Video: 50 churches under probe


Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) leader Johannes Ndanga yesterday claimed that the President’s Office has mandated his organisation to investigate over 50 local churches with a view to prosecuting those whose practices would be deemed illegal.


This came as Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs deputy minister Fortune Chasi yesterday said government had no business in regulating churches.

Chasi made the remarks in Parliament after Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa (MDC-T)had asked him to explain if there were plans by government to regulate churches in light of abuse of members by some pastors.

“I want to believe that the particular court which dealt with that case meted out justice to the person in question,” Chasi said.

“However, I am unable to say the conduct of (Robert) Gumbura represents a common trend in all churches. I think that our judicial system is well placed to deal with an individual who commits rape and I think it is proper punishment.”

But Ndanga told NewsDay that President Robert Mugabe’s Office had instructed him to monitor operations of Pentecostal, Apostolic and Zionist churches in the country after the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) had shown little interest in the surveillance of churches that were not affiliated to them.

Watch interview below:

“Although our council falls under the Ministry of (Sport, Arts and) Culture, we have been given this mandate by the highest office in the land,” Ndanga said.

“There are security sector briefings that are held every morning with the President (Mugabe) where security organisations give reports. The Gumbura issue was raised in that meeting and that was when ACCZ was appointed to deal with all such issues in all the churches.”

RMG Independent End Time Message leader Gumbura was this week jailed for 40 years following his conviction on four counts of rape involving female congregants and one count of possessing pornographic material.

Ndanga said their preliminary investigations into the operations of other churches had shown that there were more churches with doctrines
similar to the ones preached by the jailed Gumbura. He, however, said the council was not worried about “competition” between church leaders like United Families International Church (UFIC) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa and Walter Magaya of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD).

“But if the doctrines are similar and there are no criminal activities, we don’t worry about those churches, like if Makandiwa engages in competition with Magaya, with one saying I will raise the dead and the other saying I will walk on water, it will not concern us. We can’t challenge them on such useless doctrines.

“We will not stop him from doing that, but he has many dead relatives, but can’t raise them back to life and he will also die. We may not agree with him, but to us that’s not an issue.”

Repeated efforts to contact Makandiwa were fruitless yesterday as UFIC spokesperson Prime Kufa’s phone was not reachable.

Ndanga said following Gumbura’s conviction and incarceration, there was need for churches operating in the country to be monitored. He said they were now part of a committee that sits as an Administrative Court and they were currently investigating the operations of the Good Samaritan Church in Kadoma led by one Pastor Makina who was arrested on allegations of sexually abusing female congregants.

“If there are reports made, we consider the gravity of the complaints and we call in the police to play their part. Now we are part of an Administrative Court we just deal with the church as a corporate body, not the criminal actor,” he said. “We don’t do witch-hunting, but wait for the complainants to come forward and we check the authenticity of their reports.”

A fortnight ago, ACCZ cleared the El-Bethel Tabernacle Church and its leadership of any wrongdoing after it had been alleged that there were incidences of sexual abuse of congregants, forced marriages and martial arts training for junior pastors to intimidate congregants. EFZ general secretary Lindani Dube said: “As EFZ, we have a code of conduct that governs the operations of our members in light of the requirements set out in the Bible. These ethical requirements are very clear and we separate spiritual matters from criminal matters.”


  1. yaah batai vanhu. Mafake prophets vanyanya mukati umu. Asi haikonai kungosimbirira tunyama twusina muto, also hunt those corrupt dogs who are killing our country e.s.p traffic police & those politicians…NDATI BATAI VANHU!!!

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  2. “But if the doctrines are similar and there are no criminal activities, we don’t worry about those churches, like if Makandiwa engages in competition with Magaya, with one saying I will raise the dead and the other saying I will walk on water, it will not concern us. We can’t challenge them on such useless doctrines.

    “We will not stop him from doing that, but he has many dead relatives, but can’t raise them back to life and he will also die. We may not agree with him, but to us that’s not an issue.”


  3. pliz bishop Ndanga who told you that Makandiwa and Magaya are in competition?do not misinform the general public through your unfounded words.ita rako basa raurikuti wakapiwa na president wakanyarara but i bet if can manage to do anything meaningfull.ziva zvekutungamira rako sangano kwete zimbabwe yese.Zimbabwe Council of Churches can be the better proposal thatn you.amen

  4. Editor u are so fond of reporting on Churches. Dont think this was supposed to make todays headline News. The part u wanted to highlight was that quote from Ndanga saying he doesnt believe these prophets can raise the dead as they have many dead (deceased) relatives. Anyway wher death is not of god the prophet can cancel it. Same with sickeness, poverty, mental ilness etc. zvisiri zvamwari zvinonamatirwa zvichienda. I also dont believe the prophets are competing i would like to believe they serve the same God. God bless you Editor

  5. Why is it pple from UFIC are always quick to defend their church. Whatever is said about YOUR PROPHET you jump in instantly to defend him. In the process you use emotions and words that are not representable of the christians you potray to be. ‘Let God to the judgement. Dnt get involved in things and ideaologies of this world’…isn’t it the way you are supposed to behave.. After all Makandiwa munhu..maybe ane annointing..address him as such..not as an idol, a demigod or as a god the way u do…He will perish but JEhovah will not,,Namatai Mwari kwete vanhu

    • Hatirambe kuti Prophet Makandiwa munhu, asi munhu waMwari.. there is a difference.. Kana tichirwira anointing inotishandira we know what we are doing. Ever wondered wat Peter was doing with a knife when Jesus was arrested?? he always moved around with it to defend the anointing he believed in. So kana waona nzeve dzevanhu dzichichekwa ziva kuti mapanga haana kuuya that day, agara aripo. And we wont stop defending the anointing.

