Zesa technician electrocuted


A SENIOR Zesa technician based in Rusape was reportedly electrocuted early this week after he attempted to fix a fallen electric pole with live power cables at a farm near Nyazura.


Although both Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Inspector Enock Chishiri and his deputy Luxson Chananda declined to comment over the incident, police sources identified the deceased as Edson Jeche (58) of Vengere high-density suburb.

The sources said the incident took place on January 27 after Jeche attempted to fix an electrical fault at Middlespot Farm near Nyazura.

The wooden pole supported live cables transmitting an electric charge of 33 kilovolts.

It is alleged that on the fateful day, Jeche led a four-member team to the farm after receiving an electric fault report.

While tracking the fault, the four noticed an inclined electric pole and the deceased instructed his juniors to hold down the pole as he attempted to earth the electric cables.

However, the three failed to hold down the pole and as a result the live cables sprang back and hit the now deceased.

Jeche was rushed to Makuma Medical Centre in Rusape where he died a few hours later.


  1. Hindava munyori uchinyeba iwe. Pana senior electrician angada ku earther live line? uri kuti they tried to hold down the line, Transmission lines are different from branch remuti rokuti unoti dhonzai rodzika. How can live cables spring back, otepuka semuti here akomana. also if they sprung back aifanirwa kuenda mudengazve handiti vamwe uri kuti vanga vakaremba?

  2. He was negligent. The lock out procedure was not followed – hence this painful accident to the family that is left behind. Most workers do not think about their families when under taking work. Work safety begins with the worker him/herself – check if work environment is safe. Life cannot be replaced – I hope ZESA management improve their work procedures. I deal with this everyday – I work in a factory. A small thing really is where it begins. Me I say to my staff, when ever you work in any environment think about your family.

  3. hey, journo, you got the story wrong. isu wekwa rusape mirai tikutaurirei. he was attending to a pole. the pole was switched off but was next to a live one. the live one fell onto the dead one and thus he got the juice. ndofunga pane ange akamumaka pabasa. coincidence yacho….

      • This is a domain for technical people. If you have never been on the field, exposed to danger you can say all you want. We know what happens in reality at such workplaces. Pole being switched off means the control room has switched off the line supplying power. Its Zesa language. People talk of safety safety, we all know safety procedures, no schooling anyone. Mistakes, errors of judgement, omissions & lapses occur every workplace. In some workplaces its deadly, in others it means you do it again, no smoko. May all those who know nothing about dangerous workplaces shut up

  4. Rest In Peace, gallant fighter! Yes procedures were not followed but dedication to solve the fault is highly respected Aon

  5. There are clear procedures for doing this activity and the deceased wanted to take short cuts. Safety would have required the isolation of the line before anyone touched anything.

  6. This is the second fatal accident in Rusape involving ZESA technicians.

    It is a pity that we lose life this way. I honestly think ZESA should revisit its safety policies.

    Engineering is not a trade for cowboys and there are no extra marks for bridging safety procedures.

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