Tsvangirai’s in-laws speak out


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s in-laws yesterday spoke out for the first time on his separation with their daughter Elizabeth Macheka, saying they are yet to be informed officially about the development that has set tongues wagging.


In an interview with NewsDay, Elizabeth’s father Joseph Macheka said no formal communication had been proffered to him on the reported separation which his daughter claims was triggered by health-related “sensitive personal issues”.

“I have heard she is now staying in Borrowdale, but I have not been informed about it officially. I never bothered to find out because as you know from our African culture, I would be the last person to know about their marital problems, if any,” he said.

Macheka, a Zanu PF central committee member and former Chitungwiza executive mayor, also refused to furnish NewsDay with his sister’s contact details, an aunt who would most likely be privy to the goings on in her niece’s marital problems.

“I definitely cannot give you her numbers. I think you can get it from those two (Tsvangirai andElizabeth),” he said.

Contacted for comment to establish whether Tsvangirai has formalised his separation, the former Prime Minister’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka refused to shed light.

“We are no longer talking about that issue. This case, as far as we are concerned, is now water under the bridge and what we have said is enough,” Tamborinyoka said.

Elizabeth reportedly moved out of the couple’s official residence in Highlands and settled in the leafy Philadelphia suburb, Borrowdale late last year.

Elizabeth told a local newspaper last week that: “Let it be known that it is every woman’s dream to be happily married in poverty and even in the midst of plenty. He knows the genesis of the problem, what steps he has been trying in vain to address the situation, including visits to TB Joshua and others. The paralysis between us has nothing to do with the outcome of the July 31, 2013 elections, MDC-T, any other political entity, foreign hand or material worth.”
Critics said the separation has all but dented the image of Tsvangirai, who suffered a humiliating defeat to Zanu PF in last year’s July 31 harmonised elections, though he disputed the outcome, claiming the polls had been rigged.

Tsvangirai lost his first wife of 31 years, Susan, in a road accident in 2009. Since then, he has been linked to several women as he sought to find a suitable partner.

Some of them include businesswoman Locardia Karimatsenga Tembo, whom he reportedly married customarily in 2011 before ditching her days later. He also allegedly dated South African Nosipho Regina Shilubane, who proceeded to sue him for wasting her time.

Before settling for Elizabeth, Tsvangirai also impregnated a Bulawayo woman, Loreta Nyathi, with whom he sired a child and reached an out-of-court settlement.


  1. Saka herald rainyepazve kuty baba waelizabeth wacho vakaenda kunomuona which is at variance with what he is saying today.Zanu pf prides itself in lying,stealing,killing n destroying jus like the biblical thief and behold zanu pf a prophecy has been made in th Synagogue church of all nations that a certain dictator is falling this year.The book of Amos goes on to say “… and he who is stout of heart among the mighty shall flee away naked on that day”.which day is this?it is the judgement day for th powerful n mighty who perpetrate injustice and “grind the faces of the poor”.And who is the “mighty” in our midst?No doubt it is the head of state and government and commander-in-chief of the zdf one mr mugabe.u will run naked on that day old man

    • haizi nyaya yeherald pano apa. chinoshamisa ndechekuti vacho vanokwamatata kuti rinonyepa they know every article yeherald! munenge muchienderei kunonyeperwa imi ndimi mazidununu acho. unoenda kwaunoziva kuti kune manyepo kuti zviite sei? nyeperwai muri mafuza. The fact is marwadziwa kuti your most worries have been confirmed that Chematama is a headless chicken who cannot be trusted with the echelons of the nation. his deals and affairs are too dirty you cant tell me murume chaiye anofunga kuti he is immune to aids

      • Its good for relaxation to read the herald. The herald is still very good regading job and business advertisements so we buy. After buying it for adverts there is no harm in browsing one or two fictitious stories.
        from my explanation, you are the one who is foolish for labling those whose views are at variance with you as mazidununu. You are really sad hey in life. Have a life dude and sort your self esteem problem. Unoda kurambidza vanhu kuverenga herald rinonyepa vanenge vatenga ne dhora rako here

    • @Jombo, who said Newsday has the correct version? What if Herald is correct and Newsday wrong? Simply cos a story appears in Newsday doesnt mean its correct.

    • Iwe Jombo chaita kuti uti Herald yanyepa chii. Unotuka Zanu asi Baba vaElizabeth is Zanu PF central committee member. Siya Tsvangirai kana Elizabeth iti Herald yanyepa.