      You just have the notion that we worship the prophet, that’s exactly what you want to hear. and everytime we don’t say that vanhu vakaita semi munorwadziwa. Tinonamata Jesu, and Jesu wacho ndiye akatipa muporofita..

    • Ignorance of foolish men describes people who are willfully ignorant of God’s truth, foolishly disobedient to God’s Word and are criticizers or critics of Christians. Those who speak against Christianity are ignorant and foolish. They take a foolish and ignorant position and attack the truth.

    • @Chikwadi
      Ndakambozvitaura kuti the headline is saying 50 churches yet you only hear of 1 or 2 churches making a lot of noise. I just wonder kuti vanombonyatso paridzirwa nezvei chaizvo. They are behaving like christian extremists.

  6. the prophet doesnt cancel anything mhani iwe! Anoriwanepi simba racho…God does! Its nt the prophet…not the prophet… IDol worshiping is wat u have been dragged into!

    • Chokwadi shld change his name to ignorance. Your posts just betray your ignorance of the things of God. You do not even know the way God works with His prophets.You actually need a lecture on how God always uses people to execute His will on earth. Its amazing how the so called journalist turns a story which has nothing to do with Prophet Makandiwa into this. I understand you now. Its because dogs only bark at moving vehicles. You do not have anything to say about those who are not doing anything for God and for the community.

    • And while he was yet talking with them, behold, the messenger came down unto him: and he said, Behold, this evil is of Jehovah; why should I wait for Jehovah any longer?
      2 Kings 6:33
      And Elisha said, Hear ye the word of Jehovah: thus saith Jehovah, To-morrow about this time shall a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, in the gate of Samaria.
      2 Kings 7:1

      Just to let you know that God granted the prophets the power to change the status quo.
      Elisha changed the state of famine in Samaria to a state of ubundance when the King threatened to cut off the prophet’s head.

  7. Mr Ndanga who cold you to ministry? God or Mugabe?? If God really called you , then why is it that you are failling to come to terms with the fact that God has the mandate to expose any evil practise in His Body(The Church). You think police will investigate the church, that z a joke??? God is in control and when he reveals evil things happening in His Body , dont ever think you did it yourself. It is God who exposed it and not any person. I wonder if Mr Ndanga you are still preaching to God’s people the way you used to some weeks after your calling. Learn from Church history. Where is Pastor Haisa, Madzibaba Nzira, Kunonga, Gumbura etc , did anyone investigate them?????? If you are not carefull soon you will be part of the list???

    May God help Zimbabwe

  8. I think this guy is seeking relevance; Why not continue to lead your vaPostori that’s where most of forced marriages are being conducted , as much as we don’t condone the behaviour of the likes of Gumbura and company , I think EFZ is in the best position to comment concerning Pentecostal churches; My question is Mr Ndanga munenge muchitsvakei musecurity briefing yekwaPresident? These guy don’t be fooled guys, he is not what he says:stop masquerading as a church leader!!

    • These apostolic churches have always been something of a laughing stock in Zim. Everyone knows one or two funny stories about them, especially the practice of a postori man claiming to have dreamed of another fellow celebrant’s comely daughter, so that he can get her for his wife.

      My friend tells me it is common practice for the people in the church to sit in a big circle, with the men on one side, facing the women. As the men do not wear any underwear, the women can then see what is on offer.

    • I have always highlighted in my previous comments the mischief likely to be brought in by Ndanga and his ACCZ group. Anyone to have objective analysis on these matters purely knows that Ndanga’s group is directly aligned to the government and we all know who is their patron. Not just that, Ndanga’s group was establish to counter or silence EFZ and other Christian groups like ZCC and the Catholics Bishops one. ACCZ, which is Ndanga’s group is seeking relevance in the name of the Government of Zimbabwe, hence all this shouting.

      The truth is we know who Johannes Ndanga is as his past is written on the wall, even one of his secretaries on their ACCZ board one Mbewe. Gentlemen play your cards well and mind your own business, muchenjere kurwa naMwari mbune muridzi weChurch. Mobilise your mapostori sects quietly and do what you pledged for them all along. You have no business whatsoever in poking your nose in the same groups you accuse of wrong doctrines.

      Ko makapedza here kuita investigate veChipostori vatiine makore tichinzwa kuti they abuse even little girls as wives?

  9. Chokwadi if it were you WHY would you sit & be silent when someone is fighting your livelihood. You fight for Dembare,Caps,Man U,Chelsea or Zanu PF,MDC yet they dont change your life or character. Why would I not defend what has given me THIS LIFE. This article is not about 50 churches its just a Headline. Bishop Ndanga is hiding behind a finger. Reality is in the article He is personally after Prophet Makandiwa. Competition,what competition, no man of God engages in any competition. These two prophets are very different. This is a personal attack on my father Prophet Makandiwa and as a son I cant sit & watch this. Why would a bishop stoop so low as to attack a man”s dead relatives even Lazarus whom Jesus Christ rose from the dead still died and a man of cloth is ignorant of this. Raising the dead of walking on water has nothing to do with this probe so why mention it and he says “useless doctrines” who exactly is he representing here as a bishop.

