Warriors battle Mali


CAPE TOWN — THE Warriors will share $10 000 provided by a local company, Weldmax Engineering and Hardware Supplies if they win their Orange African Nations Championships (Chan) quarterfinal match against Mali at the Cape Town Stadium tonight.

Kick-off is 2030hrs.

The company, the biggest supplier to the mining industry in Zimbabwe, said they wanted to give President Robert Mugabe a perfect 90th birthday present by winning the trophy and were playing their part in motivating the boys.

“The boys should know that this is for the President’s 90th birthday and the country and they must win. The money will be handed over to each and every player soon after the match. We were approached by Simeon Jamanda (Zifa supporters’ liaison officer) and we have heeded that call,” company boss Solomon Matsa said yesterday.

“I will be flying out to Cape Town tomorrow (today) to be with the team during the match.”

Jamanda said he was grateful for Weldmax’s positive response. “We are very grateful for this support and we hope that we will be able to get more for the semi-finals and final,” a confident Jamanda said.

Coach Ian Gorowa is likely to make one change to his starting line up this evening after Charles Sibanda failed to recover from an injury sustained during the 1-0 win over Burkina Faso on Saturday.

With Donald Ngoma and Simba Nhivi Sithole having fired blanks in the games against Uganda and Morocco, perhaps the coach might opt for Nelson Mazivisa.

George Chigova will take his position in goal with Hardlife Zvirekwi, Milton Ncube, Patson Jaure and the rock solid Eric Chipeta making the back four.

Zimbabwe’s unsung hero, Danny “Deco” Phiri will anchor with Masimba Mambare, Peter Moyo and Kuda Mahachi also in the starting line-up with Simba Sithole lining up as one of the strikers. Ngoma, Nhivi, Mazivisa will be left to fight for the other slot.

MTNFootball.com spoke to some of the Warriors players and this is what they had to say.

Chigova: “We are very determined to play this game like a final and I want to try and maintain a clean sheet in the tournament.”

Jaure: “Although we respect Mali as a team, we are also hungry to qualify for the semi-final stage and any team can win this game.”

Felix Chindungwe: “The most important thing will be to work as a team. Mali plays the similar kind of football to Zimbabwe, but we are better in ball speed.”

Ali Sadiki: “I am expecting a win because we are a good side. We are not scared of them because they are not that strong like some people think.”

Zvirekwi: “It is going to be a very tough match because they are a very physical and tactical side. But as defenders we need to stand our ground and continue from where we left and give strikers no space to score.”

Mali finished their group as the leaders and will bank on the exploits of Abdoulaye Sissoko, Adama Traore Ibourahima Sidibe and Idrissa Traore, who masterminded a 2-1 comeback win over Mozambique in the final match.

“We know what to expect against them and my boys are hungry to stay in this tournament,” Gorowa told MTNFootball.com during an interview at the Garden Court Nelson Mandela Boulevard Hotel yesterday.

Mali coach Djibril Brame told MTNFootball.com that he is happy that they have managed to score five goals in the group stage, but added that his strikers must be much sharper in the quarter final stage because this is now knock out.

“We do not underrate any team at this level and will be very cautious against Zimbabwe,” said Brame. — SPORTS EDITOR/MTN FOOTBALL


  1. I once heard that if you want to be successful in sport do not include the president in it. For most black zimbabweans, Mugabe has some juju he got from nobody knows where which makes people like him but never be more succesful than he is. Some of that juju is used by our malawian brothers who play football. That is why at most the team never gets anywhere when Mugabe is involved. Refuse the money now and pray that his juju will not work on you.

  2. And please all you zimbabweans just say a little prayer for this team before it goes into battle tonight.

  3. What a mockery Nigeria is giving 100 000usd to its team. And what do they supply to the mining industry welding rods hardly a company recognised in the Mining industry. Very cheap marketing gimmick try next door

  4. Where was this Mutasa guy when warriors were flighting the begging bowl? Pa birthday present apa, haa mairasa . Dnt confuse the youngsters ! Hanti maiwona corruption painobvira. Director angafambe ne 10grand yecompany muhomwe ! Besides its a security risk to him and the players. It shuld hve been announced team yadzoka. Anyway we wish the warriors success.

