Unions rope in Mavhaire


THE Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (Zewu) and Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Technical Employees Association (ZTEA) have roped in Energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire to help them resolve their long-standing salary dispute with power utility, Zesa.


Mavhaire met the union leaders on Monday and committed himself to resolving the two-year-old salary dispute although the matter is already at the High Court.
At the meeting, Mavhaire promised to make “behind the scenes” consultations with the relevant stakeholders before January 31 and report back to the unions. The salary dispute arose after Zesa refused to implement new wage levels recommended by workers’ unions following the 2012 collective bargaining meeting.

The matter went for arbitration and a ruling was made in favour of the employees, but Zesa approached the High Court for redress.

“This issue happened during the era of the inclusive government and as minister, I want this issue to be a thing of the past. We cannot keep on dragging and dragging with no solution in sight. Workers need something to mitigate their current economic challenges,” Mavhaire said.

Zewu president Angeline Chitambo said Mavhaire’s intervention had opened a window of hope. “Yes, we are into negotiations over the matter, but our position is that we want everyone to come on the table in good faith. As workers we remain resolute that an acceptable solution will be reached soon. Maybe a win-win situation will be desirable,” Chitambo said.


  1. Thank you Cde Minister Mavhaire, please do intervene. Your employees are really struggling Your hounorable Sir.

  2. We really hop n pray somethin positiv wl com out of this,in n case Zesa has never won against employees,surely how do u sign n aggrmnt only to renege on it when monthend comes!! These guys dnt care abt anything/anybody but themselves,thats e biggest challenge wt ol these parastatals,u can go on loot,mismanage n du as u pliz,u kno u hav nothin to lose…The so called Executives bought themselvs another set of top of e range vehicles 2years ago bt ey cldnt drive em fearing a backlash frm employees – for how du claim e org has no capacity to pay employees who r wallowin in near poverty when over and above yo ridiculous perks u do ol such….personal loans,school fees,airtym,entertmn et ol…What pains me most is these how wer these guys allowed to own or have shares in these companies installing prepaymnt meters wen ey r an interestd party!!!?? The fact that a particular company is always paid millions in time is proof enough that these guys(so called ‘Executive’) hav shares in e company…Pliz Mr CEO,lets share resources and eat 2gether, What has accelarated corruption @Zesa is ol e above ;if they are eating y not us….

  3. National Energy Workers Union of Zimbabwe (NEWUZ) not ZTEA.ZTEA no longer exists but transformed to the new name mentioned above

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