  2. I think the best thing is for Tsvangirai to search internationally for a wife because in Zimbabwe there is very high probability of marrying ZANU agents or their links.These things are also aimed at hurting the people’s party.

    • Morgan can get a wife locally. It’s better to search in MDC circles for his woman. There are many single and beautiful women in MDC such as Jessie Majome, Thabitha Khumalo, Thokozani Khupe, Dorcas Sibanda etc. Why he fished his women from the ZANU PF pond remains a mystery.

      • Sinjonjo, it is un-ethical to look for a wife amongst your subordinates at work lol. But pana Mothers Thokozani wandipedza ha ha aha ha aha

      • Problem is my boss falls easily on trapes.From the word go we warned him that marring this women is a great error for his political and social dignity and for millions of zim populace but hey we lost the debate and look now.

  3. @jombo ungashamisva nekunyepa kwe herald nhasi here ? hazvizi zvitsva yakabvirakare kunyepa, even midia minister jona Moyo vakatomboitsiura vachiti iregekunyora sezvinonzi everything is ok in the ZPF camp yet not, Kare ichanzi RHODESIA HERALD nguva yehondo yainyora ichiti ’14 tororists killed and one soldier died in action, apa yaizama kutsigira hurumende yaivepo ,now the same applies

    • kikikikiki, haha haha ha, gigigigigigi. Vakumana izvi hazvi vumirwe kusekesa nyika kudai. kikiki hanzi it has a track record of lying kikiki . ha vakumana heyi hahaha

    • Taura zvako Kokorigo,Bungumuridzo harichasimudzi dzoro, Ravata. Engine yabroker.Nyaya inonzi iye Tsvangson ndiye oga anogona kugadzirisa means paari ndipo pane dambudziko. Hanzi ‘every woman expects hapiness in marriage…in poverty or plenty…’ Mazvionawoka kuti mumba hamuna moto umu? Saka mufaro hakuchina becoz poverty ndopasina manje kuna Rizabeti. Akambotraya TB Joshua but zvinenge zviri kuramba. Plus pane rimwe faira riri kuti kwahi hayi MRT akaudza Rizi kuti hanzi kwahi hayi ndikaroora Liya Mhundwa dambudziko racho kwahi hayi rinobva rapera. PaBuhera apa pane runyoka rwekuradzika bungumuridzo.Kana Liah akajurujwa naMRT ndoyakatambika. Harisumudzi musoro kune mamwe madzimai kunze kaiye one and only one… Watsvairwa Rizabethi nevaHera vepaBuhera apa. Usatambe shasha. Kana mari haishande pakadaro.

      One word of advice. Hunzi kwahi hayi Makandiwa mazuvano ari kusota problem dzemanhood vadhara chaivo.Hanzi kune ma’Pennis Enlargement sessions’ kuUFIC. Kungoti ‘ first moth rise, second month rise, third month rise ….stop! Harizoputsiki futi. Unotodzoka waabhoo. Kana pane ane dambudziko ratadzwa naTB Joshua ngaamboende pabani reChi Town paUFIC, anodoka aa ‘harder and bigger!

  4. Every man can marry a wife yaanoda. Divorcing is now comon so nothng is new wth tsvangirai’s case. Lets just fight to grow our economy as a nation. Media should not waste time,ink,space and labour publishing unproductive stories. Spent more time publishing vacancies instead

    • @Hwangura who told u that newspapers should only write about vacancies. Some of the decisions made by MRT calling for Sanctions on ZMDC may be a result of frustrations in the bedroom

  5. Proverbs31 verses 1 – 9

    1The sayings of King Lemuel—an inspired utterance his mother taught him.

    2 Listen, my son! Listen, son of my womb!
    Listen, my son, the answer to my prayers!
    3 Do not spend your strength[a] on women,
    your vigor on those who ruin kings.

    4 It is not for kings, Lemuel—
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    6 Let beer be for those who are perishing,
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    7 Let them drink and forget their poverty
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    8 Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
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    9 Speak up and judge fairly;
    defend the rights of the poor and needy.

  6. We all have marital problems.

    We prefer they remain personal.

    Whether they break up or not its their own business.

    Women are plenty,

    What we want to hear is progress on dislodging the creature called ZANU PF.

    We want to know the progress on party restructuring and how our party is now gearing to take over since the news that Matibiri is sick.

