Zimra urges compliance with Botswana law


THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has urged car dealers and individuals importing second-hand cars to adhere to the ban imposed by Botswana outlawing the driving of unregistered and unlicenced motor vehicles on its roads.

By Staff Reporter

Botswana recently banned unregistered imported second-hand vehicles from driving through its roads and ordered police to impound all such vehicles.

In a statement yesterday, Zimra said: “This ban means that importers can no longer drive their vehicles on Botswana roads while importing them via ports in Botswana (or other countries’ ports which make them transit through Botswana) to ports of entry into Zimbabwe and other countries.

“According to the notice, any unregistered and unlicenced vehicle that will be driven on Botswana roads will be impounded.”

The tax collector added: “Zimra, therefore, urges its valued clients to take note of this development in order to avoid any inconveniences during the importation of motor vehicles by ensuring that all imported vehicles are transported using designated carries.”

Botswana said it was losing revenue as the Botswana Unified Revenue Service was not charging the vehicles for road usage, yet they were causing damage to the country’s roads.


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