Tsvangirai, ZCTU join forces


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday met the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) to discuss how to deal with the economic crisis bedeviling the country, particularly the plight of workers.


The former Prime Minister, who was accompanied by party vice-president Thokozani Khupe, Secretary-general Tendai Biti and organising secretary Nelson Chamisa among others, held a meeting with the ZCTU top five.

The meeting came a day after salary negotiations between government and civil servants’ representatives hit a brick wall after the former offered a $79 hike for the least-paid government worker.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka confirmed the meeting saying it was normal for the MDC-T and ZCTU to meet and compare notes given their parental linkages.

“The two parties met and discussed the crisis in the country that started after a stolen (July 31) election. The MDC believes in where it comes from so it’s like the party was meeting with its parentage,” Tamborinyoka said.

“The salary issue came up for discussion and the general plight of workers, especially government workers was discussed. Workers are not happy with the situation on the ground and if workers are not happy, the MDC and the ZCTU are also not happy.”

Tamborinyoka could, however, not divulge the strategy by the two on how to deal with the crisis at hand.

“If we get in such a crisis, the ZCTU meets with the MDC and one of the major issues discussed was the plight of the worker,” Tamborinyoka said.

Tsvangirai also discussed the plight of civil servants, who will today meet Public Service minister Nicholas Goche to finalise their salary negotiations after several failed attempts.

ZCTU acting secretary-general Gideon Shoko confirmed the meeting, but said it was the MDC-T leadership that wanted to brief the labour union on the outcome of the July 31 election and the plight of workers did not come up for discussion.

“They invited us to brief us on the outcome of the election and the way forward,” Shoko said.

“We were told the elections were rigged and that the way forward was for the MDC-T to participate in Parliament and other institutions where it has representatives. They said they will go back to the people and tell them what happened.”

Earlier, the MDC-T shadow cabinet met in Harare warning government to take the welfare of workers seriously as failure to do so would lead to labour unrest.

MDC-T shadow media minister Nelson Chamisa, who also accompanied Tsvangirai to the ZCTU meeting, said: “It was acknowledged that there was a crisis of leadership and at the centre of that leadership crisis was the failure to arrest the economic quagmire. We have everything in the country, but nothing to show for it.”

He added: “The issue of civil servants was one of the topical issues and we noted that the Zanu PF government was giving the government workers a raw deal. There can never be peace in a country with no industrial peace.

“The Chisumbanje people, like those from Chiadzwa, are getting a raw deal and on our war veterans, any country that is not able to look after its war veterans is dangerous and unstable. War veterans are the backbone of the stability of any nation as they are the founding fathers of the liberation struggle.”

But Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa scoffed at the development and described the indaba as a non-event.

“The whole world now knows that they (MDC-T) are a spent force, no-one can take them seriously anymore.

Even their British friends no longer take them seriously. I don’t know why they are wasting their energy holding such meetings because they are of no consequence. But you can’t stop them because it’s their democratic right. To us whatever they resolve to do is of no effect and consequence,” Mutasa said.

The ZCTU last Thursday warned that the government’s proposed move to introduce labour market flexibility and productivity-linked wages could trigger labour unrest in the country.

Shoko petitioned Public Service minister Nicholas Goche demanding that he convinces Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa to drop the proposal which was announced in the 2014 National Budget statement last month.


  1. I thought all these years MDC guys have learned one or two things about African politics,but I was wrong, they never learned anything.African politics is about going to the villages parcel out food,play music,dance with the people, pay school fees for one or two students, buy a soccer ball and make lot of promises ,that you never keep.Not meetings in tall buildings in cities. That’s Africa for you.Or I have forgotten, promise miracles like Makandiwa is doing to his followers. We Africans we like free things.

    • @Dumi ..Wena mfana uyahlanya…yes we have a different political culture but its not universally true that Africans like free things, On behalf of the brethren, which includes yu sikupani, I am pained…We didnt come all this far as a people to label ourselves that way.

  2. Wow ZCTU you are a shame, meeting the same man who promised us milk and honey when he came into the Unity Gvt and now you want him to use our Union for his benefit and marry more wifes. Do you think we are fools as workers, he promosed to take us to the promised land and remember ku Show Ground paya pa akati Tauya ne bag remari, takazoi ona?