    Chokwadi there are issues that are so clear we cannot close our eyes. Its a personal attack on characters of innocent people. He raised me from the dead,brought me out of adultery,armed robbery now I have a happy marriage,clean life running a very prosperous business yet you attack Prophet Makandiwa who has been used by God to transform thousands of life. How many members does this so called bishop have? Why dont we know him. Where does he minister. He is a nobody in the church of God even in his village

      • True bodo, l also hope this guy respects his/her parents, otherwise s/he cries in vain. Kudza baba namai vako kuti mazuva ako avedzerwe panyika, ndozvatakanzwa izvi, kwete kungochema chema kwari kuita uko.

    • Wataura mwana wa baba vangu. I just hope vaNdanga vanoverenga bible, nekuti ivo vakamutswa na Jesu wedu atinonamata vakatozofawo zvekare and vaiva nehama dzakange dzafa, kana iye Razaro akatombofirwa, asi vanhu havana kuti ko sei Jesu asina kumutsa dzinza rake rese. Mukaverenga Bible handione chiri kukunetsai paminana irikuitika. my advice is study the Bible and leave personalities aside.

  10. There is no competition, Bishop Ndanga. Curch organisations are complementing each other, that is why you see pastors from one church organisation preaching at another church organisation. There is no reason why Bishop Ndanga should not preach at UFIC or ZAOGA, or Prophet Makandiwa or Apostle Utabwashe preaching at a Family of God or Faith World Ministries gathering, as long as they are invited to do so.

    There should not be rivalry among Christians, we should be a family.

  11. Ndanga’s true colours are now coming out.He was not ordained in the church and is a state security operative in a gemenzi to monitor the activities of the pentecostal churches.Ndanga must not overstep his mandate and cause confusion in the church since there is no need for competition and if one says he can raise the dead, it is his obligation to prove it.

  12. @chokwadi is it a crime to defend a man whom we know represents God’s agenda in this dispensation. Its not even defending but we are simply putting facts and truths so that would-be beneficiaries of God’s grace are not contaminated by malicious and unfounded allegations against the servant of the Lord.
    God works through his servants, its not idolizing its accepting what God is doing through his prophet.

  13. Va Mugabe woye itai ma serious probe kuma Parastatals nhubu dzabatwa dzichiba dzoenda mujeri, munodirei kuti zita renyu rishandiswe kuba naidzo nhubu idzi. Ndizvo takaendera kuhondo here kuti nyika yose yorwadziswa nemumwe we ganda dema. Moyo warwadza gushungo nokuti mabhiriyoni anodiwa kugadzira nyika azere muno asi kungoti arikubiwa naivo vanhu vashanhu. Gushungo woye ndapota, takakuvhoterai kuti mushandure nyika asi hezvo mongotarisa ere nhubu dzichiba nairo zita renyu.

  14. A veiled attempt by the state to interfere in the affairs of churches. Our constitution clearly gives churches to practice what they believe provided such practices do not infringe other rights or laws of the land. Where there are such infringements, then the police must come in and prosecute. That is why we have the criminal justice system.

    The biggest challenge for this Council is the obvious possibility of it being caught inbetween church politics. We have read about the El-Bethel Church. Timothy Mubhawu raised the allegations before the Council and those allegations turned out to be false. Even though it was cleared, the damage has already been done.

    Will the council do anything to repair the image of the affected organisations? Why not leave the work to the judiciary? It is unconstitutionaly to regulate churches!

  15. @ ufic for life. I agree. In as much as we respect other people point of view and opinions, such must not be boardered on malice, ignorance and stupidity. I will defend my father W Magaya with all i have. By defending him i am defending gog who chose him as his vessel. The man is doing wonders as he is godsend. As i said i am merely a congregant one of the 30 thousand plus who where in church last sunday

  16. Its amazing how the very people who are in need of help from God are the very ones who attack the servants of God. Very soon they will be in queues to be healed. Instead of using the breath and strength that God has privileged them with to seek God and the truth, they spend time attacking God’s servants. Only to realise when they are wallowing in sickness that they are the very people God has trusted with their healing.

  17. who are you johannes ndanga? an authority in christian affairs? who gave you that authority to investigate the things of the spirit, God or Robert Mugabe. the spirit of pharisees is rising in zimbabwe and watch that you are not the one to lead it.

  18. @ ufic for life. I agree. In as much as we respect other people point of view and opinions, such must not be boardered on malice, ignorance and stupidity. I will defend my father W Magaya with all i have. By defending him i am defending gog who chose him as his vessel. The man is doing wonders as he is godsend. As i said i am merely a congregant one of the 30 thousand plus who where in church last sunday

  19. Chokwadi its not worshipping a man. I wish you were born again. The Bible writes God of Abraham,God of Isaac,Jacob and Jesus would say From days of John or Noah so in every season God uses a MAN to do any miracle or work on earth because HE has given dominion here to a MAN so we just acknowledge the man as an instrument God uses. Chokwadi lets all be sober here. May u tell me why this article is directed at Prophet Makandiwa or Magaya and a so called bishop refers to serving God as competition. Its an article about 50 churches yet two prophets are mentioned. WHY? It should just have been headlined, Makandiwa Under Probe not this political merry-go-round. He is being used to divert Zimbabweans from Corruption that has brought misery,poverty. I dont see reason why you use the media to attack a man’s dead relatives if any. Bishop Ndanga where do you pastor. ARE you a media pastor becoz we barely know you. Which village do you have members because these prophets have been used by God Almighty to heal the sick,raise the dead,transform lives.

