Underhand dealings stall project


MUTARE City Council has expressed concern over alleged underhand dealings in the Gimboki South Housing Scheme that has seen the project moving at snail’s pace.


In his arbitration report following complaints by members of the housing scheme, town clerk Obert Muzawazi decried the slow pace of development given the payment of monthly subscription fees by members.

“Only one section of the three sections was almost completed, by the time of arbitration, leaving more than two-thirds of beneficiaries stranded unaware of their fate in the project,” read part of the report submitted last Friday.

“The area of financial management was perhaps the weakest or the most mismanaged aspect of the project implementation process. It is actually feared that that the project beneficiaries may have been prejudiced of millions of dollars through underhand dealings, corruption and outright theft.

“Many complaints were received by council as the project members registered their displeasure at both the organisation and lack of communication between the project beneficiaries and its leadership.”

In 2010, the local authority signed an agreement with Mutare Housing Consortium in which the consortium was to service 5 200 high density residential stands in Gimboki South.

Some of the beneficiaries are drawn from National Railways of Zimbabwe, Mutare Housing Development Union, Zimbabwe Prison Services, Central Mechanical Equipment Department, National Housing Development Trust, Mutare Private Companies and Zimbabwe National Army.

The consortium has approached a private developer, Dreamoss Investments to service the area, but the project has been moving slowly with allegations of embezzlement of funds.

“It is illegal for Dreamoss to charge interest on finances that have not been formally advanced to homeseekers. The payment of interest to Dreamoss should be stopped or referred to law enforcement Agencies for rectification,” Muzawazi added.

“The consortium must ensure that all finances entering and leaving the project are properly regulated and all accounts presented to the membership for ratification on a regular basis.”


  1. Corruption is our Constitutional right in Zimbabwe though not explicit in the write-up.
    I feel pity for those who do not have this genetic make-up as part of their DNA.

  2. This story is not written well. what is the problem. what has happened. the only thing I see is that the stands are not being developed fast enough. But you are not telling us who is responsible for collecting the money and developing the land. Then you through in Muzawazi, then the whole issue becomes muddled.

    Please re-submit

  3. The town clerk’s observations were spot on. However, he was short of providing the solution. His recommendations are supposed to be implemented by the very same culprits cited in the report. This would make progress very difficult. The Mutare City Council should simply take over the control of the project and make the beneficiaries pay directly to the council. Anything other than that will further expose the unfortunate beneficiaries to the activities of thieves like Mutodi, Mai Tsuro, Dreamoss and Chaya. All beneficiaries are in agreement over the council take-over. Muzawazi’s report was very objective.

  4. Mutodi and loser Mike Duru ,just have a look at them yu will c that they mean business ie eating and squandering people’s money.I once joined the coops bt chickened out half way cos at every meeting yu will hear of excuses of shortage of money yet yu pay every month.These 2 rates are fatter than fat cooks coz they syphon yu until yu have nothing bt sweet nothing promises……

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