  3. I would rather take the MDC seriously that Didi Mutasa who thinks that pure disiel can ooze from a rock somewhere in Chinhoyi

    • Guys,instead of wastin tym,lets use our hands and brains to mek money,a salary wil never be enough.wrk for ur tomorow,nt to waste tym discusin on matters lyk salary increamet.the gvt knows that its nt enough and it is its will to plz us bt currently hapana hapana

  4. VanaTswangirai!Pweterepwetere kutaura zvenhando as if you care about us workers.When you were PM it never dawned on you that there are workers who need decent salaries.Now you are in the wilderness you realise you need our support so you begin yep-yepping about our welfare.What bullshit!Leave us alone.We don’t need your useless intervention.The machine purrs smoothly under its own management.

    • Piwaika mari yacho nachinamasa, handiti makanzi naRobert I will look after you?? Siyanayi naTsvangson ari kutoedza pane vamwe vakahwanda far east. Maybe chinamasa is consulting with Nikuv or Rotina Mavhunga, kkkkkkk.

  5. Chamisa’s words,”our war veterans, any country that is not able to look after its war veterans is dangerous and unstable. War veterans are the backbone of the stability of any nation as they are the founding fathers of the liberation struggle.” Wow inga wakura nhai Chamisa kuto ziva kuti ma War Veterans ndivo vakasunungura nyika, I am impressed and if Tsvangirayi could sing that song too that will be great semunhu akadzokera muzhira.

    • Taura zvako Nhari.Vana Chamisa vaimboti ma War Veteran ngavadzosere nyika kwavakaisunungura bva nhasi vava kutsvaga support from all angles.He thinks that one day he will find war veterans supporting him for what? Civil servants and war veterans have been struggling to make ends meet and they were enjoying the fruits of independence in their offices.They talked much on salary increments to civil servants when they got into offices but this died an unknown death during the years they were in offices.(GNU)era. What development has made these people consider the dignity of war veterans?

      They should wait for the next five(5) years may be they would have re organised and have a stable thinking.One thing these politicians must know is that civil servants are not lured with sweets like kids.Politicians are like wolves in sheep skin and can never be trusted.Check the betrial they are giving to the President’s pledge on civil servants salaries but this is really suicidal.

      Lets wait and see.

  6. hats off to MDC it shows that you have workers at heart. This zanu gvt is not going anywhere $75 pay rise thats nuts. so for all those negotiations you have decided to raise it with $79. Thats a mockery. And this is increasing the wage bill to 92.4% and with limited fiscal space very soon they start talking of reintroducing Zim $ as they are left with no option. You cannot Rig the economy as you were once told.

  7. Desperate rats, makadyiwa maelections fair fair. You never had power even during your heydays as the useless PM, kokuzoti nhasi

  8. Hahahahaha Am impressed by Zimbabwean workers who now know Tsvangirai’s tricks. Chakanga chiri PM chakakuwedzerai marii? Biti haana kutoti ‘temhai pamurikuiona mari yacho’? Were they not spinning in cash and comfort while we were languishing in poverty? Nhasi vave marovha vakuti 79 dollars ishoma. Ivo vakapedzisira kuburitsa 12 dollars wani. Hameno matsaga achiri kuvateerera

  9. I believe the platform to provide feedback is meant for those who have something to say, something worthwhile. And in our politically polarised Zimbabwe, where there is criticism, that criticism must be informed and objective. There are times when it used to be interesting to read Comments, but the comments made on this item are sooo uninformed, hollow and depressing. Depressing in the sense that if the contributions given here are a reflection of the national thinking, then we still have a long way to go. I am worried. Ndabva ndaneta (am sucked of all the energy).

  10. WAAL! “On our war veterans, any country that is not able to look after its war veterans is dangerous and unstable. War veterans are the backbone of the stability of any nation as they are the founding fathers of the liberation struggle.” The MDC-T finally, finally acknowledges the truth. that leaves their diehard supporters in the cold, those that threatened to eat us raw. Politics is a dirty game and Chamisa finaly acknowledges our contribution, Hallelujah!