    Mr reporter why do you give people who are not voices in their families,villages or streets such a big platform to attack man of substance who are Voices Over Nations like Prophet Makandiwa. These people are now role models and if you attack them where will bishop Ndanga ‘s kids turn to. Mr Reporter and bishop Ndanga your own wives & biological kids will never forgive you for attacking what they believe in and their Role Models

    • There are so many born agains who don’t agree with you. Please don’t use it as an excuse, give facts to show you are not worshiping a man.

    • Iyo n’anga yake yokuGHANA anenge aisiya nani saka ndiye mwari wenyu wamurikunamatiswa namakandiwa kana muchiti ndonyeba ndikupei number dzangu tikurukure????? iye makandiwa wenyu uyu. anozviziva kuti hazvisi zvamwari zvaanoita. hana yake pamwe namagaya vanozviziva kuti havaite zvamwari saka vimbai nemwana wamwari kwete mhepo idzi.mashoko aya achengetei zvikunakirei. amen.

  20. “We will not stop him from doing that, but he has many dead relatives, but can’t raise them back to life and he will also die. We may not agree with him, but to us that’s not an issue.”

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Ndanga uchandidzingisa basa!! Ndaseka mu office vanhu vakafunga kuti ndavakupenga!

  21. All those preaching gospel of prosperity are false prophets and crooks they dig into peoples pockets by brainwashing them ,they should be arrested as well

    • @Itai Mtema have they dug into your own empty pocket? Yangu rega vadye vakasununguka I am allowing them to do that zvineyi newe?

  22. And ye man of Israel, why marvel ye at this? Or why look ye so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk? The God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob………..and his name through faith in his name, hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know………. Ko vana PAPA venyu, n’anga dzemakoko, vanopinda papi?

  23. U are potraying the same UFiC culture that i have jus mentioned.. Who are u to fight hondo yaMAkandiwa. Im not saying MAkandiwa is not an annointed one. But am sayin the basis of your belief in the works of your prophet is not founded on who he represesents. THe prophet has no power watsoever.. He doesnt eradicate sickness or poverty in your lives.. And i repeat GOd does.. U knw why there is so much controvesy bout your church and the reason why u get attacked nanaNdanga..its because pple do not see the glory of God within your church.. Yes pple get healed, yes pple’s problems are eradicated, miracle babies are born etc..but who gets all e credit? Its MAkandiwa..heheheeh PApa vadai, papa this…wat about God..whose name is Jehova..where does he fit in all this. Guys be level headed and understand wat im sayin.. I jus think the God aspect is missing..

    • Ndanga why dont you start with Heart felt ministries, who have corruptly imposed themselves on the people of Ashdown Park, and gone on to threarten them with death

    • @Chokwadi If people could not see the glory of God in Jesus Christ himself to extend of accusing him of using Beelzebub (Mark 3:22), surely its too much to expect them to see the glory of God in Prophet Makandiwa. Jesus said to them they have eyes but they don’t see(Mark 8:18).

  24. CIO must leave churches alone

    The abused church members must make reports to police not to Ndanga

    MPs must uphold the constitution and not try and control church doctrines.

    Freedom of worship must be respected as Ndanga s position may differ with other churches. Police are the only ones with arresting powers.

  25. johannes imboko chaiyo,akati mapositori ngaarambe achinamatira pasi pemuti b4 elections and after apinda mumari avakuti mapostori no pasi pemuti .

  26. inga wani Jesu aimutsa vakafa asi hama dzakafa aiva there is nothing wrong with kumutsa vanhu kubva kufakafa iwe hama dzako dzichifa

  27. pliz Jesus said call no man father ini handisi mwana wemuprophet but wamwari don’t qoute scripture wrongly


  29. Makandiwa is a thief and a fraudster….I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop tonzwa how many he has Gumburad…Muchanzwa henyu…iye na Angel wake vapei 5 years muwone nyaya dze maintenance dzinenge dzobuda…..Why all these funny churches are 75% plus females?? And hapana service inopera pasina kunzi ” I prophesy marriage!!” wonzwa ma screams evakadzi muchurch kana kunzi “I declare propserity in your marriages!” wonzwa vana Mai nhingi vachibhosva kuti Hameni!!

    LOL…..I have to give it to these guys….Ma Phd ne ma Masters Degrees anosiyiwa pazhe vanhu voita matununu kana vapinda muchurch……Kwahi Prophet vanogona ivo vachifamba ne Lambo iwe uchinokwira Kombi after church??!!! asi unosiya mari mu church every wk uchiti zvikufambire??

    • Saka wangoneyi ipapa. Revelation ndiyo yamusina. Kana musina zvokutaura ko kuita zvinovonekwa madii.Vangani vamaunza kuhumambo hwaMwari woKundenga? At least The Prophets Angel and Makandiwa have led people into light by their teachings – kurarama muhutsvene. Marriage, prosperity mabenefits acho okuDenga to be enjoyed, asi Kudenga hazviko (so hauzivi verse racho). They have souls to their credit – what of you – busy monitoring and evaluating sevaPharise. Vana Peter owned ships and some were doctors – what is wrong with that – were there no other followers of Jesus who had nothing, who were sick or dead. The widow who gave the last she had – a cent – was she not in church. Jesus said the poor you will always have then ….. Uri musvotwa ne Lambo – hausati – jet manje manje. Ndipo pakati WAKAITWA MUROMBO KUTI TIVE VAPFUMI!! Pamberi nechakatumwa naJehovah Mwari Wekudenga.

