Zimbabwe government plays down Mugabe’s US exclusion

President Robert Mugabe addresses the crowd before the burial of the late National Hero Cde Eric Gwanzura at the National Heroes' Acre.

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s exclusion from the 47 African leaders invited to a summit seeking to widen US trade, development and security ties was a non-issue for Zimbabwe as the country’s new economic thrust did not need the US to succeed, a senior government official has said.


Media, Information and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday told local and regional military officers at the Zimbabwe Staff College that the countries that have been left out were well-endowed with natural resources to allow them to make it on their own.

Moyo said the US was simply seeking to pursue its own interests by engaging African countries at a time when China was making significant economic inroads into the continent. “People are saying Mugabe has been snubbed. It’s a non-issue. We can see that this is America pursuing its interests because it is afraid that China has made headway,” he said. “Even this so-called summit is about trying to contain China. Countries that have relationships with China are not a part of it.”

Moyo said Zimbabwe was interested in forging ahead with its new economic discourse rather than “a trip to Washington” that would give US President Barack Obama the feeling that he had the ability to hold all those 47 people in the White House.

“These are old economics, old politics for us. We have at least a quarter of the world’s diamonds and that is more important than going to Washington,” he said. “Americans have taught us not to value their meetings.”

Obama is expected to send out invitations to all African nations in good stead with his country or have not been expelled from the African Union, which excludes Zimbabwe and Egypt.

The summit, which is scheduled for August 5 and 6, will seek to cement progress from the US president’s African safari last year and will focus on trade and investment in Africa while highlighting America’s commitment to Africa’s security and democratic development.

Meanwhile, a group of rowdy suspected Zanu PF youths disrupted a meeting convened by the US embassy in Masvingo on Wednesday night shouting the party’s anti-sanctions mantra.

They also assaulted journalist Godfrey Mtimba, who was taking photographs, tearing his jacket in the process. The youths, who were visibly drunk, stormed the venue of the US President Barack Obama’s Washington Fellowship Young African Leaders Initiative at the Charles Austin Theatre.


  1. Ko nhai Jonathan, zvamune 1 third of the world’s diamonds, maitei nawo? The country is financially broke tiine maDiamonds akadaro? Unemloyment has reached more than 85%. Zimbabweans are all over the world seeking to survive. Ichingova nyaya yekurambira pachigaro. We are tired of this regime. Only zanu pf thugs are looting our diamonds and getting richer and richer. Ndagumbuka.

  2. According to Zanu economic blue print, do we have anywhere it accommodates US-led economy? Are we poised to trade our so-precious diamonds with the Americans? Do we intend to manufacture anything to export to the US? are we capable of hiring Amrecian Labour? If the answers to the above is a deafening NO! then why should Zanu worry about being snubbed? Again, why would Obama waste his precious ink to invite a non-relevant party to his ambitious endeavour.

  3. Jono you are supposedly intelligent, so please explain the huge trade relationship between China and the United States. Stop dreaming they are enemies to one another. We are not even a fly on an elephant’s backside and the Chinese do not love us.

    • say that again Chairman. the Chinese are just the middleman, they exploit our natural resources, refine them and make a fortune by reselling to USA. those pipo have a strong relationship that many fools cannot decipher. they think all those chinese citizens in America would be there if they were arch-enemies? Biggest American Companies have since set forts in China. would one do that in their own enemy’s territory?

  4. Now we know who wrote the blue print and why we are in trouble? What we need is civic driven strategies to get us out of the hole we are in.

  5. everyone knows America has nothing against Zim as a country. This is all about Mugabe and crazy zanu-pf which have now discredited themselves beyond repair. Lets have a change of leadership in Zim & we will see if we wont get invited to their meetings. Those who hate America its their choice. Some of us are ever ready to work with other progressive countries of the world anytime of day, esp the west yacho iyoyo ndiyo yatinotoda

  6. I am a zimbabwean per se who is tired of commentaries,politisisms and the like to the expense of my blood,food,health and future. Eish china this China that, Britain here britain there,America what, America who?
    Tell you what? Iam proud to be a zimbabwean who is being robe by his own folk without recourse.