    • @Prosper- When did you become a war veteran? That aside, Chamisa is trying his hand at populism but with these childish recitals he comes out like he has always done..a loud mouth, devoid of anything tangible. I f anyone wants to know who lost the MDC and the generalsity of Zimbabweans their dreams, look no further than Biti and this whippersnapper Chamisa!

  11. It seems the workers who are thought of are civil servants, yes they may be making the majority due to the the current economic situation in the country where we see very few musemwa run businesses operating, but we private sector workers need representation too. why don’t you stress the plight of all workers as we are suffering just like the civil servants. We are producing what is taxed so as to pay civil servants. I have a feeling that only civil servants are important in this nation as seen by the way their collective bargain receives publicity in both private and state media, yet in the private sector workers are working in very poor working conditions and are being paid less than peanuts, they are getting paid late, unfairly dismissed and the union and labour officers are receiving bribes resulting in workers going home empty handed, they are being retrenched and given unfair packages. This is a challenge to ZCTU and the private media to accord the private productive sector the same way they do to civil servants for we are all Zimbabweans. Currently it seems like ZCTU represents civil servants.

  12. Mdc-t is a part full of contradictions. Now u say 78 dhombi is an insult. Then wat wud we cal this; “do u think money grows on trees?” a statement made by BITI. It was ok then not to award salary increaments?

    • I do not know what is fair compensation for government workers but the government keeps skirting the issue. Get rid of the ghost workers and there will be enough money to go round. Arrest the rot in the school levy system and channel these funds into government coffers and all teachers will get the 540 dollars with little sweat not allow thieves in SDA to turn schools into US dollar minting factories with their thievery! As for the MDC- grow up! While it is your brief to criticise the government, please do this responsibly not just critiise with little substance..this makes your supporters think they are all idiots. You are no longer virgin opposition, you were in government a few short months ago..be mindful of this when you criticise, otherwise you come out like idiots who will criticise anything to score cheap points..same points will blow up in your face if they are not well thought out!

      • In addition to the above, ref school levies..most secondary schools are charging upwards of USD100 presently..leave the SDA with a third and two thirds will go into a consolidated Education fund which will cater for all teachers salaries and textbooks and other things required by the schools..try it! If for argument’s sake there are 2 000 secodary schools multiplied by say 66 dollars per term or 200 dollars per year going into this fund this translates to average 500 pupils per school this gives around one million students (this is on the low side) this means the government will collect a total of 200 million per year. How many secondary school teachers can this pay at their 540 per month? I think this can pay 3 000 teachers per year Government can then top up the remainder and then carry the primary school teachers only. To increase receipts these schools must be told that it does not make sense to increase fees and collect 10% rather decrese and collect 100%..So yah cap these usurous levies..nothing above USD 100 should be allowed for any secondary school and 50 dollars for any primary school in the land. This is where the rot is sitting!

  13. Anyone who takes these failed puppets does it at own risk, they talk of war veterans and civil servants when they are out of government, that is desperation at its best, This mdct thing is now hostory as long as mbiti and tsvancry ar at the helm.

    • and zanu will never see light as long as that kakarahwa and useless 1980 bootlickers are in charge. you will only see reason in your dream. keep dreaming and keep drinking water laced with raw sewage. dununu remuC10

  14. I might not support the MDC T but come on those that are commenting here, we all know that even though there was a GNU the real power was only with zpf. We can only see what the opposition can do when they have real power until then zpf rules this country, think about it biti was blamed for not paying us civil servants increments, but what power did he really have, zpf is now in control, always was now where are the increments, we voted zpf in even though they had failed us before so we got what we deserved.

  15. This is good Mr Tsvangirai keep it up.Didymus is hell bent on scoffing you yet it’s him and his party zanu pf who are spent force,to hell with you Didymus.

    You can rig the elections but not the economy,okay.We will see how far you will go Mutasa.