  30. Mr Johanes Ndanga to tell the trueth you are the antichrist who has been prophesyd in the bible who John the desciple of Jesus Christ saw and wrote in the book of revelations that antichrist will come and pesecute the church so me and the churches in zimbabwe we are ready to be pesecuted even to go to prison for the sake of Christ and we are going to endure until to the end of the world as our lord Jesus Christ told us warned us already before your actions to the church of Jesus Christ now because of your plans to the churches we now know that the rapture is now near so I encourege myself and all churches in Zimbabwe to now worship our Lord God rightoussnessly so that we may be captured together in the air beware of mr Johanes Ndanga the antichrist

    • According to the scriptures we are power and authority by Christ Jesus to heal the sick, to make the blind see, the lame to walk and to raise the dead’ we have the power to do these things

  31. what about the Marange church, we all know that there is high level of statutory rape , forced marriages and child abuse….Go there and show us if you are realy serious.

  32. According to the scriptures we are power and authority by Christ Jesus to heal the sick, to make the blind see, the lame to walk and to raise the dead’ we have the power to do these things

  33. i agree with kiro. you media people have to be very careful. dont get too excited in your doings like i see the police do. it might be a trap against your life. i know gumbura did the worst but dont be tempted to go to far to where you might not be allowed by God. they are somethings which are so sacred you might be tempted to touch. you can touch the politicians and even mugabe but be very very wary about how far you go on the things of God.. in fact in many cases we are tempted to play around and mock them because they often look simple. remember Jesus was born in simple way and the jews and the educated of that day took him as simple. so i call on you to be careful. you daily news guys, the man who founded this paper is God fearing man, ask him how to go about it.

  34. Well.. I think all pentecostal churches and apostolic ones must be carefully monitored. In apostolic sects childrren are being married of Starting from 8. Iwo madhara aya arimo church anoti ndakarota uri mudzimai wangu. This is complete nonsense. Depriving a child her childhood because of stupid doctrines. Even childline and other organisations should be involved. These churches are abusing children who happen to be the future of tommorow. I dont think regulating churches is a good idea personally. Lets catch these culprits who pretend to be men of God yet they abuse God’s name.

  35. This Johannes guy has got a powerful gift. Have you seen how quick he’s rising to get power. But its sad that he’s using it to fulfil party needs. Do you still remember that you were once given a donation from the Americas to build a huge church, but you spent all that money on yourself. We still have it in our history books. So if I were you I’d play my cards right. Zanu haisi chiwororo, one day simba ramwari richaburuka kuzoparadza masvingo ose eJericho amakazvivakira!!! Ndatenda

  36. excuse me Mr Ndanga on whose side are you representing ? why would you put yourself down to fight the MEN OF GOD ?

  37. What does this Ndanga’s story has to with either Prophets?

    You Mr Editor and your team why were u making efforts to contact Prophet Makandiwa or his right hand man ???

    Maida kuti vakupindurei kutii ???

    Mese muri kubwereketa pano ,muchagwesha movatevera vazodziwa vamuri kumhura ivava,most of you manzwa nemaARVs idzo nyasha dzekudzikunurwa dziripo,Ma Phd and Masters Certificates enyu anosara ku Mbudzi imi mafa,miromo iyi ichaenda parutivi soon mukasavhura maziso ayo.

    Get saved as early as you can Jesus is coming soon

    Lastly,Ufic and Phd are not in any kind of competition

  38. These social groups we call churches are not churches at all. The state were Paul as the pharisee was before his conversion is were most of us pastors are, he was a great teacher of the law(carnal doctrines) his spiritual father Gamaliel just like our papas. He had great zeal for God but not according to knowledge. Is this not where we are???? A preacher is above politics neither can he be manipulated by the political order, but hey we are very much a part of world order we are supposed to rebuke. Its the reason we prefer to correct offenders from the political system of justice which only punishes the flesh, has no remedy of the spiritual ills to perfection. The vile political order is spiritually positioned to be a persecutor of the TRUE church HERE its a companion of the other church. The Church is here absorbed into the world and politics. As for brainwashing its everywhere, in beer halls, all the churches, in political parties, at work places, in family set up,,, papas are in every institution. All have sinned????? If this organ is to be effective in addressing the ills in the church it should be driven by the authority of the FIVE-FOLD ministry, men with genuine commissions not using the political constitution which prohibits homosexuality but allows re-marriage of dirvocees, which is against rape and prostitution whilst endorsing POLYGAMY. If something is useless it must be banned. Dealing with church issues should embrace completeness not this half baked approach. Jesus revealed the FULLNESS of God. There is no sin too useless to be ignored, it only shows that we are trying to do what we are not called to do. For sure those doctrines are useless

  39. Why spend time and energy munyora paInternet or kutiudza kuti tiri kubirwa mari,if you are so much concerned with humanity and our souls why cant you hire loudspeakers and preach your gospel of anti corruption at both church meetings?Hatidi kuparidzirwa nevahedheni isu,yako mari ngaizive zvekuteketerwa yedu ichidyiwa neakazodzwa.

    Husiku hwaakazodzwa waivepo here?Tsvee kutsvaga chiso chashe makuda kuongorora,try as much as you can

    Jehovha wedu anodaira ngemoto kwete kutaurisa painternet uchishandisa wifi yemurungu or smart phone yawakatumirwa namkoma kuLondon.

