Zwambila, Makuvise: A case of inept political leadership


A colleague wrote on his social media platform: “There is a serious problem, when clowns are assigned to leadership positions. How else can one qualify the behaviour of the Zwambila-Makuvise axis? My advice to the duo is that when the dance is over, please stop dancing.”

by Rashweat Mukundu

While it may appear that the Jacqueline Zwambila and Hebson Makuvise asylum-seeking applications in the countries that hosted them, Australia and Germany respectively fits within the dominant Zimbabwe political narrative of the past decade, that of violence, threats, abuses and instability, there is something seriously wrong with this kind of political leadership by the two, if there is any leadership to be expected from them at all.

This is so because the two are harping to a song that has since lost its tune, but rather becoming irritating as Zimbabweans want brave political leadership at the home front, a political leadership that shares with them the very things that Zwambila alleges are taking place.

Zwambila cannot aspire for political leadership to test the fruits and not the pain and pricking thorns that come with such aspirations.

She cannot expect to ride on the backs of Zimbabweans to enjoy an ambassadorial post without experiencing the suffering and the challenges that citizens face on day-by-day basis.

She cannot expect to represent the MDC-T party as a leader when she does not want to experience what the party faces at the front.

She is an armchair leader who puts her comfort ahead of the political interest.

To sum it all, she is an opportunist who sees politics for its personal benefits and not its vicissitudes.

In other words, the MDC-T is better off without such people and Zimbabwe is better off without such political leaders.

It was probably fashionable and acceptable a few years ago to claim political asylum as Zimbabwe faced and still faces serious political and economic challenges that triggered a massive exodus estimated in millions.

As many who claimed political asylum in the United Kingdom and Australia were genuine victims, but the majority were economic refugees and their desperation was and remains understandable.

I know of colleagues who never set a foot at a political rally, nor could identify the faces of the main opposition political leaders, yet claimed to be victims of Zanu PF terror in Zimbabwe.

And we cannot discount that an equally desperate Zanu PF terrorised people.

The evidence of people tortured and harassed and others killed is there.

Many of the victims of this terror that include the likes of Job Sikhala, Morgan Tsvangirai, Lovemore Madhuku, Jestina Mukoko, are still in Zimbabwe and still engaged in activities that landed them in trouble and still proud to be fighting the good fight in their various capacities.

In comes Zwambila and Makuvise who we hear are seeking political asylum because they fear for their lives in Zimbabwe.

We hear from officials who worked with Zwambila at the Embassy in Australia that she has been to Zimbabwe many times in the course of her four-year tour of duty, meaning she did not feel threatened then.

I don’t know about Makuvise and only heard of him when he was appointed ambassador.

Zwambila is entitled to challenge Zanu PF electoral victory and attack Zanu PF in any manner as she pleases since she belongs to an opposition party.

It is the business of the opposition to discredit the ruling party and hopefully, win the next election.

However, for the long suffering Zimbabweans, her current theatrics are an unnecessary distraction from the business of serving Zimbabwe and the daily struggles that people are undergoing to survive in harsh economic environment.

While I hold serious reservations about electoral management in Zimbabwe, I still argue as I have done before that it is the business of those who desire power to displace those in power and it is not the business of Zanu PF to conduct elections that it loses, it will never do so.

The onus is, therefore, on the opposition political leadership to raise their influence and leverage to such an extent that the ruling party loses and accedes power.

It has happened in similar tough environments in Africa and it can happen in Zimbabwe.

Zwambila’s actions are, however, an anti-thesis to what should be the opposition’s political struggles and strategies.

She represents a leadership that is timid, misrepresents issues to the point of lying for self-interest.

Her statements and defence of her decision to seek political asylum is an abandonment of her political party.

It is a slap in the face of the party leadership that selected her for this prestigious national office.

If Zwambila is a political leader, she must realise that her experience in the past four years is needed back home within her party than she would do as a refugee in Australia.

The lesson for the MDC-T is a hard one and one to ponder as the party prepares for the future.

The lesson is who really is a party cadre and what criteria does the party use to select leadership?

Is the MDC-T leadership politicised enough to appreciate its mission, the challenges ahead, and is the leadership disciplined enough to carry through its mandate?