  16. @kenmar, I don’t think you use brains to think. hats off MDC?? where was Tsvangirai during the past 5 yrs when he was in power as Pm? civil servants at one time brought a petition paper to him, begged for his intervention for a salary increment to no avail, he was busy womanising, he is a sex maniac. Now all women including Macheka has abandoned him and is left with none to entertain him seems he is now awaking from a deep deep slumber. For the whole tenure Biti was finance minister there was no one year he increased civil servants with more than $21, never, remember there was no increment for 2013. You want to take us for a ride, we are not fools, we are educated, we think, we evaluate, we have experience now so don’t ever under rate us.

  17. Not strange at all that the meeting took place but it was a meeting between friends rather than institutions…people have a right to meet as they wish..
    The zctu says the meeting was about a stolen election and the mdc say the meeting was about something else…contradictions.
    They lost each other long back and they have to start afresh to work together..to long a seperation nyaya dzinopera..there is very little to discuss.
    Why such a crusial meeting when the sabstantave Secretary General is on leave?..?.

  18. Mdc has never been in power on its own to warrant all the criticism you people are giving it.Zanu pf derailed every positive move by Mdc for pilitical millage during the GNU at the expense of the people.Zanu pf has been in power for 34 years and their failures are there for all to see except those mentally blind.They blamed Biti for failing to release monies but now its Chinamasa its even worse and the truth is the coffers are dry,period.Its time people see into reality,whether we like it or not,Zanu pf will never take this country out of these challenges,it can only get worse by the day.These people are tired,they no longer care for the people but their own pockets,that’s why we are in top 5 on corruption in the world.The world over governments are changed not just for the sake of it but its because any new government that comes on a specific term of office will be under pressure to deliver something to its people but when you have one party for 34 years what do you expect.Why do first world countries change governments when they more developed than Zimbabwe,yet in a third world country like ours we keep one party in power for more than 3 decades and we expect them to deliver.People wake up,don’t be fooled by Zanu pf,they don’t care about people but power and protecting their ill gotten wealth,simple.Leave Mdc alone,they are not in power,those in power must solve the countrys problems not to divert peoples attention for their failures.Wake up people!!

    • Exactly Mombe,well said.People are blaming MDC for what.Now that Zanu pf is ruling we want to see how this despotic and murederers party will perform.

      Let’s get ready to laugh,hahaha

  19. There is nothing wrong zctu meeting mdc, zanupf or any other political party.It is within the zctu ‘ s mandate to engage all political parties in this country and we have been trying to meet zanu pf over the years even before the elections.Meeting does not mean an agreement in anyway.
    No political party has monopoly over zctu but i can not comment on yesterday’s meeting because i am on leave .
    Chova george should put his/ her points in alogical way if he is privy to certain information.
    Its a fact that we disagreed with mdc policy when they were in gvt and that was made public but i am not sure whether we should not engage those whom we disagree.
    It is one of the reason why we want to meet zanupf because we disagree with some of their approach on certain issues eg employment flexibility,productivity related remunaration etc

  20. Tsvangirai thinks we have short memories. When he thought kuti zvake zvaita his party caused a split in the ZCTU, thereby weakening it. Now he realises he needs them and is wooing them back. If they are idiots then let them forget that this is the same Tsvangson whose mativenga minister refused even a meeting with civil servants to negotiate salaries. I should also warn that ZCTU is presently at its weakest as most of its membership wallow in poverty having lost their jobs even during Tsvangson’s tenure as prime minister. Tsvangirai should have strengthened this constituency whilst still in power not weaken it. Now he wants to reverse time to try and reengage a weak ZCTU which obviously is suspicious of his offer of friendship. Morgen, Biti and Chamisa just make me sick. These guys should just learn kuti they have had their time and it is time for the country to move foward. Their policies for the brief period that they were in power show that they were not people friendly at all. In fact This lot could well have been as bad dictators as the present Zanu Pf thugs


  22. Hatidi kuti murume asingagone kutungamirira mhuri yake, mukadzi 1 kuti atitungamirire kwete kwete kwete taramba!! Ngaatange aroora!! Madzimai tiritose here? Hatidi varume vanongorembedza rembedza pasina pamberi pedu, nxaaaa!!

