Zimbabwe government system needs complete overhaul


The mega-salaries and perks of chief executives and top management in quasi-governmental institutions are nothing other than the symptoms of a corrupt system.

NewsDay Editorial

These salaries do not just expose the greed purportedly inherent in the exposed individuals as some top officials would want us to believe, they show us a system of governance that is rotten to the core.

The fact that shocking salaries being exposed are found within parastatals shows that it is the national system of governance that has gone to the dogs. Parastatals are governed through Acts of Parliament and they fall under the purview of government ministries.

We should not be fooled into believing that what we are seeing is the exposure of greedy individuals whose subsequent punishment would deal a major blow to corruption.

This is not about the Cuthbert Dubes and the Happison Muchecheteres; this is about a whole system whose culture is hinged on corruption and patronage.

The Dubes and the Muchecheteres are small fry in a sea of corruption and they can be culled. But who is more culpable, the one who proposed the salaries or the one who approved them?

It is fact that in such a rotten system as the one obtaining in this country, crimes such as the misuse of public money are softened to look like technical offences that do not require severe punishment.

We only hear of equally soft actions such as suspensions and salary cuts, nothing about prosecutions. It is obvious that if action is taken to root out corruption, then the system would be utterly destroyed or rather, it would destroy itself.

The only satisfaction the suffering public and subordinates get out of such scenarios is the exposure of weak individuals in the chain who are used as buffer for the big fish.

The point we are making here is that the problem of corruption is fundamental and institutional.

The Dubes and the Muchecheteres only take advantage of a permissive and supportive system to corruptly misuse public funds by awarding themselves unreasonably large perks.

It is a shuddering thought to imagine what the big fish, who give the green light for such corrupt activities, are doing behind the scenes. These people, we can safely imagine, are making a killing for they control access to the nation’s natural resources such as diamonds, gold, land, etc.

It would be naïve to assume that while they facilitate corruption among their subordinates their moral compass points them to a clean life. It is a pity that we see instances where the politician is called in instead of the police to solve obvious criminal matters such as the misuse of public funds.
Politicians simply cover up by pretending to take “stern” action.

They can’t do anything else as they know fully well the boomerang effect of such actions as prosecuting the individuals who would have been exposed.

They cannot risk having the whole system exposed. It is our contention that as long as corruption is looked at in individual terms nothing will change. We need a complete overhaul of the system.


  1. This government has failed every citizen who can distinguish from right and wrong how can you justify the appointment of a committee which gobbles 900 dollars a day from a council which is failing to supply its residents with water?clean water for that matter? ahhhhh imi vanhu imi go back where u came from makonewa

  2. Totally agree with the editorial comment.If a small fish can get so much,what of the bigger fish.Zanu of must not fool us into believing that they are serious about corruption,never.For the past 34 years no single minister or top official has been fired from our government even where corruption is so glaring.So who is tolerating corruption?Don’t tell me this is the first time the President is hearing about corruption in his government,where was he all these years until corruption fabric got to these levels?Why blame everything on sanctions when its clear that our Government is to blame for the mess we find ourselves in right now.The plain truth is this Zanu pf government is corrupt right from the top to the bottom.These individuals and parastatals are only a tip of the iceberg,lets not be fooled.Corruption in our government and country has been there since time immemorial yet the President and his cronies pay a blind eye as if nothing is happening.There is no way you can deal with corruption from the bottom,targeting a few small fishes,leaving the bigger fish at the top.If they are serious about dealing with corruption then it has to start right at the top so as to set an example at the bottom.What do you expect from from a government where no single top official has never been fired for corruption in 34 years.We all know of individuals who killed themselves because they had conscience,like the Maurice Nyagumbos,Edmund Garwe etc,but nobody has ever been fired for corruption by our President.Its a shame.

  3. l totally agree with u mr writer.The whole system is rotten alwayz blaming whites.they put their self interests frst at the expence of service delivery.

