Zim youths fight crime


A GROUP of six local youths have formed the Free Divine International Trust (FDIT), aimed at promoting crime prevention in the country.

Tinashe Sibanda,Staff Reporter

FDIT is advocating for the complete rehabilitation of former inmates by reintegration into the society and improving standards of life in prisons as well as for a new syllabus in primary schools to educate children against crime.

FDIT project director, Abiton Padera said: “If ever we need to stop crime in the country then children are the main targets as they need to grow up with knowledge about crime and the law.”

Padera said they intend to remove stigmatisation or marginalisation of criminal offenders as it usually pushed them to re-commit crime.

“To begin with, we will be targeting orphans and vulnerable people through various centres such as orphanages and marginalised places across the country,” he added.

Padera added that they had already come up with a five-year strategic plan that included surveys, setting up committees in various provinces around the country, visiting prisons and seeking partnership as well as partnering with various ministries.

The trust is currently led by diverse people who include two former inmates Omberai Zambuko and Shadrek Banda who were both rape convicts and others including Irene Sisare and Tendai Hangazha.