  7. Zvenyika Jojo chenjera! hona wave kuseterwa kuroora maC.I.O kuti akurauye image yako
    Ndakambokuyambira Jojo chenjera!

  8. I find this piece of news very insensitive to the two…politics aside… vakomana they deserve some privacy.Bringing in the usual arguments and spewing hatred for Mugabe and ZANU PF is also out of order, ngatisiyane nevanhu vararame sezvavanoda. Imi mose muri kutukana asina marital problem ndiyani?? Show some respect guys. Kana mawana nguva mutikwanire.

  9. Tsvangirai’s personal life is not what Zimbabweans want, we want bread and butter. Kwete zvemukadzi waTsvangirai.

  10. The Herald and NewsDay are cut from the same cloth. They are both very divisive, insensitive and keen to publish information in a way that is intended to provoke public interest and excitement at the expense of accuracy, resulting in further division within our great nation.

    It is time to build this great nation as one people. Ask yourself these questions, who benefits when Zimbabwe is divided? Who wins when DRC is at war? Who gains when Egypt, Libya, CAR and South Sudan are unstable? The answer may not matter much to some but the result affects us all the same way; Africa remains poor!

    Africans, wake the f*** up! Mwonzora, shut the f*** up and President Mugabe, please grow a pair and put the judgment wheels in motion for purging your comrades even if it means the resulting desolation finds its way to your doorstep.

  11. “Let it be known that it is every woman’s dream to be happily married in poverty and even in the midst of plenty. He knows the genesis of the problem, what steps he has been trying in vain to address the situation, including visits to TB Joshua and others.
    Nhaiwe Eliza, has this medical issue just suddenly arisen? After how many months of being together? Saka yanga isipo here pamaichemerera muchato, vabereki vako pavakatambira mari? People should not take us for fools hantie. given Tsvangirayi”s open zip policy and non use of protection it doesnt take a genius to deduce what the ‘sensitive personal medical issue’ is. saka waiti kuchaita magic zvikapera? Ziva kuti mese muri two werent virgins when you met and I personally think kuti wakapinda musvitsa uchiziva prob yacho, saka chashamisa chii? It is difficult for you to come out and say you were part of a scam to destroy Tsvangirayi, but we can read between the lines. Ivowo vana Tsvangirayi vachinyanya kungoroora roora haana kana discretion anongokumba hona wakungoswerofumurwa nana Eliza sekunonzi ivo maAngels.

  12. Until when tichingotaura persona life yevanhu tichisiya zvenyika izvi. why cant we concentrate on nation-building? one day its Tsvangirai this the other day its Mugabe that. Why? Have we stooped so low to the extent of writing rubbish in all the papers? I thought we are educated but now I am seeing something else.

  13. kikkkk this Tsvangirai marriage saga is jus a political gimmick to divert real headlines/current situation on the ground guys hapana nyaya apa, this is jus a family case which needs to be solved indoors and not to the nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be it Herald o Newsday tipeiwo nyaya dzine musoro,ndatenda

  14. Tsvangirai achinyanya, I tell you if Susan was still with us we would have had a better President of MDC, he has lost the plot.

    I bet you dai Susan aiva mupenyu dai Tsvangirai ava President we nyika kwete izvi zvetusikana.

    Mdara wakura chingoita tsvimborume uswere uchitamba newazukuru.


  15. Talking from experience .I discovered that money,social standing among others, attract woman but prove to be vanity when she is married.The only thing a woman need for her to be proud of a marriage is sexual satisfaction.A man must prove beyond doubt that he is a sex icon.A woman can leave a well known and rich husband and join sexually talented man or pay huge amount of money for the service..So how do you know that you are a real man?…….A real man spent at least 45minutes first round.60minutes 2nd.130minuts third round,none stop coitus time,plus double the romance time and not more than 3 rounds. Plus good stamina, good thrusting power and strong at least18cm organ, elastic,not too liquid like manhood(because poor manhood is uncontrollable and need supplements like contraceptive pills/condoms etc to avoid unwanted pregnant,artificial method they hate so much). A man who is able to search and reach her G4 as well as blowing off her sexual appetite/fire.Leaving her full enough to go for a week or more without sexual zeal.This kind of man,no matter what she never let go but rather die for and promise whole heartedly ,to be faithful.They don’t want sex every day.If your wife demand sex and or want it every day then know that you are failing somehow ,because sex is a draining and long process.If you cannot meet these basic requirements,please do not merry. From practical sex expert lets share/discuss on Google at ZIM GO GLOBAL NET.