  7. That is a blue lie,Jonathan. On one hand ZANU PF mourns about “sanctions”,the next, “sanctions” are of no effect on Zim. MaZanu munonyepa nguva dzose. It is not possible to lie consistently,Jonathan. Saka madesigner suits enyu muchatenga kupi? Wakamboona suit dzekuChina. Ma Nationalist suit unoaziva here? Saka endai mundotenga iwayo.

  8. Daikutuka kusingasungise ndambotuka Jonah,anywhere this so called professor is thick upstairs ndosaka madzosera vanhu ku stone age

  9. The summit is a nonevent without African Input. America will probable introduce a new initiative like AGOA, yet another feel good program which will not improved the lot of Africans. The question is not whether Zimbabwe is invited or not, that is an American prerogative. Excluding Zimbabwe exposes America’s game, they are against the development path we have chosen for ourselves and they will do anything to sabotage it and isolate us.

    The question is what is their agenda and what is their ultimate goal. This summit is about American interests first and foremost. It’s about preserving the world order, resource ownership and the balance of economic power. It’s about countering threats presented by China’s increasing influence. It’s about neutralizing the allure of the redistributive policies advocated by Zimbabwe. Who amongst you lot would invite to your house party an adversary that threatens your interests? This story is not about Zimbabwe, it’s about America’s fears and concerns, it’s about American interests.

  10. The truth is ZPF government is heartsore, no one wants to do business with despots. Even if its a nonevent Zimbabwe is still run by dogs and China has not helped, they’re also pursuing their own interests. Wake up Farai, thinking like dreamer in sand castles will not change Zimbabwe.

  11. America does not hnave any interest in us. So why should have been invited. Iye kana munhu usina kukokwa kumuchato, unotsamwei. Heee hatina basa nazvo, hee chakazoti, heeeee. Zvarwadzaka? Kkkkkkk

  12. @zvichapera, why the excessive obsession with the one potential guest not invited instead of focusing on the event and the agenda. How has AGOA benefited any African country longterm? You are gloating over a non issue my brother, whether Zimbabwe is invited or not, it won’t change the amount of food on your table or the money in your pocket. It’s a non issue on a non event!
    ZANU-PF cannot be a welcome guest because it presents and represents an alternative development proposal, one that rubbishes the failed prescriptions presented by the leaders of the current world order.

  13. What has China done in our country except looting our resources with the help of Zanu pf.America has nothing to loose by not doing business with Zimbabwe because China simply acts as their middleman if they need anything from Africa.Obama is simply showing the world that his country is not ready to engage countries where people are killed for merely having different political views,the media is not free to operate,people are arrested for pertinent issues,law is applied selectively,opposition supporters are treated like enemies of the state.In a small country like Zimbabwe tens if not hundreds of people are killed each time there is an election,yet a vast country like America they vote with very minimal or no deaths at all.Yet Zanu pf want us to believe there is democracy in Zimbabwe.

  14. i am surprised that people who grew up herding goats in the rural areas now consider themselves too important to the extent of demolishing a house built by an unemployed widow who is struggling trying to raise her grand orphans whose mother died of AIDS she acquired from prostitution because she could not get the least paying job in a country with 100 % unemployment,

    muchafarisa mukamhanyisa very soon

  15. Come on Jonah, whom are you trying to convince?

    What are the Chinese bringing to Zimbabwe other than eliminating our pets?

    There is no package for Zimbabwe from China, not at all. Ask Chinamasa to give us an overview

    of any Chinese projects which are in the pipeline to steer this crumbling economy back on course.

    Holding public office does not give you the right to waffle and maybe illustrate debate skills, thats not what Zimbabwe needs now. Be real Jonah.

  16. Speaking of the Americans being scared of the growing Chinese economy. That is a lie. The Chinese economy is growing because the American industries are situated in China. So why be scared of a country they put on the map. If u ask me I think you really need America, maybe we might have original stuff than the chinese stuff that is dumped to our country from china

  17. What is needed is a true leader like Joshua Mqabuko ka Nyongolo only only hayi okwe Mpumalanga umuntu sesebenza ukulala kuma meetings kkkkkkk egxoza indenda aha mani……

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