Woman claims maintenance from sister’s hubby


A CHITUNGWIZA man was on Friday hauled to court by his ex-wife’s sister who was demanding $100 maintenance for the upkeep of their child.


Melody Tsuro told the court that Elijah Manyaira, her sister’s ex-husband lured her to sleep with him behind her sister’s back.

She told the court that Manyaira, upon realising that he had impregnated her, forced her to abort, but the process was not successful.

“He lured me to sleep with him without my sister knowing it and forced me to abort when I got pregnant. I tried to abort, but I was not successful,” said Melody.

In his defence Manyaira, however, rubbished the allegations and said he never got intimate with her and was not going to give her any money.

“I never slept with this woman in my life. I don’t know why she is saying the child is mine. Besides I am just a street vendor, I do not make much money so I can’t support her,” said Manyaira.

Magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta ordered him to pay $30 every month and to go for a paternity test before 31 July this year.


  1. Muchinyanya Ana vendor wanga watochiva young sister yamadam kare. Abscond in paying the maintenance and you will work for the State behind bars. Next time you won’t sleep around and you even tried to abort what a disgrace you are. Mag vakatoita shoma uuuuuuuu nxa

  2. why do women constantly whine about being lured into bed? can a rational person be “lured” without their consent? this woman slept with her sister’s husband, that is not any easy thing to do without serious thought. she back stabbed her sister and she should be ashamed of herself. ofcourse, that chap should pay maintenance, but the woman’s blame gave should stop

    • I agree with Paul. When you sleep nababamukuru, don’t try to be smart and say I was lured. Then after being lured, why did shen not report abuse. Did she have to wait this long to tell her story?

  3. To me my wife’s sister is like my daughter. How someone ends up sleeping na babamukuru kana babamunini hey zvakangooma hazvo.

  4. this bad practise is wide spread but under reported.the people who suffer the most a the young girls boy friends who are held responsible for the pregnancy when infact its baba mukuru.mwana ngaasangonzi gare gare kwababa mukuru,chiramu kachipere ndochimwe chiri kuwedzera kupararira kweHIV.

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