    Isu we have been empowered by the prophetic unction like it or not,check most clthing shops in town unongoon amapicture emu Porofita,mota hadzizivane masticker chete,manje manje ndege dzeminana.

    VaNdanga feel free to investigate wat ever you want,all the guys here tukai zvenyu as much as you want asi isu hatisiyi Muporofita

  40. Vanhu vangu vaparara nekushaya zivo” _musaverengerwe mabibles namufundisi chete munokoterwa zvipisi makafonyorwa brain_read and seek the truth your self musangopururidzira zvese zvese ‘anahapurakata takavaona muzvikoro vachiita mamiracles.find out why moses did not enter canaan”_kusakudza zita rajehova achizvikudza iye naaron

  41. After paying a $10 conference fee we were asked to pay $50 per head in order to access the blessing and for the prophecies made over our lives to be fulfilled. This move by ndanga is not persecution of the church at all, why is the church found wanting in the first place,,, some do miracles, some give you stones, some anointing oil, some spiritual water, some Israeli made pieces of cloth, some white or black o red cotton or linen pieces of cloth, some take you to the river or to the Mid East Israel, some point you to a man, some demand your wife, some ask you to sow a seed. These are useless doctrines. This is not different from the world order of oppression. These churches which are occupying shut down industrial ware houses are businesses, which must be treated like any other business and should pay TAX. If they behave like the early church fathers then we can talk of persecution, not now.

  42. Mr President, help us from this Dark hour, im suprised that you are appointing a crook to wipe criminality,corruption,covertion in churches whilst he can not even first clean up his home (the accz).
    Accz has actually stolen thousands of dollars from the poor congregants in the name of providing residential stands. this happened in mid 2012 and upto now the same congregants are still wallowing in poverty without the promised stands.

    congregants who are trying to further pursue the issue are told kuti Ranga riri gore remaelections so mari haisi kunyatsozivikanwa kuti yakafamba sei.

    zvino munhu akadai ndiye ave kunzi aite probe into the operations of churches, kuitawo here uku.

  43. Convert to Islam, to the true religion of the one true God.

    Jesus was merely a Prophet, not the son of God, and not divine ot part o a ”trinity”.

    All praise is due to the one true God!

  44. Ndanga watambura nenhamo wavakuda kuzvipa basa.Churches don’t need you neither does the general public.People get help from churches and never try to incite them against their source of help.go to hell.Makandiwa is a clean man of God helping people.

    • masvingo wakabirwei navo?unei muhomwe mako chingabiwewo?aya mashoko ako ndeemunhu asina kana rand muhomwe.ndimi vanhu vanotuka even President venyika muchiti vanofambirei nemota dzinodhura kuita sezvinonzi wakashaya yako mari mu bank kana pasi pepiro.

  45. liv my PAPA to liv hs lyf plz. Prophet MAKANDIWA FOR LIFE!!!!!!!! He z a true man of GOD. Wait until the end time of this world, then u will knw that he was a true prophet.



  47. Ndanga you realy have an issue with Prophet Makandiwa. If you are a Pastor why is that you fail to understand how God works.A Prophet listens to God and act according to God’s instructions. Why do you want “him” to raise his relatives? If such a thing happens you want to grab the headlines again asking why his relatives? Can you tell me where Paul is today (Acts20vs 7-12)? What about Peter Acts 9vs 36-42), Elija ( 1 kings 17vs 17-24) ,Elisha (2 kings 4vs 35) didnt they raise someone from the dead? So why did you say even Him (Prophet Makandiwa) is going to die? Did he say he is not going to die? If you have nothing to say Just keep quiet not to meddle in other people’s missions. If God allows, people will surely rise from the dead . We believe in God who speaks even today. You cant use the system of the world to investgate spiritual things. Wake-up ndanga and believe in your God . Dont let jealousy overshadow your God’s abilities.

  48. Munondo waJehovha nemunondo waMakandiwa – according to the doctrine of Christ Jesus is the one and only prophet of God not man (deutronomy 18:18-18 & Acts 3:18-26). Ndiye muporofita wetinoziya uyu. Kana johane mubhabhatidzi anomuziya (John 1:21). There are honestly gotten cars parked at beerhall just like the ones parked at your gathering. The God who feeds the birds also feeds man, Amen. Read Matthew 6:25-34:????? This is what we must hear from you. Hakuna chinhu chemunana according to the false doctrine you are using. The world is also seeking after these, the gospel is more than cars and munana. The spirit which used to drive our fathers to sangomas and later on to the Masowe, the same is frog marching people to your social gatherings. Kwaimbonzi, “taurai asekuru”, but now, “prophesy man of God” or “Go deeper papa”. Take a leaf from john the Baptist (John 10:41-42): you DON’T need MINANA to prove anything. blessed are those who believe without seeing. So accurate was john the Baptist that when herod heard the works of Jesus he thought john the Baptist had risen from the dead. Let your prophet redefine his doctrine its useless

  49. Prophet Makandiwa can never be in competition with anyone.Magaya is way too far to be able to reach where prophet Makandiwa is.Its a fact that is undisputable,look at the number of ophans that Prophet Makandiwa is taking care of,look at the number of widows he is taking care of.The man has done so much and no competitor can ever get close,in terms of the ministry of the word and the ministry of finances,the ministry of healing,the ministry of prophecy to name but a few,whatever challenge you dare throw at him,he delivers comfortably…why are you not scared of critisising a man who never seems to be shaken by whatever is thrown at him,laugh at yourself Ndanga