  23. pamusoroi zimbabwe MDC yakabva mu ZCTU hahina kuzombodzorazve ku ZCTU pamakore ose aya sakana tsvangirai akanga ayenda kunowoneka MDC yakafa muna2013 vachakukokai parikurohwa nekudzururwa guva racho ku white house USA kuamereka maita henyu mazimbos vamugabe takavapa chitupa chekufira mu hoffice morgen wakachera mugodhi wemvura kumusha sure ukarambidza vanhu vekumusha kwako chaiko kuichera ukati ndera amai vako sakanamvura ndeemahara hanyimwe munhu were do you get that money to give this workers

  24. When in office the MDC refused to help workers, suddenly its the opposite. Tvangidho said on TV, “Hatina kumboti tichakupai mari isu.” Thats why most of us voted Bhora Mughedhi!

  25. Pamusorou zimbabwe takatarisana ne kenani this zimbabwes last war its not time to look on money issues tarira nyika tsvangirai is never going to rule zimbabwe but kungoda kukonzeresa

  26. the civil war btwn zanu and mdc in 2023 will be intense. zanu will be backed by the army and mdc will be backed by botswana and the america air forces and volunteer civilian turn solidiers.

    • don’t scare people for nothing, there was one great war here, a liberation war, we will sort out this country, this year. zimbabwe will be the economic rhino of Africa.

      limit yourself to visions of war, Zimbabwe is a great country going through transformation.
      we are in the wilderness but good things will comes out in the end. who ever imagined there will be diamonds in Zimbabwe.

  27. ZCTU is a bull-less-tooth-dog. Canines removed with all the de-industrialisation and dis-investment that has afflicted the rundown. Let’s see them flex a muscle by organising a single strike. I remember queues forming for jobs on one side whilst the unionists toyi-toyied on another side.

    Tsvangirayi is a big let down is no longer viable vanhuwee….

  28. “War veterans are the backbone of the stability of any nation as they are the founding fathers of the liberation struggle” so said Nelson Chamisa who was born in September 1978 and black rule was in 1979 when he could barely walk! What does Chamisa know about what he parrots as “liberation struggle”? The biggest danger to getting rid of oppression by ZanuPF are the young generation and their little knowledge which is proving very dangerous indeed. “War veterans are the backbone of the stability of the nation..” – what a load of tosh. These are just violent mercenary thugs who have caused untold suffering up and down the country and some idiot politician fawns over these thugs to try and curry favour in the hope that they will let MDC-T govern. This chap Chamisa is a moron.

  29. Without a civil servant there is no development. Tsvangirai is right on meeting the ZCTU,why?Tsvangirai knew all the doctrines of the organisation becoz, he is the former leader of it,so why worry. He is just sharing ideas so that the ambitions of civil servants will be fulfilled. Without a teacher there is neither Mugabe nor Tsvangirai,Mutasa nor Chamisa.So you want these people to earn peanuts. Each and every sector of the economy rely on civil servants.Tsvangirai is right becz as an successful leader in ZCTU since 1980 he know all the tricks or Zanu pf i.e the oppression of civil servants.So in other words he is the instructor of these leaders.Leave Tsvangirai alone but let us put heads together so as to end this disaster,because the increment of 78 dollars is little its just a loud sounding nothing.we are not giving the voice to the voiceless.

  30. My vote in 1980 is one of the million votes which got Zanu into power . Without our votes Zanu would not have got into power. Muzorewa was already prime minister at the time. The fighting by so-called war veterans had no connection whatsoever to do with the country attaining black rule. Zanu and Zapu had to negotiate to be included in the process. That is a fact not only my own opinion. We were following events by the minute and knew better that those who had left the country in the mid-60s.

  31. These guys lost their way years ago because of power. They forgot workers when they got positions as MPs in 2000. Lost your way, lost us and we have forgotten you. ZCTU don’t be fooled let MDC go and join Zanu PF

  32. Tsvangirai and his party hd long forgotten tht their base orientation was the workers!THEY promised us money for the civil servants.who recieved it?His ministers scolded civil servants wth scorn.I LATER realised the diff btwn MDC and ZAnU PF IS in names.MoRE OVER,Zanu pf hs ruled ever since as a gvt but MDC has not yet but given power we cn stl experience worse labour humiliation than the nation hs ever experienced.We do not hv a LABOUR sympathetic party in Zimbabwe!now morgan is trying to propose the workers again.He wants to use workers as his aphrodisiac to cleanse his self soiled image dotted wth stinking sex woes in order to dictatorially sustain his leadership on his self owned and titled party mdc t as he did bc in 2005.ZCTU u’re a sell out if u engage him again.He never consulted nor visited u during his tenure as a prime minister.let him bc off!away wth him!let him first manage his sexual diet before he marries the civil servants and the rest of the labour bride!