    • The way you defend poverty, i bet you a poor man. You are just defending your small pocket with big holes. Prostitution world over is money driven. Even during the biblical times. You need full stomach to perform any task. Remember, the brain and stomach are the major sexual organs.

  16. This newspaper has been reduced to reporting on anodyne social issues like Tsvangirai’s marital problems while people are suffering under an incompetent ZanuPF military dictatorship. The mere fact that this newspaper has elected not to publish controversial bread and butter issues for fear of offending ZanuPF and resorting to bread and circuses clearly shows we are less free than we were in Rhodesia, were not “liberated”.

      • Very much so. We were able to do what we wanted up to an extend but definitely much freer than now and richer as well. I don’t remember being stopped from doing anything – my only problem at times was the lack of money. If you know someone who was stopped from doing something let me know and I will try and explain why.

  17. @Jombo, who said Newsday has the correct version? What if Herald is correct and Newsday wrong? Simply cos a story appears in Newsday doesnt mean its correct.

  18. Tsvangirai must just marry Leah Mhundwa. Its said she is already pregnant from Mr Tsvangson. This is the route he must now take and the majority of people will support him. Even MDC T intozowhina maelections. Its Leah and no-one else. Elizabeth and Morgan were never in love in the first place. It was merely a marriage of convenience as Lizzy though she would be frist lady as zvakakona. Tsvangson must also apologize to Locardia as this was the only woman who was in real love with him and who understands him.

  19. @scotv – Very much so. We were able to do what we wanted up to an extent but definitely much freer than now and richer as well. I don’t remember being stopped from doing anything – my only problem at times was the lack of money. If you know someone who was stopped from doing something let me know and I will try and explain why.

    • 9 posts denied because i posted info on legislation that restricted our people from doing what they wanted.

  20. When whites came in 1890 they tried to instil some order and get people working but our forefathers resisted and killed some whites. The rebe*lion was put down by the whites who never TRUSTED our foref*thers from that point on. The whites were forced to look for labour from neighbouring states like Nyasaland, Northern Rhodesia and Mozambique.

  21. The Chit*pas or Registration Certificates were just paper identity cards which showed that you had no chest diseases like TB which could spread to other people if you were working or looking for work because most people trusted the traditional n’ganga medicines more than being treated in hospitals.

  22. You could go where you liked – ch*tupas only came into operation when you wanted to work. Our women didn’t need any ch*tupas. Every adult has a metal ID right now. There was no such thing as Pa*s law in Rh*desia: that is a S African term.

    • For someone who claims to have lived in rhodesia you don’t remember much, do you? I am looking at a copy of the thing you claim never existed.

      • Absolute nonsense. There was no such thing as Pa*s L*w in Rhod*sia. It must hav been enacted in a parallel Rh*desia in a parallel universe. All I had was a R*gistration Certificate which I never carried around anyway. Who told you all these lies? Little knowledge is indeed very dangerous.

        • I am sure you could do whatever you wanted or do whoever you wanted! My grandfather was imprisoned for shagging my grandmother who was a white woman, too bad they never proved to the authorities that the Immorality Suppression Ordinance only applied in a parallel Rh*desia in a parallel universe just like the thousands imprisoned for violating p*ss laws could not argue the law’s non existence.

  23. @scotv – let me put it this way – if there were Pa*s L*ws in Rh*desia they must have applied to other people not to me and others I came into contact withsince the 1940s. I went where ever I wanted and at no time was I ever stopped by anyone unless it was paying an entrance fee into a hall or stadium.

    • Look it up online, the entire constitution, city by-laws and such are available for anyone patient enough to look them up and read through. My other grandmother (the black one) spoke of these laws you claim never existed and how she could not visit her husband in the townships.

      • Was she literate or semi-illiterate? Could she read the Constitution? How people live doesn’t necessarily reflect what is in the Constitution. I don’t need to read the Constitution – I was born, educated, married, had family in S Rhodesia and worked in S Rhodesia. I know how life was like the back of my hand. You are writing a load of nonsense because whites used to live in Highfield township as late as the 1960s.

        • You live in a magical world filled with hallucinations and dreams of a rhodesia sent from heaven to make blacks the happiest Africans on earth; while claiming to be an old man who lived in rhodesia; your claims are nonsense because they cannot be proved to be factual!