  4. This is an invasive regime….a gaggle of thieves, masquarading as a government. over a decade ago, we heard of an impending land audit. ten years and running, that audit is not even on the horizon. The simple reason is that, the hunters are the hunted……. This is Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, revisited, period! Forget about all the nonsensical ramblings about patriotism and revolution…. We are in trouble…… We are hostages of a predatory elit.

  5. SO true, Bob is no.1 corrupt leader of the Zim mafia. But seriously how can some one pay himself $230K per month. In Uk USA, Ausie, Germany where economies are functioning this will be the annual salary for CEO. FOr Zim where the economy is none functional no one shuld earn more than $10K per month.

  6. It is the legacy of an overstayed leader. See no evil, hear no evil.
    Mugabe is costing us and is not even aware that this scandal is seriously exposing him.
    Manje we wont keep quiet until Dube refunds our stolen money.

  7. Muchakasara.
    Poor old rusty Mugabe has resolved the crisis by keeping the looters jobs and instead has approved a 300% increase in Psmas subscriptions.
    Each adult is now charged $20 per head up from $7 starting next month.


  8. Operation garawadya in Zim! Zvotoda minamato izvi. MuZim mune mari veduwee asi irikuperera kuvashomanani wenhamo acharamba ari wenhamu. Vakuru woye tsvakai Mwari vachawanikwa. Rambayi mweya wegreediness mutsvakewo werudo nevamwe. Kune vamwe vangu vose veZimbabwe ngatinamatirei nyika hedu nyika haigadziriswe nepolitics asi naMwari pachavo. Let’s wait 4 God’s time

  9. Vanhu ve MDC munondishamisa. You forget that the ministry of State Enterprises was under the MDC T fsince 2009. What did Gordon Moyo do about this issue. Furthermore MDCT controlled most of the line ministries that oversee these parastatal like PSMAS and ZESA makaitei.. Just shutt up titonge

  10. @ Mtape.
    Tinokuregerera nekuti zvichida haushande kana hausati wambosangana ne dambudziko rekurapisa munhu uine med aid.
    Ths is more than a Zpf thing.
    How many people have died over the past years after failing to find money for top up when already they are on psmas med aid?.
    Usarware handiti.
    Iyi nyaya ihombe. Haikona kuita zveupwere.

  11. The worse part is that gvt has eroded the so called salary increments by a shockn psmas subscription increment.
    Mirai muone zvichaitika pa pay day.
    Im forseeing a serious strike.

  12. Akomana $230k for a worker in a non-profit making entities.
    People dont subs to enrich others but to take advantage of numbers to get basic medical treatment.
    In reality these guys should be working as volunteers like in other church funds or non profit societies.
    Im disappointed.

  13. These obscene monthly salaries represent various grades of annual incomes in rich western countries. Only patronage and nepotism as criteria for appointment to these positions are approximate reasons why a board or minister would approve of such salaries. Also find out who the gost workers in these parastatals. The results may be revealing. There are chances of games of reciprocity being played between different boards. An executive of one company is a board member of a company whole executive is
    board member. So it’s pay me well and I will pay you well as well.
    Living large out of poor people ‘s subs which they can barely afford. I always wondered where Cuthbert got the money to sponsor the national team.

  14. Mr Writer you r right asi lets not kid ourselves into thinking that corruption/mismanagement is a purview of ZANU chete….Lets be serious. How does Tsvangirayi afford a house ku Highlands,etc after 5 years as PM??? Where does he get 200k plus to pay off Locardia??? We all want change but let us not be fooled into changing a baboon for a monkey and think we have found a Harvard Professor….All our politicians have a culture of hu Shef….Why does Tsvangirayi not resign/leave sana Tony Leon veku RSA DA?? Even before the struggle to remove the ruling party was ongoing Tony realised the need to avoid the hypocrisy of holding on…asi wedu kwahi I am the face of the struggle/I will leave after tabvisa ZANU…..handiti ndiyo mentality yacho ye ZANU kuti hatibvi tisati takupai Independence/land/companies,etc???? We need a new generation/culture of politicians please MWARI!!!

  15. Vakoma todini? Where do we go? Another departmental store in Harare is charging monthly interests on accounts even those not in arrears. Todini zveshuwa tanzwa.