  50. Ndanga we are not fools.Dont present to us child games of trying to investigate churches yet we have thousands of wanted persons on the run out there on our streets.growup,nxaaaaaaaa

  51. Ndanga must be investigated himself.How can he dare implicate the President on his evil mission impossible?The president loves his prophets.YOU ARE JUST TOO IGNORANT

  52. prophet Makandiwa and prophet Angel the world loves you,only a bunch of loosers are jelous of what God is doing through you

  53. The Spirit gumbura’s wives and followers had is what these UFIC followers have, brainwashed . Raping and teaching wrong doctrine are the same, Amen

  54. Prophet Makandiwa we are so thankful for the love and support you give to us Ophans.Had it not been for you,we might have gone into the streets again

  55. kutsvaga mbavha mu church haaaaaa hamunyare here?mbahva chaidzo madzipedza here?useless organisations,kutaimira mari dzehurumende nxaaaaa
    siyai Makandiwa nekuti maoko ake akachena

  56. The Spirit gumbura’s wives and followers had is what these UFIC followers have, brainwashed . Raping and teaching wrong doctrine are the same, Amen. Keeping nine commandments out of ten EQUALS breaking all. Ndanga is quite correct despite his own shortcomings. Why complain now, when gumbura was under you were condemning from all angles. Lets just correct the mistakes

  57. The Spirit gumbura’s wives and followers had is what these UFIC followers have, brainwashed . Raping and teaching wrong doctrine are the same, Amen. Keeping nine commandments out of ten EQUALS breaking all. Ndanga is quite correct despite his own shortcomings. Why complain now, when gumbura was under trial you were condemning from all angles. Lets just correct the mistakes. No one has clean hands, no not even one.

  58. I see no reason why some people are threatening those that do not subscribe to prophecy. It shows that this is indeed a cult as opposed to christianity which teaches us about love and forgiveness. I believe in One God .

  59. @ Gerald. This article is attacking all men of God. U go to prophet Makandiwa thats fine. I have never gone to any prophet besides Magaya. I dont know what prophet Makandiwa teaches but Prophet Magaya has never told us he is the most powerful as a matter of fact he doesnt compare himself to any other prophet because there is only one God. So instead of defending our god u are now falling into the writers trap by stooping so low as to proclaim that Your prophet is the best and noone is near him. I thot all prophets serve the same god. Please Gerald clarify. I am just disappointed that instead of standing as one vana vemaporofita with our beliefs u go on to create divisions by saying your prophet is the only one who matters. So what are we saying gerald. Those who are saying makristu munoita blind following seem to be right. Cos gerald really, if u had nothing to say why not just do that, say nothing. Anyway u are entitled to your own opinion. I respect it. I am PHD and very proud of it and we dont belittle other men of god cos there is only one god who we all worship regardless of denominations and leaderships. Mwari mumwe chete watonamata we dont worship individuals

  60. Machechi ngaongororwe.Prophets nad Pastors in Zimbabwe are becoming richer than Bill Gates a well known business man.When looking at them we can all see that there is nothing they are doing to be that rich except stealing those tax free monies from the church.We don’t want a situation whereby wese angopasa Theology obva angotanga kaChechi kake kekubira vanhu mari.Kana iri Indigenisation iri kuzama kupinzwa kumachechi neMaProphets and Pastors vanongomera sehohwa sandizvo zvinoitwa shoko ramwari.Vamwe vohodha mazizi,vamwe vonyepa kuti vanomutsa vakafa,vamwe voti vanofamba pamusoro pemvura trying to campaign so that they may have more followers and their base for collecting money will be broader.Vanhu vakanzi vachamuka panouya Jesu kuzotonga vapenyu nevafi.Zvino zvotoudzwa nevekwedu vakanakirwa nemari dzezvipo ava chokwadi zvinoda kuongororwa.Hanzi eee I have a spiritual father in Ghana.I thought the only father we must talk of as christians is GOD.

  61. Criticism will never stop Prophet Makandiwa from moving forward. Criticising him is a sure sign that you have noticed him.

    Discern spirits according to the bible: Read 1Corinthians chapters 12, 13 and 14.

  62. From what Mr/Pastor Ndanga is saying it looks as if he is concluding that Prophet Makandiwa and Prophet Magaya are in competition of pulling crowds and doing miracles.Oh shame.My Father is not into any competition with anyone.By saying my Father has relatives dying Mr/Pastor Ndanga is simply showing that he does not believe in people being risen from the dead.To me Ndanga is showing jealousy.Wait and see sir Ndanga more miracles are yet to be done.If one claims to be a Man of God and fails to appreciate what the other Man of God is doing then what it only means is there is a spirit that is not of God that is using you to disapprove whatever is being done.PLUS CHIGARO chamunacho vaNdanga chakatanga chambouya kwatiri tikaramba kuchitora.You are on that position because we declined.Zvezvituru ndezvenyenyu vanoda recognition.

  63. next article please: takuda kuziva kuti pane vari involved in high level of corruption plus plus. are they so called Christians or non-christians? ndabvunza hapana vandatuka!