        • There certainly weren’t any whites living in Highfield in the mid-late-1970s, when I used to regularly visit my mother-in-law’s house there. Never saw a single white person other than myself. As for the 1960s, I have no personal knowledge, but it would surprise the heck out of me.

  24. Tsvangirai was created by Zanu.its nw time to distroy mdc.unfotunately his late wife knew about this and was about to spil the beans

  25. A real commited wife will stand with her husband haafumure zvemumba mawo. One thing eliza moved in naTsvangison not realising the honour of being prime ministers wife akangoda mbiri kuti azviita. Elizabeth virtous, God given, Bold, courageous wife always stand firm in all situations, if you are a true wife to Tsvangirai raise a standard to overcoming the problem talking to media and going public leaves a lot to be desired in you namata hama yangu dambudziko rako know that you are not the first under the sun to go through it. Usatinyadzise taiti tawanirwa amai.

  26. Tsvangirai is a creation of Zanu pf. Now they are doing away with their project which almost went out of their control. The unfortunate thing is that if Tsvangirai is not careful, he will be admitted into a psychiatric institution very soon because of unbearable pressure applied on him. *Asazi bantu abahle. Only GOD knows what and HE is coming soon with HIS JUDGEMENT! SOME SO-CALLED BIG MAN WILL GNASH THEIR TEETH IN HELL IF THEY DON’T ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST NOW. HAPPY 2014.

  27. I always use the phrase “Little knowledge is very dangerous”. Most of the young generation have been poisoned by nationalists who took what was happening to the black Americans and black S Africans and used that to galvanise people in Rhodesia, and conflate this with what was happening in Rhodesia. Very surprising that some young person would argue with someone who was born, educated and worked in Rhodesia since the 1940s over what was happening in Rhodesia before he was born!
    Much has been said about Chitup’s but it was no more than a paper identity, end of story. People who lived in the rural areas used to lie about Chitupas. The surprising thing is that right now everyone has a metal ID and it is not a big issue because it was done by a black government!
    Before I got a job I went to Beatrice Infectious diseases hospital in Harare, now Mbare, had my X-ray taken, Chit*pa stamped which I showed to my new employer at the interview. I also used the Chit*pa to open a bank account, to start a hire-purchase account and to register my Driver’s Licence. The reason why service delivery was excellent was because the white governments knew who was where – they were able to plan accordingly using the information on the Chitup*. Chitup*s was a good thing which we still use today albeit a metal one.
    Arcadia, Sunningdale, Braeside are suburbs made up of mixed race people (between whites and blacks) – are we to suggest all their fathers were imprisoned or having sex with black women? Nonsense.

    • Under the Immorality Suppression Ordinance, the African man got 5 years, the white woman got 2 years but a white man could have sex with a black woman without punishment. The chitupa is one of many laws that restricted blacks, there are many others which by mentioning them my post will not be allowed, I tried 9 times! If blacks had freedom to move about anywhere and to do whatever they wanted wherever and whenever, please explain what the purpose of the many laws was and why the police enforced such laws? While you are at it, please tell me how many times you and other blacks you knew voted from the 1940s to 1980? How many blacks stood for parliament and how many occupied high office in the public service?

    • Because black women were just too hot to resist, the white boys were exempt from imprisonment for having a go at the sisters, otherwise all white men would have been locked up. The few black men who were attracted to the white girls were restricted by the law which criminalized inter-racial relations, the white girls who could not resist the strong black men were also punished. Most mixed race folks in Arcadia can trace their white blood from the paternal side; denying this is just ridiculous.

  28. We used to go to the show or to watch football at Glamis stadium or Cellis, a wh*te stadium in Eastlea and we did not need any Pa****.

  29. My relatives from the rural area, men and women, used to visit us in the township and did not need any pa****.

  30. To reach Harare Hosp*tal from Highfield we used to go through Southerton a then wh*t* sub*rb and we did not need any p*****.

  31. Scot pliz do not display yo foolishness in public .You are depending on info from your grandparents while Musona was there and his story is simply true and is telling it as it was whats wrong with you mfana .

    • And you know that Musona was there and is telling the truth, how? Because he says so? And you say I am foolish?