  33. Ooops, poor old Didymus Mutasa who was so gullible to believe that diesel could come out of a rock. Too senile to think that a fake sangoma could help you ascend to the post of Vice President. What now are you saying about the MDC. You are the most idiotic person I have ever heard of in this whole world. The country is tinkering on the brink of collapse because it has idiots like you in its leadership structures.

  34. when wld the workers and civil servants in particular realise that the gvt is broke.asking for pro..inflation figures is mischevious and detrimental .we shld learn to leave within our means.its a pity those who represent us and our current crop of ministers are all corrupt.nothing meaningful will come out of these debates,watch out.

  35. Zimbabwe is a country built on a hill of shameless lies. Most of the politicians are lying con artists out to get political power by any means. The young generation are now aping the adults in lying at every turn. Where they lack the information they fill the gaps with shameless lies. There’s no integrity at all. We have career politicians like Chamisa talking through their hats about “liberation struggle” which they don’t know about. When Mugabe unveiled Joshua Nkomo’s statue in Bulawayo he spoke of “the suffering of our people caused by the enemy”! I don’t know what “suffering” his was talking about. This is a man whose school/college fees were paid for by the settlers from start to finish, given a house by the settlers to rent in Highfields because he had no money to build his own and given a job by the settlers as a teacher at Highfields North School. He is not the only one. All politicians of his generation are/were like him. When they decided they wanted power they turned against the settlers who had mothered them. It started off as wanting “equal rights”, then it was “one-man-one-vote majority rule”, now we are told of “liberation of our land” and only those who supposedly “liberated the country” having the divine right to govern when it was our votes which got them into power. We are now being urged or coerced to pay back by “supporting” those we voted into power in 1980. Without the settlers there would be no country to talk about. This country was created by the settlers. I have no problem with “majority rule” part but I have a problem with “liberation” after the same politicians had accepted the settlers’ benevolence earlier in the form of school/college fees, accommodation and jobs.

  36. tthe position was simple and straight forward .
    soon after election civil servants are going to be honoured thru salary increament and improvement of conditions of service.
    biti had been cruel to us as yu suggest. so chinamasa simply give the civlaz their token.no compromise. no any need for talks this is not an inclusive govt.

  37. Panguva zhinji ndinobvumirana navaMusona maybe its because we are of the same era in that we voted ZANU PF to power in 1980 not this blah blah takatora nhika nehondo ehe hondo takarwa asi takaitora nevhoti let our youths know that. Then to my story Tsvangi & MDC want to just help the neglected civil servants by there top Evil servants with senior one basking in the comfort of a long holiday in the faaaar east leaving people he claim to love so much wallow in
    poverty and hunger. Tsvangi & co never ruled this once beautiful, productive & prosperous nation adored by all, only one man & his chosen Cdes since 1980 ruled eee i mean ruined this nation. Maybe some of u were born in the late 80s & 90s and never had a chance to see electricity being there 24/7. all roads tarred & clean, running tape water , how effective NRZ was, UNITED BUS CO now ZVIPCO, how profitable all parastals were and how effective and effecient the revenue collection system was oh all our street lights were working. But alas when we surrended all the trust to Cdes looting, PATRONAGE, nepotism, war mongering DRC and greedness became daily business not Tsvangi, Tony Blair as u are told. Civil servants salaries come from the fore montioned and all these being dead as they’re your DEAR LEADER has nowhere to get money thats why a sympathetic Tsvangi wants help and u scorn him. Anotonga munovaziva Tsvangi was a mere ceremonial figure u , him and i all know So scorn the mamparas not Tsvangi and co they are just citizens trying to help. Tangai mafunga uye nekuziva musati manyora.

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