  64. @ chokwadi, you are right, it is God who does it, but He does it through a man/woman. God has annointed and mandated men and women here on earth through whom He works. If you have a bible read Hosea 12 vs 13( And by a prophet Jehovah brought Isreal out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved) and Amos 3 vs 7 ( For the Lord Jehovah will do nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets). Also if you can, please highlight to me a single incident in the bible where there was a major move of God on this earth and no man was involved. It’s high time people realize that God is not going to come down from heaven to solve any problem, He has already anointed man and women and given them solutions to the problems that we have. Iwe munhu ukasarudza kusatereera akapihwa solution yako uchiti ndinozviendera ndega kuna Mwari, you will die in your problems. In all God’s doings through out the whole bible, it is very evident that God works here on earth through man. You have to understand that God resides in these annointed man and women, just like He resided in the ark of the covenant in the Old Testament. The bible clearly states that there shall come a time when you shall no longer look for the ark, but I shall give you man after my own heart ( in whom the Lord will reside).

  65. As for you sir Bishop Ndanga, competition yamarikutaura between the two men of God apa ndeipi? Just because two people are being used by God does not put them in competition. You should understand that a great revival was prophesied in Southern Africa and Zimbabwe was prophesied as the epicenter of this revival. So the Lord will raise many men and women to do His work and to spread the message of the Kingdom. Ivo Prophet Makandiwa vakatozvitaura vega kuti God is raising firebrand revivalists, men and women who are going to be used by God more than He is using the great prophet himself. Saka va Ndanga hamuna zvamati maona kwete.

    As for you not believing the men of God when they talk about raising the dead and walking on water, ipapo hameno kuti monzwii. Jesus as well as several others in the bible raised the dead and Jesus did walk on water. Jesus clearly states in John 14 vs 12 Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. Saka kana Jesu a kati vanotenda vachaita what He did and even greater, and then you go on to say that those are useless doctrines and you don’t believe, then that leaves a lot to be desired
    about you.

  66. And to all those who don’t believe in spiritual fatherhood or mentorship read 1 Col 4 vs 15 ( For though you have 10 000 instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ I have begotten you through the gospel.) Also go through the Pauline letters there is a lot on spiritual father hood.

    To those who say mbiri inopihwa kuna Makandiwa, have you ever attended a UFIC service? If you have I’m more than certain you have had the prophet declare over and over in almost every service “mbiri kuna Jesu! Ndati mbiri kuna Jesu zvakare!!!!” or after a miracle or prophesy how he declares “give glory to Jesus!!!!!!”

  67. 1. Leaders of ACCZ, is that what God called you to do. 2. Who sent you, God or the RG’S ofice. 3. Varoi mapedza navo here? Ko idzo mhondi? 4. Who are you representing? Us the christians or the heathen. 5. Be careful churches are going to fight each other. 6. Who will investigate churches you come from. Cant you see murikuda kushandiswa kuti mutadzire Mwari. 6. Remember the story ya Gamaliel.

  68. VaNdanga vanonamata Mwari but we cnt let things go wrong kuvanamati jst bcoz mumwe munhu haasi happy nezvataurwa kunemufundisi wake…..matare ndookuti vanamati varongeke

  69. Machurch anoda kuita zveunhubu hatimadi…..taramba mapenzi akuda kutisvibisira chipositori nemabasa enyama..vanhu mumbotinyarawo mhani kwete kungoita zvisina nasa..

  70. haiwawo zvedu. vanhu vakapata vanoswera kuti Makandiwa, papa papa. asi kumba havana kana respect kuvabereki vavo. tsvina dzavanhu. im not ashamed to tell you that makapata. Gospel of prosperity rei. Nhamo ndo ichatokunetsai. Mwari anongotida tose zvakafanana. I agree with Chokwadi all the way. Vamwe vose ava vanoti papa papa, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, haiwawo. zvituta zvavanhu. Munotisvodesa isu nenyika yedu. Tozobatanidzwa zvonzi tose takapata zvakafanana. Zvireshe,

  71. Chandinoziva with the God of my Father[ Touch Ye not My Anointed] Mese imi muri kuwawata ndimi Muchapa maTestimony, mese muchauya kunaBaba Vangu. Inguva chete..Muri kuti mugereka.. Hamusati..musanyara zvenyu nekuti nguva yeruponiso ndiyoyi…”TOUCH YE NOT MY ANOINTED”Kungonzwa kuda kuipisa zita ra VaMakandiwa…Saka Pa50 apa Makandiwa,MAkandiwa Vaita sei Muzodziwa waJehova…AIWEEEE MUCHAVATSVAGA ZVENYU KANI, Mati Madii..LONG LIVE MY FATHER ‘PROPHET E MAKANDIWA’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Verengai vadzidzi vaJesu kani nhai veduwee..EVEN after vanhu vatoona Jesu wacho panyama…three quarters dzavo vakafa sei… INGA VAKAFIRA KUPUPURA HUKURU WAJESU. Kudamburwa misoro, vamwe kurovererwa…NEKUDA KWEMINANA YAVAIITA.Jesu wakasiya ati ndichakusiirai mweya mutswene..Veduwe kani waisiiwa pamhuka here, pamuti here, kana kuti pamunhu….REGAI VANOTENDA ZVAVANOTENDA VATENDE.. REGAI ISU TINOTENDA PROPHET E MAKANDIWA TITENDE…TIRIVANA VEMINANA……ZVINHU ZVEDU ZVESE MINANA….Hokoyo “Peter wani BANGA panzeve” wambotaura wataura zvake and mazvinzwa….Divine Solutions,nemi mose vana veMuporofita,vana veMinana…Jesu ndewedu…LONG LIVE BABA PROPHET E MAKANDIWA

  73. judge not , regai mweya wemunhu unzvere wega the right church yekuenda. how are u going to differentiate between true and false prophet?????? ndezve Mweya (holyspirit that can only discern)

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