Zanu PF begs NGO support

Zanu PF supporters march in Harare city centre before National Heroes celebrations. Picture: Cynthia R Matonhodze

MASVINGO Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti has pleaded with non-governmental organisations (NGOs)operating in the country to assist government, saying the Zanu PF government cannot go it alone.

By Tatenda Chitagu
Own Correspondent

Bhasikiti’s stance heralds a major policy climb-down from his predecessor Titus Maluleke who banned NGOs from operating in Masvingo for two years accusing them of pursuing a regime-change agenda.

Addressing aid agencies at Masvingo Civic Centre last Friday, Bhasikiti charmingly described NGOs as key and strategic partners.

“You are very key and strategic partners to me and the government. You serve our people and make life worth living . . .We value your existence, which is why I met you ahead of many other groups on my schedule. We want to strengthen our relationship in development,” Bhasikiti said.

The Zanu PF Mwenezi East legislator said his government had realised that by fighting the aid agencies — most of which provide food relief and support for HIV and Aids orphans and play a key role in infrastructure rehabilitation — the government was shooting itself in the foot as it is failing to address a litany of challenges alone.

“We are coming from a period where everything was politicised, but now light is dawning on us that there is little benefit in politicking.

“What makes life go ahead is real work and projects on the ground to better our people. We are faced with several challenges, but we cannot address them alone, that is why you are here.

“You identify niche areas and fill the void in your programmes. It is not cast in stone on how you are going to intervene, but that is our expectation. Make sure you address such challenges. This meeting is meant to give you highlights of what we expect of you,” Bhasikiti said.

He said the government had identified four key areas — food shortages, dilapidated infrastructure, poor social services and value addition in minerals — where the NGOs should chip in.

“Food security is a challenge and you can address it from different angles. Your programmes should reduce poverty in a way you design. Plan your programmes with some of these challenges in mind.”


  1. Chokwadi chichabuda pachena ,asi vaBhasikiti ndime munhu wekutanga anechido nevana veZimbabwe kuzanu pf,kana musingabhaize

  2. I heard someone referred to as the most educated President in Africa saying “We took 6 million hactares of land”, but he was promising people that maize is coming from Zambia. Then using common sense what are u using those 6 million hactares when u are begging for maize from Zambia? The answer of a learned President is because of Sanctions. Then u told Blair to keep England and u keep ur Zimbabwe so why do u continue to expect something from him? You went on to Introduce the look east policy nearly a decade ago but u are still bitter about the west why? During my life i ha e never came across a donor from China. Thank you Mr Minister for saying the truth. Sometimes we have to swallow our pride and admit that we need help especially from the west.

  3. Modei zvakare kumapuppets nhai minister???
    Inga maiti zanu iri kutadziswa kutonga nekuda kwe ” this three legged creature” called GNU, just to borrow from the Comm in chief’s dictionary. And dont forget to tell the country about the effect of SANCTIONS, or comrade Chinotimba will tear your throat in parliament, kkk.

  4. chasing away NGOs wholesale was a bad idea bt lets not nt forget some NGOs are bad fo the country. No sane gvt can allow an organisation to derail its policies politically. If NGOs stick to their specified areas,there wont b any problems. I hev seen some NGos who really do their work wthout meddling in politics. I dont even think if Mdc was to win they wud allow Ngos wich are anti their party policies to operate.

    • “Anti-party policy Anti-party policy”……..what
      U listen to the Minister. He is a seasoned politician, kwete iwe zvako arm-chair politician. “Ridza muridzo” kana washayiwa zvokutaura.

  5. @parapinda- why not just leave it at ‘chasing away NGOS wholescale was a bad idea?’..The government of the the day should have the necessary competence to be able NOT register NGOs which derails their policies politically..Why register them in the first place? Does it not say the government is run by incompetent louts? Now look what is going on? Going back hat in hand begging those same persons you chased away..more like importing maize from Zambia harvested by the same farmers you chased away in the first place. This with no ounce of shame..Are these guys insane?

  6. vaBhasikiti ndokugona kauku kwamaita,mataura sababa chaiye kwete zvemamwe ma politicians ayo akadzinga vanhu varikuda kupa rubatsiro kudunhu ririmunzara.thank you.

  7. @falcon wake up n smell the coffee. Wen the Ngos apply fo registration they dont show their true colours cz if they do so they obviously wont be registered! Dont swallow the Ngo stories hook line n sinker. No harm in importing maize from Zambia mate if we dont hev the maize. Are you saying the so called ‘chased farmers’ dd all the farming in Zambia?? U dont hev faith in the black Zambians being good farmers?? so its only white farmers who r good at farming?? Internationally,America bashes China day in day out,bt that has never stopped them from buying Chinese goods…hev some self confidence man…kkkkkkk

    • @para- when was the last time Zimbabwe imported maize from Zambia or Malawi before the land reform program? Was it not the Zambia trucks that destroyed the Chirundu road with their trucks importing maize from Zimbabwe for years? Do you remember the years when Zimbabwe became a perennial importer of maize from Malawi even? Nothing wrong with the land reform programme but why dont we dont do a quick land audit so that we can rid the country of thieves just sitting on the land while producers are still crowded in communal lands? What is your take on people who have more than two farms to themselves while there are others out there who are looking for the same land?

  8. Bhasikiti is not ZANUPF he is just a junior member. You ve to hear it frm Mujuru Mnangagwa Mutasa Kaya Moyo. Hapana nyaya apa just deperation nyaya chaiyo iri mu herald “Mangoma tells Tsvangirai to step down”

  9. @Tozvireva,u r right to say American goods MADE in CHINA…kkkkkk. The point is America tells u China is bad,poor human rights record,no democracy blah blah bt that wont stop them from having their goods made by the same people who are dictators. Hypocrisy at its worst. The rhetoric is there to fool the gullible and stop u from dealing wth China. Is Zim barred from practising the same rhetoric to its benefit??

  10. @parapinda, stop bragging, NGOs when they distribute food or what ever service to the people they don’t select kuti unosa suppota zanu or MDC of which ndozvizvisinga diwe nemi vanhu ve zanu .we have heard so many issues in rural area where some people accused of supporting MDC are denied government aid. So zanu wants the NGOs to do the same. Musatinyepere there is no meaning land redistribution yakaitwa people still need land. Zanu thugs shared all the prime farms amongst themselves but they produce nothing.Mugabe himself has got 13 farms only 5 out of 13 are fully functional. Elliot Manyika had 6 farms, ese hapana kana ririkurimwa. His son Ronnie akapedza farming equipment yakasiyiwa nevarungu yese achitengesera Butawu , Chanda and Gwagwava.Go to Chiredzi people where resettle in farms which were for cattle ranching ndomavarikudzi varime chibage imomo ,sizi mhani,Thanks Bhasikiti for being objective and coming up with a positive move. Zanu can’t do it alone we all wish those in the top leadership of zanu to do like wise.

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