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Witchhunter invades Harare


A SELF-PROCLAIMED witchhunter, Morius Mbofana, has invaded Harare’s western suburbs where he has caused a stir at Chichera Plot in Marlborough along Old Mazowe Road with suspected witches at the compound allegedly “freely” offering their tools of the trade for destruction.


Mbofana (27), who is popularly known as Sekuru Maguranyanga, told NewsDay yesterday that he was invited to the compound two weeks ago by residents who wanted the area to be exorcised of evil spirits.

He said he charges $2 per household before carrying out his witch-hunting and cleansing exercise.

“People give me television sets, plates and DVD players, among other things, in appreciation of the help I give them,” said Mbofana, who claims to be registered with the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association (Zinatha) and licensed by the Traditional Medical Practitioners’ Association.

He produced a Zinatha business card which only showed his mobile phone numbers.

Mbofana said he started practising in 2004 after inheriting the tools of his trade from his late father. He said people often paid him in kind for the assistance rendered.

“We don’t ask people to pay using their cattle because we come to help them, to liberate them from their problems. One just pays $2, but can offer anything in appreciation.”

Mbofana, who works with a team of five, said most of the “culprits” were often aware that their witchcraft tools would lead them into serious problems, but were too lazy to work.

John Ojesi, owner of the plot, confirmed that they invited Mbofana after receiving news of his exploits at the nearby Chikomo Farm.

“We have been shocked by the things that we have seen which people have been using to bewitch others,” Ojesi said.

Residents claimed that Mbofana had retrieved several goblins, including one which looked like a male genital organ and was allegedly used by the owner to have be intimate with unsuspecting women.

“I believe that the man has had sex with all the women in this compound using juju,” Ojesi said. “Some people here had their pubic hair mysteriously shaven off and kept in a clay pot and those people were unable to secure jobs.”

Another resident allegedly surrendered his snake which was kept inside a suitcase in his house.

Although individuals who reportedly surrendered goblins refused to speak to NewsDay, witnesses confirmed that they had seen strange-looking items retrieved from their homes.

Alec Kanukuni said he saw a suspected witch surrendering a horn which had blood that later filled a huge bucket after it had exploded.

Although Zinatha spokesperson Jennifer Mawuzhendi was unreachable for comment yesterday, she is on record calling for the arrest of the witchhunters, describing them as a disgrace to the traditional healing fraternity.

Mawuzhendi told NewsDay two years ago that most bogus witch-hunters used fake names, which made it difficult for them to be identified wherever they went.

Mawuzhendi said one Maguranyanga had run away from the Domboshawa area on the outskirts of Harare as police closed the net on him.

Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tadius Chibanda could not be reached for comment yesterday as his mobile phone went unanswered.

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