Zimbabwean diplomats face school fees crisis


FOREIGN Affairs secretary Ambassador Joey Bimha has warned that government might fail to pay fees for its foreign diplomats’ children as the $63,8 million allocated to his ministry this year was inadequate.


Bimha made the remarks during a post-budget meeting held by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs on Wednesday.

He said the ministry had an outstanding debt of $16,8 million which has to be paid from the $63,8 million Budget allocation. The ministry had requested for $89 million.

“The underfunding of the goods and services vote is going to reduce my ministry’s ability to provide training to our staff, holding of joint commissions and most important, provision of school fees for foreign service officers’ children attending school in Zimbabwe,” Bimha said.

“The ministry’s plant and machinery, office equipment and the general buildings outlook have suffered years of neglect due to lack of inadequate funding.”

Bimha said the ministry was the face of Zimbabwe and it was, therefore, paramount that it portrayed a good image to the international community.

“In the year that Zimbabwe will host the Sadc summit, the image of the ministry needs to be representative of who we are, not as a ministry, but as the country,” he said.

The country will, in August, host a Sadc summit meeting.


  1. Nearly every agency is crying out that they have been underfunded in this budget, with the exception of course of the Office of His Excellency the President. Now, do we not remember elements in the security services including Austine Chihuri and Constintine Chiwenga attacking Biti for underfunding their agencies in the years past? Why are they mum this time? Has their Zanu PF Finance Minister satisfied their needs or is it a matter of the birds of a feather? ZPf double standards stench. Shame on you!.

  2. This is a sick story from Mr Bimha considering that there are many millions of school children who have been forced out of school this year due to tough life in Zimbabwe.

    Some people actually cannot afford two meals a day and you table such a silly issue on this family newspaper.

    They should learn to be patriotic and pay those fees from other sources. please this is a non-starter.

    Thats a lot of noise for nothing

  3. @ONSLO tell these fools; here in Zim Children are suffering some are forced out of school and start selling freezits yet this person called Bimba is making a lot of noise for nothing

  4. Murikuti murikushaiwa mari yechikoro???….Muchashaisisa chaizvo chaizvo!!! Remember???

  5. problm after problm until th country collapses.saka muri kutongei.wake up zimbos.just imagine december anosvika tavapapi

  6. crisis really ?
    of multiplication or division ?

    i agree with the good ol’ secretary that like this he may be representing the unshaven face of zimbabwe and helpfully suggest his experts seek to properly psychoanalyse composition of the UNallowances factor to ensure school fees are not in there too as dual expenditure wastefully courting contempt ring charges above !!

  7. The diplomats should pay the fees from their own salaries just as any other ordinary workers . What is so special with them ? If they are destitute then they should apply for BEAM .

  8. That is very fair. Ngatitambure tose. Achimangwawnani awa. Kuzosvika rivire, haa munenge mavira; mavakutaura the good language which all of us are speaking.

  9. For the record. Zimbabwean diplomats are seriously underpaid. Many of them haven’t been paid in months. Imagine yourself living in a foreign country, apparently representing your country in the international community, without enough to feed your family.

  10. madofo eZAnu its not Nikuv.Moba motadza kupawo vamwe venyu varikunze.Siyavakadaro mwari harisibenze.Naiye Morgan is finished we cant be lead nemunhu anoexperimenta vakadzi vose zvaanoita ungati muZAnu

  11. Zanu pf goverment inopenga here? Iwe Bimha unorwarasu? Kukoshesa vana vemadiplomats mbava dzezanu ivo vana vezimbabwe vachitambura! Iwe unoti Zimbabwe ichiri Nyika here? No industry no production nothing muchamama Madiplomats
    Shut up Bimha!
    General Goso Goso

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