  16. Govt ministers condemn these abscene salaries but allow PSMAS to increase subscriptions by 300%, what message are they sending out.
    That PSMAS needs more money in its drying coffers to maintain the lifestyle of Dube and his management team, because I know for a fact that no service improvements to members are contemplated by these thieves.

  17. zim one of poorest countries in e world with diamonds reserves, platinum,gold,fertile lands, victoria falls seventh natural wonder ,gud climate, highest literacy rate in Africa.politics dzauraya nyika

  18. CEO in office for 34 years abusing offices just like the commander in thief. Zvinotanga kumusoro kunaMugabe. Investigate the following and you will find worse things;

    1, Pasi kuZIMRA
    2. Mutasa kuZimpapers
    3. KuNRZ the late
    4. Tshinga. Dube kuZDI
    5. Mugabe

  19. What I had been saying all along is finally in the public domain! When I gave a talk on the future of laboratory services in Zimbabwe at the ZIMA Congress at Elephant Hills Hotel, Victoria falls in August 2004, I spelt out that PSMAS was a danger to medical services by hostile take-over of practices before settling their debt, implying they had capacity to pay service providers but were not interested in paying for the services. Cuthbert Dube and his click were in the audience and only mumbled and grumbled together with Farai Muchena! Cuthbert then donated a small laptop for the ZIMA office and gave a talk about supporting ZIMA and doctors. The audience clapped in acknowledgement of this great gift to ZIMA! Their days are numbered!!

    • I would not agree their days are numbered as a consequence of hostile take-over of medical practices as you seem to imply Dr Mathe.
      Hostile take-overs are unpleasant anywhere they happen, but it could be argued that in order to improve volumes and efficiencies that bring benefits to members it might be necessary to co-opt and consolidate existing service providers provided of course fair compensation is paid. In a normal functioning democracy where outrage as expressed on these pages would have seen Cuthbert sent home by the responsible authority. Sadly we are not a normal country and I fear Cuthbert may have more lives that the proverbial cat! How does one view the arrogance and insensitivity of increasing medical aid subscriptions in the middle of the salaries storm?

  20. @wezhira wezhara you are right. Psmas falls under the ambit of the ministries of health, public service and finance which were controlled by mdcteaboy. Zesa which is under the min of energy was controlled by mdcteaboy also has exorbitant charges and salaries. We all know that the multicurrency was introduced at the same time as GNU and all ministries irrespective all political affiliation approved obscene salaries and perks maybe because of the hyperinflationary mentality which we were all subjected to. We should maintain the pressure so that these sal and perks and charges are realigned to the economy and reality

  21. @gandanga and wezhira.
    Be real. These packs started increasing after the elections and Gnu.
    Read the Herald of Thursday.
    So its an all affair Zpf Mugabe fundraising affair.
    Furthermore it is the Zpf ministers who are refusing to remove Dube but instead made a killing by approving a 300% subscription increment to civil servants starting next month.

    Didnt you hear Jonathan Moyo suggesting its better to give Dube $60000 than fire him?
    Pane nyaya apa.
    Nyaya hombe chaiyo.
    The Zanu looters have now taken it to the people.

  22. After visiting Psmas yesterday, i calculated my psmas subscriptions are going to increase by $93 whilst my new pay will increase by the proposed $79.
    This means im actually $14 poorer after the so called ‘pay rise’ due to Zanupfs efforts to make me finance Dubes girlfriends and small houses.
    This is actually unacceptable.