The mayors and councillors scandal, and now Zwambila and Makuvise indicates that the party is infiltrated not by the Central Intelligence Organisation or Zanu PF, but opportunists of the highest order.

These are people who are not shameful to associate with the party when it suits them and to pursue self-interest when its suits them.

Regarding the two asylum aspirants, one has to ask what they ever brought to Zimbabwe in the course of the four years of duty in foreign countries.

If there is any pride at all in Zwambila and Makuvise’s political careers and leadership, then they should come home and see how the people are doing at Mbare, Renkini and Sakubva.

They should associate with the struggles of the people of Zimbabwe from the front and not seek to extend their comforts by any means.


  1. Let them get asylum. They are just looking for money. Even some MPs are doing the same here. They don’t take it as a responsibility but as a shows that they have reached their ceiling in terms of vision. Let them go we don’t need them.

  2. probably my best article ever in this paper. Mdc ngaiudze the truth n nothing other than such truth. havo president nezip yavo futi.In zanu pf there z a difference btwn followers and cadres .can u tell m if tracy mutinhiri Eric knight simba makoni were o are REAL mdc cadres o followers???

  3. Even tho sis jackie is my own sister i have really understood the importance of sharing the struggle with the people lest we may meet our waterloo.i will talk to her now now.Mugabe n zanu pf should be removed violently or peacefully,juju or african science they jis hav to go n let us restart our lives again

  4. Well done NewsDay! U hav said it all.This party of puppers and oppotunists has caused havoc to our social and moral fabric! To hell wth them.

  5. Thank u Mukundu Rashweat – sando dzako. Yu tried to balance yo narrative very well. At least Zim needs that line of thinking. Taneta nekungonzwa kuti Mugabe auraya nyika yet a lot are hiding behind such statements while involved in hideous acts. Thnk u.

  6. Thank u Mukundu Rashweat – sando dzako. Yu tried to balance yo narrative very well. At least Zim needs that line of thinking. Taneta nekungonzwa kuti Mugabe auraya nyika yet a lot are hiding behind such statements while involved in hideous acts. Thnk u.

  7. Illuminating Rashweat, illuminating indeed..Now if you go back a couple of years back Hollyhood funny man Eddie Murphy made a blockbuster called “The distinguished gentleman” where he played the role of a conman turned congressman. He takes with him his gang of no good supportman and what follows is a hilarious parody of how corruption is the staple of politicians in Washington. I like one part where Jeff Johnson (played by funnyman Eddie Murphy) is asked by one of Sugar lobbysts to make his choice whether he wants to get money from sugar distributors or he was being asked to make a choice who to rip off, the underlying message being evey direction he looked there were people lining up to be fleeced..It is like he was stepping over these guys everywhere he looked, it was like they were forcing him to rob them..Though a rather old offering from the funny man of Hollyhood, it is worth the 90 minutes! I guess Makuvise and Zwambila are saying they are in it for the money and would not be bothered what the street thinks? Who cares, appears to be the new way of doing things in the land, more like a trademark for the land!

  8. Good article,try to write part two in which you include MDC-T’s Chamisa frustrating a tried and tested cadre in Mbara to pave way for Eric Knight,who has all but abandoned the party.The likes of Magaisa if it is true he has fled back to the Uk.Some fly-by-night political analysts who where following Tsvangirai rallies and lying to him that he would win without doing any factual research.Add to this, one Chamisa,who moved around imposing unpopular candidates and telling the genuine MDC-T cadres he frustrated,to go and join the losing ZANU PF,then the true narrative of how the democratic cause has been hijacked by soldiers of fortune becomes complete.

  9. @Tonde- I am inclined to agree..the two misfits Chamisa and Biti should do the honorable thing and walk into the sunset..they failed us big time! Ultimately the buck stops with Biti as the manager of the party..he was busy making a clown of himself at the Finance Ministry instead of doing his real job..that of the SG of the party with an ugly end to all this being him falling between two stools dragging a NATIONAL dream down with him. If he is not ashamed enough to resign, one wonders what further damage he has in store for the party!

