Victoria Falls airport nears completion


TRANSPORT and Infrastructural Development minister Obert Mpofu has expressed satisfaction with progress on the expansion work at the Victoria Falls International Airport saying the contractors were likely to complete the project ahead of the set deadline.


Speaking on the side lines of a field day at his homestead in Nyamandlovu on Wednesday, Mpofu commended the Chinese contractor, Jiangsu, for the rapid pace at which they were working on the project.

Jiangsu is working with a team of local engineers on the project.

He said the contractors had done the excavations at the airport and the granite stone and sand filling for the concrete had already been done.

“It might be complete before the deadline. The Chinese are doing wonderful work,” Mpofu said.

He said his ministry was planning to refurbish all airports in the country.

“Tenders have been put out and as you know, people have shown interest in fixing our roads,” Mpofu said.

The $150 million project that started in February last year includes construction of a 4 kilometre-long runway, a new international terminal building and an upgraded domestic terminal building.

When complete, the airport would have a new fire station, new control tower and state-of-the-art aviation equipment as well as have enough capacity for wide bodied aircrafts and tohandle 1,5 million tourists annually.


  1. NO no don’t ever take this man seriously, his first speech as minister of transport was that the airport road would be complete before the end of year and ever since nothing has happened on that road. Also remember him when he lied under oath about ZISCOSTEEL. He is the kind of man who is forcing me to leave ZPF and shamu of cause. They are a shame in the public eye, faces of corruption.

    • I’m with you on that. I stuck by ZANU for obvious reasons but this is the straw that broke the camel’s back.
      Especially when they announced slashing Dubes salary to US$60k, as if that’s reasonable.
      These guys are psychologically impaired.
      I’ve lived in the Die-Us-Poorer for 17 years, and I know the value of a dollar. How is it reasonable to pay someone US$60k in an environment where the majority are taking home US$300? This, while grossly underperforming?
      Come on people!

  2. We do not need so much money being spent on airports. All that was requested by the public is to repair the runway from time to time, and to expand the arrivals and departure lounge. More importantly I did not see how we could have spent more than $10 million dollars on it. Chaidiwa kuisa matoilets akawanda anoshanda chetechete. Nekuti staff ye immigration ikurumidze kuprocessor ma arrivals. Makuspender more than $100 million muchiitei. Marunway tinogadzira tega imi mava kuhire machinese kuti mudye mari. Besides that airport has only 4 commercial departures and landings per day and its not being fully utilised. Chiri kunetsa ilogistics kwete kuti airport yava diki. Ko madii kushandisa bulawayo ine just two international departures per day kuti dzimhare ko mozodirivara zvenyu neyenyu air zimbabwe yakaora

  3. I personally would like the Zimbabweans to factor out one’s political affiliation when there are no elections. We are one people and one nation regardless of the party that one entered the government in.
    This was just an opinion, anyway, the project in progress at the moment is a very intelligible project and I would like to comment the Minister and the whole government. I am saying this because like everyone else, we want a better place.
    In economic terms, the expansion of the airport is going to make Victoria Falls attractive as both a TOURIST HUB and an INTERNATIONAL DESTINATION. This, needless to say, is what we have been crying for since 1980 – a breakthrough in our Economy. Tourism, as evidenced by the just ended UNWTO, is a major aspect of any country’s growth.
    Again, infrastructural development is another important factor that determines the STANDARDS OF LIVING of a society. How accessible are the places within the country-transport networks? How affordable are the commodities in a country? Therefore, we can’t just call ourselves a nation of milk and honey, with the ugliest airport facilities.


  4. It is very clear that reason is not only ignorant about issues at hand but is driven by malice and hatred of the most hardworking zPF minister. All roads to the Airports in VFalls and Harare have been rehabilitated and one gets surprised to hear such ignorance from people who will not see any good from ZPF.

  5. Reason is confused and seems not to know what ZANU PF stands for hence his unconstructive and misplaced views. He does not seem to know what corruption is or the definition of it. Why does he he or she not go to the responsible authorities and re port it if he has seen it instead of accusing people of what he can’t prove. More people are joining ZANU PF because it it a party of excellence and empowerment which brought us freedom.

  6. Ehe but I give credit to minister Goche who got this project to where it is. Even ma roads that u r talking about were overseen by Goche. Obert hasn`t been in office long enough to take credit for these developments.

  7. We will be more than pleased if the Bulawayo-Tsholotsho route could also be widened or resurfaced. Please.

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