Zimbabwe government redesigns license-issuance process


THE Vehicle Inspectorate Department (VID) has started redesigning its depots to ensure that 80% of the tests leading to the issuance of a driver’s licence are done within the premises to guard against corruption, a senior government official told a parliamentary committee yesterday.


Transport and Infrastructural Development secretary Munesu Munodawafa told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development that government was mulling introducing a system whereby learners’ licence tests are computerised.

He said the system was now awaiting parliamentary approval and was expected to be rolled out in the first half of this year.

“We are doing a project under the build, operate and transfer (BOT) arrangement which is called Zimbabwe Integrated Transport Management System. Basically, this project will introduce e-driver provisional test.

“In other words you go to VID depots, instead of getting a sheet of paper and an examiner sitting in front of you, you get the questions come out through a computer writing system and you punch a button so the full test will now be marked by the computer,” Munodawafa said.

On the redesigning of all VID depots, Munodawafa said the programme was being carried out at all VID depots countrywide.

“We have now started redesigning the examination depots. We now want the hill-start to be done inside the depots,” Munodawafa said.

“In Harare, for example, if you are being examined at Eastlea depot, you will need to go to Kopje and it’s now between you and the examiner whether you managed to do the hill-start or not, but we are constructing hill-start facilities in Harare, Bulawayo, Gwanda, Victoria Falls and in Chitungwiza.

“We now want to create a standard hill-start so that everyone who passes is examined by use of the same standard,” Munodawafa said.

He said the new development entails that 80% of the content or examination to get a driver’s licence which includes parallel parking and other parking angle tests would now be done inside the depots to enable everyone to observe the process.

He said only 20% of the tests which include actual road usage would be carried out outside the depots.

Munodawafa also urged motorists to avoid paying bribes to obtain vehicle fitness tests.

He said the new system would also link with the vehicle registration of a car where currently all the cars are now registered in the vehicle registration system of the Central Vehicle Registry data base.

“This means if your vehicle is impounded, as it enters the VID gate, it will be entered automatically into the system and that system will read the entire history of your vehicle, whether you have registered or paid your radio licence,” he said.

Munodawafa said when the vehicles go out of the VID depots, the system should be able to report on its new status.

“Beyond that, we are also linking the system to ZINARA and the toll gates.

“So if it happens your vehicle is not licenced the toll gate boom will not open. I encourage all Zimbabweans to just make sure that all their vehicles are fully paid for,” he added.


  1. It has been lyk that before if i am not mistaken….at Eastlea the hill start has been operational is not from mid 2012 or beginning the year (2012)…….i wonder if that will curb the dubious activity of money changing hands. Try we are waiting….

  2. Maybe i come from another planet but hill start has been done at bulawayo vid for a couple of years now .

    The sexretary us working TIRELESSLY at his job but the truth is a lot of systems should have been computerised a long time ago.This shouldnt be just about fighting corruption but saving money too. Go to any government department its file upon file upon file. Its like there is an ingrained fear of technology yet there is a wastage of resources.

    i give this initiative a thumbs up though its long overdue ,but i wont hold my breath considering that those in the employ of gvt fear technology so how they will be. reeducated i want to see i.e aging workforce

  3. Is this person even aware that @ Eastlea VID that all those things have already been implemented and there is already a well oiled bribing process in place .Transport and Infrastructural Development
    secretary Munesu Munodawafa is so un informed about the goings on in his ministry he is the best candidate to retire @ this point and get some one who is more hands on kuto Nyepera Parliament haanyare here

  4. Why should zbc vehicle licence be inclusive of all these….so they are saying the tollgate boom wont open if i have not paid zbc licence …what a joke.

  5. ndakatora licence last year hill start ndikaita paEastlea. Per secretary zveHarare Kopje handisati ndambozvinzwa ini. even payaivakwa hill start yacho that part was skipped in testing. ku Kopje unotoendesawa naInstructor achikudzidzisa mota not VID. This guy should retire he is out of touch. and zbc licence hatifanirwe kumanikidzwa kuti ana Muchechetere vaite matumbu kaisu. dead leader. nxaaaa

  6. Sir Munodawafa I’m not sure abt the last tym u wr at VID Eastlea, bt surely everything abt 80% of the test has been in place for a long tym now. Maybe the computerisation process of Provisional is the only new thing

  7. Kikikikikiki VaMunodawafa you are very far away in touch with the goings on in your department. Hill start is done on spot even here in Chipinge I wonder which ministry you are working for? Is this the type of public employees we have in Zimbabwe? Someone who takes already existing systems as if they will be new? I am disappointed with you Munodawafa I am very disappointed.

  8. so in future if you are not computer literate you won’t drive, which means to drive a car you need to be able to drive a computer (ICDL)

  9. people who are paying bribes are not necessarily those who have failed. leaner drivers are being forced to pay bribes even if they prove that they are competent in all/ most of the critical examined areas. You can be as good as an experienced driver but the point is you wont get the license until you bribe the officers. Its standard practice, period!

    Watch my word, you need to computerise 100% for bribery to be eliminated. That 20% that you are excluding from the system will be the new window for generating bribes. Watch me. The other thing that will happen is that as soon as you install that system, you will never see /have vehicles being impounded and being directed at VID depots. Everything will now be done on the highways. The system will mean the uping of bribes . Drivers will opt to pay more to officers given the threat of having their vehicles locked in by a faceless boom gate. For your proposal to work, yes, we know its gonna end as a mere proposal, you need to have such machinery on the highways.

    On a different note, Munodawafa you need to reflect basic knowledge of whats happening at your VID depots. Kwekwe, a small town already has in dept hill start, and parallel parking . Stop the business of cellphone based commenting. Visit the various depots and make comments after getting your facts right. Get in touch BOSS.

  10. Mr Secretary pliz be serious wen appearing b4 the committee, in what world are u living. I got my drivers licence in Kwekwe in year 2000 and by then the depot had a hill start constructed there. You mean for the past 14 years u did not know this – don’t be fun, Sir. This clear indicates these pple in high offices run them on remote control and do not know what is actual on the ground. Even the committee members who agreed to this indicated they are also out of touch with reality. Vachinyeperwa vakatarisa masikati machena.

  11. kikikikikikikiikki funny.here comes the new era of wa we kol wyt collar corruption watch and see.rather give that money to the civil servanta an help them live

  12. perm sec u are so out of touch with wats happening in your ministry’s departments. I have been to kwekwe ved and Bulawayo Ved ndikawona vachiita hillstart within the premises. I wonder where you got that information Mr Perm sec, tipeiwo ma serious. Taxpayer’s money going to waste on u sir

  13. Vanhu vanenge vana Munesu Munodawafa handizivi kt Zanu iri kuvanongepi as well as the criteria they use to give such idiots those positions in government … Corruption haifi yakapera muZimbabwe kunyangwe ukavata namai vako ,haiperi .

  14. Munodawafa itsotsi.He introduces the catch phrase corruption kuti asataure about the failures of his ministry.

  15. Munodawafa hey from your office to eastlea takes u 3 minutes drive. ko imbosvikawo uone. To get proper info on how corruption is run just sent your team to the guys who sit under the avocado tree @ eastlea ved. those are the corruption veterans who can help to reduce the activity. zve80% test done within the premises. hazvishandi for they have introduced what they call DD or (dhonza dhonza) whereby u are tipped or directed and people or viewers are not allowed. E test cn b a way best to reduce corruptio but hazvidi kungoraura chete perm sec. ngazviitwe

  16. the issue is to provide better services to the pple not making noise and politiking .living larger and huge on the expense of citizens

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