  23. You, the media, are just moaning about the salaries of the chief executives that you now know but have so far given a seal of approval on even bigger corruption cases like the blindingly obvious stolen elections by the ZanuPF military which you treat as a normal occurrence and the grand larceny from the year 2000 when hordes of marauding ZanuPF thugs caused mayhem up and down the country invading farms, murdering farmers and stealing farm equipment with the connivance of the state police which you and docile political parties now call irreversible land reform. Some ZanuPF bigwigs own multiple farms and land and you newspapers have moved on and no longer worry about this.
    It is you the media who have bigged up these people and their hangers-on who are corrupt by constantly stating that they “liberated the country” when it was our votes which got them into power in 1980. Is it any wonder they do as they please because they think we owe them a debt of gratitude for “freeing us” when the truth of the matter is that we were a billion times better off before 1980 than we are now under ZanuPF military dictatorship? You, the media and other docile mercenary political parties, are aware that we are under the grip of a military dictatorship but haven’t got the bottle to say so openly. The duty of the media is to inform not mislead and only comment on anodyne political issues. The media is complicit in nurturing corruption: cherry-picking corruption cases and filtering out comments which you deem offensive to the corrupt regime. You cannot say it’s easy for to say so but I am not a journalist, I am a concerned citizen. You chose to be journalists.

  24. One sentence should read, “You cannot say it’s easy for me to say so but I am not a journalist, I am a concerned citizen”.

  25. less than $230 for u 230kilo for them,,yet they pretend they re feeling the same heat as us.but dear lord for how long.we need redemption

  26. vanhuweeee.takanzwa namasunctions akatikuvadzira US dollar redu.ndoosaka mawona takakwidziridza macomrades edu aya mari kuti zvityise ana Obama and company vazive kuti mari yavo haina dhiri muno munyika yaMudhara.nyika takatora minda tikadzora kuvanhu.makambani takasakadza ese evanhu vaBlair naBush.Mari ngaiendezve kuvanhu zvisemese.Musavhunduke nekuda kutsvaga vamwe vanemari.mari yaObama yaratidzwa kuti yafanana neyemuno iya.

  27. vanhuweeee.takanzwa namasunctions akatikuvadzira US dollar redu.ndoosaka mawona takakwidziridza macomrades edu aya mari kuti zvityise ana Obama and company vazive kuti mari yavo haina dhiri muno munyika yaMudhara.nyika takatora minda tikadzora kuvanhu.makambani takasakadza ese evanhu vaBlair naBush.Mari ngaiendezve kuvanhu zvisemese.Musavhunduke nekuda kutsvaga vamwe vanemari.mari yaObama yaratidzwa kuti yafanana neyemuno iya.

  28. So far so good with exposing the dube and muchechetere but there is where u shall be told that u are jumping the gun my dear jonathan. Soon u shall be involved in an accident.be very careful becoz u are now damn popular than the president. No wonder we fail to break the sanctions yet smith could. This operation can temper with zanu fundraising machinery…

  29. So much for the published salaries and those yet to come. The smuggling of chiadwa diamonds and minerals like gold, tender irregularities zimra border activities and last but not least the traffic police.it boggles the mind to learn that the police and top army chefs hav a share in chidzwa this needs to be investigated jona.shame!shame!shame on you zanu!remove this filthy and vile cancer!

  30. The government will not overhaul itself but the people for as long as they now see that the purpose of political power is not to resolve economic problems but to feed off the economy. People let us stop complaining to people who have achieved their own goals in life and start thinking, strategizing and taking action that leads us to the land of milk and honey?

  31. when elections were stolen pple thot it was not theft, now cuthbert and happyson have stolen and u are crying.If theft is demostrated at highest office wht do u expect on lower levels,the head of state shld demostrate anti theft, so that other gvt officials would fear to steal,elections have been stolen from 1980 and no wonder why corruption is the order of the day today

  32. All the blame is directed to Dube. As a layman I ask ;Is there no board at PSMAS that regulates salaries? Are salaries at parastatals not approved by relevant ministers? Where were all these stakeholders for A CEO salary to reach such dizzy heights? He could not have arbitrarily increased his salary without a challenge from someone.

  33. hey hey shiiiiii zunguzayi mazakwatira kkkkkkk You thought destroying Matebeleland was Independance sadubeka lisikhangele our children were ate by crocodiles when you laughed Eheeee we found our way out out of zim ZUNGUZAYI MAZAKWATIRA lapho

  34. “Look East Policy” 1)China- corrupt public officials are put in jail. 2)South Korean style -death by “firing squad”

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