  5. munopa C.E.O 230 000 then mopa team yese 10 000 nxaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Birthday ramugabe harina basa futi. Togona kungomupa trophy ye the most corrupt, mere place holder president futi , than kumupa yema warriors

  6. these guys just want publicity when they have done nothing, nzara yekuda kushambadzwa.10 grant is too little.tibvireipo!

  7. I heard the worriors are going to share $10k amoungst themselves, a token of appreciation from a certain company. Considering the number of players and the technical staff, surely how much is each and everyone of them going to get. Why can’t you give it to Mugabe as bithday present and leave our worriors alone.


  9. Pliz pliz pliz . Politics out of the game . This is soccer n whats this birthday thing about. A win for the nation is what we need. Am tired of this personification of success mhani , ahhhh. Donate that money to their farm…… Ah

  10. vanaMuchekadzafa munonyadzisa. Where are you fitting in there? So nothing should prosper in Zim? Please pasi ne politics mubhora. Mashaya kwekuisa mari yenyu here? Ipai mapofu anopemha achirumwa nenda mumigwagwa umo. Ten thousand dollars inobetseri kugurumwandira revanhu rakadaro. Don’t mock other people like that. Kana pasina hapana don’t worry. Probably my message to the warriors is to just turn down such humiliating gifts for they shall make you cursed and losers.

  11. Go Warriors Go -the whole Nation is behind.
    Give us another Proud Moment to be
    A Zimbo tonight.
    Go Warriors Go!

  12. Mawarriors anogona bhora asi haagohwesi, hamuna vamwe here vamungaise pafoward nekuti ana simba varikuticosta zvirinani kuisa mahachi patsono

  13. plz siyanai nema warriours mu politics dzenyu. if u wanna donate tht $10g y dnt u do so to his excellence?? kuda cheap publicity. ndimi muchatidyisa imi. we refuse to accept ths babaric unwarranted behavour. it shd cease fortwith!!!

  14. Big up to that company for that donation anyway but my million dollar question is ko wana Mbada diamonds waripiko don’t u think this was the most appropriate platform to show their loyaltness in soccer by chipping in jst to boost the moral of the guys in this kind of tournament where every soccer fan regardless of a team he or she supports meet for one common goal. “Go warriors go”. U can do it you can still go all the way to lift the cup. Take away all fear and doubt, it’s anyone’s cup.

  15. Weldmax! Go to hell with your $10k. You obviously part of the corruption web n you want to please your Godfathers by making stupid donation where you attach the President’s name? This is cheap politicking n I must warn you. Zimbabweans are not ad cheap as you think. Take your paltry donation somewhere please.

    • Surely weldmax your 10k was a great motivator.
      Imi mhuka imi nyaraiwo mhani there is nothing wrong with trying to support the team nxaa.
      Hamudichakanaka muri vanhu rudzii?ohh look at the results.

      Weldmax keep it up. More donations musadye mari mega

      • haaaa iwe saka unotofunga kuti tumari utwotwu twunongokwana mafreezit ekunwa pahalf tym nditwo twava motivator? Nyangwe ndiwewo. Hauoni here kuti vari kutotambira kutoonekwa vatengwe vabude munhamo yezimbabwe nt ka 10 grand kenyu. Well done ma warriors

  16. Kutaura chokwadi 10000 dollars pateam yese hapana zvainobatsira. Its better kuendesa mari yakadaro kucharity. Another thing dont politicise bhora. If a team is dedicating the tournament to anyone or anything ngaitaure yega team yacho kwete mumwe munhu. Hamuna kuona zvakaita Zambia here ku Gabon.

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