  32. Tsvangirai is a looser! Elizabeth is too pretty to suffer a looser who looks like a frog. Maybe she thought that after she kissed him he would turn into a president rather than a handsome prince. Never mind Elizabeth some fairy tales don’t have happy endings.

  33. White football clubs used to play in Gwanzura stadium – Cellis, Bulawayo Rovers and Bulawayo Sables. There was also a BSAP football with black and white team members also playing at Gwanzura. Salisbury City, Rufaro Rovers, Tornados, Rio Tinto Mine, Salisbury Sables, St Pauls’ Musami, Highlanders and City Wanderers had both black and white team members during Rhodesia.

  34. The following were educated at wh*t* sch*ols during Rh*d*sia – Jacqueline Zwambila, Arthur M’tsonziwa, Justice Sandra Mungwira nee Mwamuka, Albert Chanetsa, Peter Chingoka (cricket official), late Boniface Chingoka, to name but a few. If you had the money your children could go to expensive wh*t* scho*ls.

  35. Oh poor Morgan my heart bleeds for you man as you seem to be moving from one costly blunder to another costly blunder,what happened to your sense of judgement?,its clear these gold diggers are out to milk you dry.So what this means is at this rate you will be losing close to a million bucks in divorce settlements.I doubt if you have any advisors or friends because frankly speaking somebody from your party or close family relative should have warned you that you were getting yourself into trouble.My advice to you is at your age you dont need to marry again.

  36. Great leaders some times fail to find matching wives just next door Mandela suffered the same problem now our own Morgan has suffered the same fate . But bro Morgan try to look for a matured woman within our party and do not mend this relationship as doing so will lead to death we love you god sent you to free the people of this great nation from the jaws of evil zanu.

  37. There was a “A” voters Roll for the whites and a “B” Roll for blacks with 8 seats against whites with 50 seats. Blacks had to have certain qualifications to vote in the “B”roll to do with level of education and/or property held. There indeed were black MPS who come to mind like Ronald Sadomba, Jasper Savanhu, Paul Chanetsa, Chipunza, Albert Chaza, Patrick Rubatika, Percy M’kudu, Godfrey Chidyausiku (1974 – 1977) – present Chief Justice.

  38. Nobody said the Rhodesian arrangement was good for us. At the time Smith and other whites thought we had not mastered the art or meaning of democracy. We did no believe what Smith was saying at the time. I am now convinced the whites were right after what we have witnessed since 1980 where one party makes sure your vote does not count by either rigging blatantly or using gratuitous violence to retain power. Voting in Zimbabwe’s elections is meaningless – the decision is made for the people by ZanuPF military. I call it guided democracy. The service chiefs blatantly say where their loyalties lie in party politics. How can any voting be credible in such a situation where the army, police and militias loyal to ZanuPF actively participate in aiding their party when the military are supposed to be apolitical?

    • In your beloved rhodesia, where did service chiefs’ loyaltes lie? How credible are the urban poll results showing an overwhelming victory for MDC T in light of the service chiefs’ position? If MDC T had done equally well nationawide, Tsvangirai would be president and service chiefs would be unemployed.

  39. I know Musona grew up Highlands or Mt Pleasant. I got my first job in 1975 and was not asked to go to Nazareth hospital but later yes. Birth certificates for Africans were introduced in 1966. IDs for Africans were introduced in 1978 and in Harare ids were issued in Jameson Ave( Samora Machel Ave) next to the old Reserve Bank. Both male and female were required to carry them at all times. Traveling from rural to urban was dangerous if one did not have an id coz of road blocks mounted by the army. I was born and bred in Harare (Mbare) and relatives needed permission from the superitendent to stay at a house. Every house had a house card which listed the owner, wife and children. I still have the card for the house I stayed with my parents and brothers as a sourveniour. Night raids were carried out by police and unauthorised visitors were arrested and send back to the rural areas.

    • @ Gandanga, thanks for telling it like it was. Some live in a fantasy world inventing stories of a rhodesia that was more free to the black man than independent Zimbabwe. Smithie claimed his blacks were the happiest lot in the world, i supposed his idea of happiness is one having rhodesian army bombs rain down on them at a refugee camp in Moz while fleeing war back home. kusanyara!

  40. imi vafana kunyanya musona-ita mushe. unoti iye sweet lizie haadi kunamiwavo here, ongohw’erera kuudzwa nezvavamugabe mumba mbutu ichida size. muite enough, vuya vuno sweet lizzie tikuzhabe

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