Zanu PF youth arrests suspected gay


A ZANU-PF Youth League member last week effected a citizen’s arrest on a suspected homosexual activist and handed him over to the police, who charged him with criminal nuisance.


Ricky Nathanson (48) of Barham Green, Bulawayo, was not asked to plead to a criminal nuisance charge when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Evelyn Mashavakure on Saturday and was remanded out of custody to today.

Allegations against Nathanson are that on January 16 at around 5:50pm, the complainant, Farai Mteliso (27) who is a Zanu PF youth member, was drinking beer with his friends at the Palace Hotel bar when he saw Nathanson entering the women’s toilet.

It is the State’s case that when Mteliso discovered that Nathanson was male, he effected a citizen’s arrest before handing Nathanson over to police at Bulawayo Central Police Station.

Nathanson was then taken to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for medical examination to establish his sexual status.

The State said the medical check showed that Nathanson was a transgender and biologically male since 2012.

This then led the police to charge him with criminal nuisance leading to his subsequent court appearance.


  1. Ngatirambe kufurirwa nanaAmerica, just as stealing is a sin in the eyes of God, so is being gay. Can stealing, killing, adultery… etc… be a human right? Being gay is not a human right, i repeat, its NOT a human right.

    • @ 3rd you are an uncevalised monkey.ko America yapinda papi apa?at your age uchirikufunga zvekufurirwa seusina pfungwa.sorry for you.uchiri kuimba that boring chorus about America when you are using their mani?ndanyara nehudofo hwako.

      • whatever u say guys, gays are god’s regrets. He regrets ever creating such species. they should move and live in Pluto maybe they will be welcome there. here we say no to gays. when missionaries whites brought the bible we welcomed it with two hands because it was a furtherance and strengthening of our beliefs. what it bars in our cultural ways obviously it was more beneficial and pro God. Not this stupidity thing of trying to potray gays as human rights to hell for all those who think like that. muri makava evanhu

        • So letting gays love each other (2 consenting adults) affect your life how? Remove the bible (obviously borrowed from colonialists) from the equation and state your argument against homosexuality. I’m curious.

        • But the bible also says that there should be slaves, so should we go back to a time when there were slaves or do you pick and choose which bible verses you want to suit your own agenda?

        • Right – and you know this because you and God have frequent chats, don’t you. In your padded cell, just before your meds arrive.

      • We always had our Mwari. So its not correct to say we knew of God from whites. Yes maybe we adopted their way of worship in some instances, but we too always worshiped our Mwari.

      • I have never read any history book saying Americans introduced us to God. Can you elighten me where I could find this information?

    • Is that your word or God’s word???? Who are you to be judging them?? Why are you so full hate??? You will hurt your neighbours. I’m no gay but if one chooses to be one’ then let them be

    • I’m not gay though but I have a question. HOW DOES A HOMOSEXUAL UNION AFFECT YOUR HETEROSEXUAL DIVORCE????

  2. Well done to Farai Mteliso for sterling work done. These gays are ruining the country, the economy, the shortage of of water in bulawayo can be attributed to them. they have to wash
    tools constantly. This activity has even affected Gods relationship with Zimbabwe, Mbuya Nehanda and
    Kaguvi are livid. Police should be made to man toilets and if there is a shortage of manpower why not subconract Farai. Although it seems you need a certain amount of alcohol in the system to detect a gay person. Down with gayism.

  3. going into a female toilet is not a big deal . Just say i made a mistake under the influence. On a plane and coaches people share tolets. Make citizens arrest of policemen who demand bribes at road blocks risking peoples lives not on such non newsworthy trivialities.

  4. Yes, this is a sin. It is far worse than killing over 20,000 citizens, some of whom were pregnant women and gogos.

    Fighting gayness takes priority over reviving the economy, creating 2 million jobs or reinvigorating industry in Bulawayo. All those lesser issues can wait.

    Down with gayness comrades.

    [This is sarcasm by the way]

    • Lupane, you need not have included the bracketed words.They somehow deflated the sarcasm!So if this person was a transgender where does the homosexual bit come into play because these transgenders like Caster Semenya can either be men or female depending on their psychological makeup?No sensible law court can convict this person of homosexuality because there was zero evidence in this trivial case save for the fact the person was cross -dressed which is not even a crime.

    • dull sarcasm if you have to say it. Its like saying, ( this is a joke by the way ). The fact that some people steal million doesn’t mean pick pockets should not be arrested. The fact that people murder doesn’t mean fighting should be allowed. If you have your issues about 20 000 killed, stand up and say it, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t have a problem about anything else.
      If you have unemployment issues, sort them yourself, but remember somebody somewhere has a different problem somewhere.