  10. After everything is said and done and all insults thrown left right and center the truth remains that the mdc did not lose this election. Yes they failed to take power. If zanu pf had won this particular election the herald would have featured the audited results on its pages on a daily basis. Zec would not have resused to release an electronic copy of the voters roll and the ballot boxes would have been opened to shame the mdct. Alas all this never happened.

    • @Magame- My point exactly! If the MDC was cheated in 2000, 2002, 2005, 2008 why did they think things would be different this time around, given the election players were the same (Mudede)? Is this not the job of the SG of the party to make sure everything is in place before the poll???? Who did the SG expect to put the safeguards for him ???? With the evidence from the previous election, this shows GROSS incompetence on the part of the management at MDC, no?

    • hard-fool magame to talk of mdc shit ine these stupid lot kuti yakabirwa . so you donot see zvambira achikururura nguvo pazere maforeigners?

    • “Is the MDC-T leadership politicised enough to appreciate its mission, the challenges ahead, and is the leadership disciplined enough to carry through its mandate? ”

      The answer to this question is the reason why MDC T lost all elections, you can confuse yourself debating over which sounds better: sugarcoating a defeat as either MDC T not losing or MDC T not winning all you like.

      The day the answer to the above question is ‘yes’ is the day MDC will have a shot at winning!

  11. vachidzokera zvipi ipapa. Garai ko imi muchinje Citizenship. maregerei atonge tione. Tichatiza tose asare achitongana oga. nekunaka kwakaita economy ye Down Under garako iwe.

    • What about Tsvangson clinging on to the Highlands Government Mansion?? They are all in it for personal benefits the whole lot!

  12. This is what I pointed out yesterday of this website very eager to publish anodyne issues or bread and circuses like Zwambila’s asylum claim because of fear of ZanuPF. For the past 33-odd years people have been force-fed lies by politicians and society has been cowed into silence by ZanuPF. Everyone in politics is lying why should Zwambila and Makuvise not lie as well? There is no integrity. Mug*be lies as well. It all stems from the lie that ZanuPF “liberated the country”. This country cannot move forward when the young generation is starved of true facts of controversial political issues.

    • You are dead right Musona. Everyone is lying in politics to get advantages for themselves. A country full of liars. Pese pese liberation liberation – tinodya liberation here isu? Even those who were not born before independence lie as well about liberation. Now the war veterans are asking for more gratuities when the country is in a financial mess! Where will the money come from? Jacqueline is better of in Australia.

  13. well said Rashweat. Mdc was taken over by opportunists bt its suppoters dont want to believe it. Who is Hebson Makuvise?? How many pple kno him save to say he is a relative of Tsvangison?? Look at Eric Knight n Ezra Sibanda,where did they come from n were they commited to the party or it was opportunism?? surely dd Biti n Chamisa fail to find real n tested pple in Zim who love Mdc nt fo money bt wat it purports to represent?? Alex Magaisa….kkkkk cant help laughing….the circus continues!!! Another article Rashweat,maybe the Mdc pple will wake up. Icho!!!!

  14. magame sorry mdc was cleanly clobbered n I agree wth the notion tht biti n chamisa are as gd as a dead dog! the lyks of Ding Dong who believe n regai vatonge are so coward and parasitic. A lot of blanders were and are stl being made by the mdc and thtz y Bobo declared thm dead and buried

  15. magame sorry mdc was cleanly clobbered n I agree wth the notion tht biti n chamisa are as gd as a dead dog! the lyks of Ding Dong who believe n regai vatonge are so coward and parasitic. A lot of blanders were and are stl being made by the mdc and thtz y Bobo declared thm dead and buried.HAKUNA CHINONZI NIKUV

  16. zimbos are too self rightous. wats wrong with someone seeking a better life? why do you want to justify someone who walks over your dignity and that of your parents and children? you are too afraid to speak against the people drinking your inheritance now you want to vent your anger on fellow suffrers. shame on u

  17. The Zwambila and Makuvise circus is a depiction of the opposition so called movement in Zimbabwe’s Achilles heels; their Western connection and their enduring looking to baas as the savior, the redeemer and the source of all wisdom, refuge and power.

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