, popularly known as Jabu from his role on Studio 263, has embarked on a new career as a film producer.


The 34-year old shot to stardom in 2002 after starring in the first locally produced soap as a temperamental young man.

After spending two years studying at Afda Film School in Johannesburg, South Africa, Burutsa has started various projects that require the technical aspect.

Speaking to NewsDay this week, Jabu said he had succeeded in purchasing his own state-of-the-art equipment required for the work and had already started projects as a producer.

“After studying film production in South Africa, I am now ready to use the knowledge I have accumulated to advance my career in the film sector,” said Burutsa.

“This is my year to show my expertise on the showbiz. I am striving to produce a project that will make it on the international platform.”

Burutsa is currently working on the production of his debut action drama series titled The Courier which he started shooting last week whose pilot project is expected in March.

On the technical side of the project, he has engaged the services of Manuel Matsinye, who is the executive producer of a local soap Legacies, and renowned writer-cum director Joe Njagu.

“I had struggled for a long time to find suitable people to work with on this project, but I am glad that I finally met the team that shares the same vision with me,” Burutsa said.

According to Burutsa, The Courier is a story of the struggle of an innocent man who goes against a powerful system set up to protect the elite and the corrupt.
It is a fast-paced TV drama series which follows the life narrated through flash-forward and flashbacks in the main character’s mind as he is tortured by the Central Intelligence Group (CIG).

The main character is an innocent courier employee caught up in a deadly trap. He is asked to deliver a parcel but when it is intercepted by a criminal gang known as The Outfit, it is used to kill a minister’s son.

He is immediately hunted down by the police and the powerful CIG. He must quickly investigate who is behind the setup at the same time evading the police and CIG operatives.

He uncovers a deadly conspiracy saga which involves, the Reserve Bank chief, the police and the powerful leader of The Outfit, which in turn has links with the CIG.

He has all odds staked against him but he must fight a way to clear his name and expose the evil in the police and the intelligence and security apparatus and so the story begins.


  1. sounds interesting but he might have to watch out as it looks like the story might link someone in the people’s party!

  2. What a story! kkkkkk! I can’t contain my laugh. Burutsa your plot and characters left me in stitches: The Outfit, Reserve Bank Chief and The Central Intelligence Group. aaahh! wakapenga!

  3. I think the story line is too complicated and might be expensive to shoot. Producers should realise that dramas like Studio 263, Neria, Yellow Card are much cheaper to shoot and have been very popular locally. The challenge with action movies is that we will always compare them to what we see in big screen movies and those are of high standards. I also hope that his script/story line was done by people who know what they are doing. A good story line can be more captivating than a good picture quality, it is the movie. Good luck baba Makanaka.

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