  5. tinoku sapotai mayouth kana muchaita basa rinoita kuti nyika yedu ive nechimiro chakanaka.tsvagai magays ese avarirwe

  6. The medical examiner concluded that he is a transverse. We should feel pity for the guy and maybe do a sex change operation so that the conflict in his head is removed. Saka all of you can’t see that the guy is sick? This is what we did to albinos and the paralyzed long back, mwana aitswiwa muduri ofa. He needs help that’s all. Poor Zimbabwe, we are led by idiots and now were are fanning idiocy.

  7. What morals when corruption is everywhere. Its a pity that the so called youth are fooled by the politicians so easily. Bvahameno muchashanda kuhunter magays

  8. Why have they never arrested Kasukuwere, John Landa Nkomo, Jonathan Moyo and other gays in ZANU?

  9. This story really irritates me. Don’t people have other more important things to do than ‘monitor’ public toilets?

    • rejoice,u need to see this man,its insane. he may want to be a woman but at the end of the day he is still a man. what was he doing in the ladies toilet? thts why we shldnt have gay people in zim,they just complicate things.

      • This story is bull. The guy was in a bar, he could have mistakenly went into a woman’s toilet and who said if you go into women toilets you are gay. i don’t get the story. Is he gay or he used the ladies’ toilet. So today I could have been arrested when I was asked to use a ladies’ toilet at a certain bank because the men’s toilet was blocked. i sudeenly became gay today is that so. Vaisunga vaituka Mugabe zvino zvakanzi hazvichasungise vakuita ma guards e women’s toilets muma bars.

  10. omg! that man really has guts! he may dress like a woman but that doesn’t make him one. gosh,that was so disrespectful of him. akagonekwa akasungwa,hatidii varume vanofemera muzheve dzevamwe varume

  11. I don’t understand why the reporter is saying this dude was gay? He is a transgender, and that doesn’t make one gay. And again God doesn’t categorises sin. I can tell by some comments here that some thing they are less sinners than gays, whether you are being proud, or cheating, or killing in the eyes of God, we are all sinners.

  12. You zany pf guys are synch pathetic idiots! Who gives a continental if someone is gay… I have may gay friends… I am not gay… I think if you have such a thing against gays then secretly you might like to try it out yourself. I would love you to come and try and performa citizens arrest on me as I would kick the living sh*t out of you and leave you lying in the gutter where you belong. Ricky’s only mistake was that he didn’t tell the zany youth to bugger off. There are myriad other problems in this country and a story such as this makes it onto the newspaper… I am disgusted in this…

    • Look here Dusty, this is not the only story in the paper, all those other “myriad” problems are being reported on, as much as this gay nonsense. And why would anyone perform a citizen’s arrest on you if you are not gay or committing any other crime? You are also wrong to think this matter is political, the country across the political divide is united against gay rubbish. It is a social and moral issue, as much important as economic and political issues, and it will not be swept under the carpet and tacitly accepted, simply because it is unacceptable!!!

  13. zany zealots,whats on yor agenda ’bout the corruption which has brought the country on its knees,any plans to bring the culprits to the docks?

  14. Men must not get into ladies toilets and like wise women must not get into mens toilets. Imagine your daughter, wife, sister. mother etc etc running out of a toilet because there is a man in there. Its just not right. In my view I would have also taken the man to task and probably handed him over to the police.

  15. Well done Fatso….those who feel there are more important issues…what are they waiting for,they should be tackling them rather be perrenial critics with no way forward.

  16. The white man may have brought the bible to Africa but Christianity is not a white man’s religion. The white man was just a messenger. It is a religion for all mankind

  17. Mwari havachinje 1000000000000000000000000000000 years kubva 10000000000000000000000000000000000 before nhasi mutemo vavo hauchinje zvavakati vanotarisira kuti munhu aiite ndozvoo hazvichinje nekuda kwenguva kuti mazuno kwakuitwei

  18. hey u zanu youth ndimi magays acho, koo makadii kusungisa vamwe venyu vakawanikwa ku gay party last december imi muno mu blues. Why did u protect them asi vana vema shef kani

  19. well done farai, and also your youth leader mabutho for commenting… Be reminded that an all seeing eye was watching how you disbursed youth funds…

  20. The Bible is a colonial remnant, it came from the West, it is not African. It was forced onto Africans by white missionaries. Please, homophobia is a western construct, but because your education system in Zim is so lacking, you would not know this, hey?

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