Zimbabwe government lures investors for road projects


GOVERNMENT has identified 14 road projects to strengthen infrastructure with assistance from investors as the 2014 budget allocation for the Transport and Infrastructural Development ministry was inadequate, a top official has said.

By Tarisai Mandizha
Business Reporter

Speaking at the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development post-budget analysis meeting yesterday, Secretary for Transport Munesu Munodawafa said work on the identified road projects will be done under the build-operate-and-transfer (BOT) arrangement due to the limited budget allocation of $69 million which was less than the initial $1,3 billion requested.

“We have now put 14 roads to be worked on under BOT where the investors come into Zimbabwe, invest their money and we allow them to recoup their money maybe over a period of 15 to 20 years or more,” he said.

Munodawafa said among the set aside BOT projects are Birchenough Bridge and the small airports which include Buffalo Range, Masvingo, Hwange, Kariba and Charles Prince.

“We do appreciate that government, with the little resources, has managed to give us a budget allocation of $69 million, but $1,3 billion encompassed all the projects that we wanted to do.

“Because the fact that the money is not what we had bid for does not necessarily mean that we will not be able to perform. For example, on the roads sector we realised it is an expensive sector, but government does not have the money to pay for road construction up start,” Munodawafa said.

Munodawafa said the ministry was allocated $2 million out of the required $4,6 million to pay service providers who upgraded facilities at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport.

The airport was officially opened by President Robert Mugabe last month.


  1. so many people asked about this long back and Mugabe said no . By now we were suppose to have harare – beitbridge road being done. Well with quality toll gates . Kwete zvamakatiitira izvo ndochii ichocho.

  2. hameno veduwe pamwe zvichaitwa, pamwe hazviitwe, hameno maZANU aya, iko kuna Obert Mpofu ikoko, hatizonyari here mainvestors atadza kubhadharwa mari yavo? Bva gore rinoka Jeshurun achawedzeraka kukora nemari yematoll gates

  3. I missed the Harare-Beitbridge highway in the article. This road could have been rehabilitated long back had political bungling not carried the day. Why talk of minor roads when we have major ones in dire need of repair. This is a long way off – I know these good-at-talking people.

    • It is all wishful thinking and will NOT see the light of day until POLITICAL BUNGLING is out of the way. In other words, it will not happen in Mugabe’s lifetime because he sees ‘today’s’ things through Nehanda’s eyes. Real investors will not give this invitation a moment’s consideration.

  4. How does the inviting of investors for upgrading these roads tie up with the ‘indigenisation” programme? Will local investors be contributing 51%? What a joke!

  5. The BOT was once intended for Harare-Chitungwiza rail but mdhara akaramba, chero ikozvino haacharambi but ava kutorambisisa. The life time of any road if standard is expected to be in the range of 25 years, this would mean the time the investor will release the revenue to us , the road will be too old needing to engage another 25-year investor. so until life on earth ends, we will have these investors taking from us or we will continue to have pot holes graduating into dam-holes .
    In my own opinion, I think lets have the investors come, Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT), TAGARA MARI YACHO INONGOTORWA muroad macho by corrupt officials

  6. What percentage of the collected will be going to government because it will be crazy for us to wait 15years watching all the money leaving our country? And now that the highways are now being fixed by foreign investment, what is government plans with local roads? The roads in the communities are now a danger even to pedestrians.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Supa Mandiwanzira and his people win the bid to construct some of these roads? That was 4yrs ago and now this? Zimbabwe never ceases to amaze me.

  8. Group-Five pulled out of the rehabilitation of our roads because of the kaos of the money handling and issuing of payments. WHERE IS THE MONEY FOR THE TOLL-GATES GOING?? We have vehicles traveling through these gates and making loads of money that money should be put back for the up keep of the roads and maintenance but nothing is being done,which investor would wanna come with such unclear waters on what’s going on. For example Botswana has started building their dual-carriage way from Francistown to Gabarone and soon they will be doing the Francistown to Zimbabwe border post and they have got NO toll-gate on their roads but they upgrading…a country that was at most 10 years behind in development compared to Zimbabwe is now overtaking us and we not going anywhere……#thingsneedtohappeninourBELOVEDCOUNTRYforthebettermentofUS

  9. We really want dvpt not good ideas.These roads are long overdue and dangerous.We can’t wait seeing more African countries dvpng ahead of us,it is painful.

  10. Is the Harare-Marirangwe-Nyamweda-Kagoro-Mubayira- Chegutu Road on this program?
    I hope the government is aware that there are People not animals in Mhondoro!,,,,,
    Mhondoro has been neglected…….

  11. Can you urgently attend to the Harare – Chivhu Road. This part of the Harare – Beitbridge road is a death trap. Can Minister Mpofu do something. This is a busy road and it generates a lot of money through tollgates not mentioning the money being collected 24/7 by Featherstone traffic police.Surely the road smells of death I wonder if the responsible authorities do not see the carnage which is taking place on this road.

  12. Thats wat happens wen there is no policy consistency, politics roots itself in admin offices brains go on standby……chaos follows vane cash yavo run away! #CryTheBelovedCountry

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