Tsvangirai salary storm thickens


DOZENS of former staffers at the now-defunct Prime Minister’s Office have reportedly fallen on hard times following reports that the MDC-T leader, ex-Premier Morgan Tsvangirai, and his top party officials are haggling over responsiblity of payment of the former workers’ outstanding salaries and severance packages.


The former workers, some of whom used to work at the Prime Minister’s Charter House and Avondale offices, have accused Tsvangirai of neglecting them following the abolition of his post.

The workers claimed they had now been turned destitute after they were made redundant last October as they could not secure employment elsewhere.

Speaking to NewsDay in separate interviews this week, some of the former workers said their woes worsened after MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti and deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma reportedly ignored Tsvangirai’s suggestions to get the party to pay the workers.

“We want our packages for the four years we worked in his office as we had been promised,” a former worker who declined to be named said.
MDC-T sources said Tsvangirai wanted to pay the workers through party funds, a directive that failed to get support from others in the party.

“Some people came to the PM’s office and have nothing to do with Harvest House, therefore, to expect anything from Harvest House is a waste of time. The party is facing challenges of its own and has retrenched more than 100 workers. There is no paperwork with the MDC-T on Tsvangirai workers.”

In a letter addressed to Tsvangirai by one of his former employees, a number of meetings took place at the MDC-T leader’s Highlands house and Harvest House to try and deal with the matter, but without any positive results.

Contacted for comment, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said: “We don’t conduct human resources issues in papers. If there are people with issues, they should come through proper channels.”
Party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora referred the issue to Mangoma who, however, was unreachable for comment.


  1. In as much as I feel pity for these guys, I must mention that they are seeking for reprieve at the wrong door. They were employed by the government of Zimbabwe. They must check with the govt. When their jobs were there, their salaries came from PSC, their ex-employer, not Harvest house.

    • are you sure? from what I understand, due process was not followed in the employment of these lower shelves of the kitchen cabinet. after all, they are not silly to go to morgan if they had contracts which clearly read Govt of Zim.

      • Yes I am sure. If due process was not followed then why did PSC put them on their payroll? They should just have said due process has not been followed therefpore we cant have them on payroll. Why were they paying them for the whole 4 years? It means there is something wrong with the so called “due procedure” which must be a standard process of PSC – beimng broken by the same PSC at will? does it make sense?

  2. Murombo harovi chinenguwo hama yangu…
    Mombe yemurombo nyangwe ikabereka mhuru mbiri nguva imwechete, twunofa twose

  3. The appropriate institution to target is Mugabe, not MDC, because these people worked for Government of Zimbabwe, except for those whose contracts with the Public Service were not formalised

    • Am sure we have all head of civil servants working at Prime Minister’s office earning more than 1000k a month these are the guys being talked about. The money was coming from MDC T and only MDC T knows whos pocket was paying for their salaries. They are right to approach their MDC T President not the Gvt of Zimbabwe vanogadzirirwa size voudzwa hudofo wese

  4. Were you not employed by the government of Zimbabwe? Did your salaries not come from the PSC? So today you want to be paid by MDC on what grounds? This is one thing that is letting MDC off always. There are people who are owning the party for personal gains or to earn a living. MDC is for everyone. Makadya zvikakwana. Chiendai musiirewo vamwe. Mungatoda henyu kubhadharwa musingachashandi ko ivo vari kumukira kubasa everyday vambobhadharwa here? Don’t join politics to earn a living. Otherwise you will be very frustrated when grapes turn sour. Rebuild the party for the next elections so that it wins and you are reinstated into your former positions; rather than creating unnecessary troubles for the party. Endai motengesa ma banana mu road kana kuenda ku UK neku Dubai kuri kuenda vamwe; mozouya nyika yanaka.

  5. Vanhu vangavovora zvakadai zvagara zvinhu zvakadzvanya munhu wese asi vanhu ava vakanga vasina fundo yakakwana kai . Pavanhu varikuchema avo handifungi Dr Magaisa varipo apo asi vanhu vasina kusvozva mabhuku zvakakwana avo . Ko vakapinda vakangavasingazivi inclusive gvt was not there forever kana vane mweya yana Jimmy Kunaka veZANU PF yekuda kurarama nezevezeve kangamwai . Tarira vana Biti , Gwisai , Advocate Matinenga nevamwe vazhinji vave kutungamirira macompany avo kuti varareme iwe unosvika pakugumigwa zvakadaro semwena weJachacha . Ndinoti machinda endai munosiya maCV enyu kunaMariyawanda Nzuwa mupiwewo mabelow PDL salary mudye nevamwe , kana maipiwa mazimari ana Cuthbert Dube uyezve ariiwo amunoda kangamwai machinda zvinhu zvachinja . Mabasa azere kuno kuMberengwa tinezvikoro zvisina mateacher mazhinji tinoti huyai muwane pokutangira muchimirira 2018 nokuti mungafa nezhara zvokwadi

  6. @Mariyawanda Nzuwa, Mike Hove, Kutonetsa, I think you did not see this article published by the Herald on 6 September 2013.

    Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
    GOVERNMENT has warned civil servants who were working in the Office of former prime minister Mr Morgan Tsvangirai to report for duty and stop issuing unsanctioned public statements. Failure to heed the warning would invite charges and/or dismissal. The group includes Mr Luke Tamborinyoka, who was attested into the public service in 2011 and served as the Prime Minister’s spokesperson.

    Despite the abolition of the PM’s Office following the inauguration of President Mugabe as Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces on August 22, Mr Tamborinyoka continued to issue public statements as Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesperson.

    He — together with other civil servants working in the same office — relocated from Government offices at Charter House to Harvest House, the MDC-T headquarters.

    This is despite a Government circular by Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda last month advising the staffers to report to their employer, the Civil Service Commission.

    Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba yesterday said Mr Tamborinyoka should abide by rules governing the conduct of civil servants if he wanted to remain in the service or else he should resign.

    “If he wanted to pursue a career in the civil service, he is better advised to report to the Civil Service Commission. But also for him to know that he can no longer just speak, there are rules.

    “He is not in the President’s Office, he is not a Presidential spokesperson, he is not a ministerial spokesperson, so he cannot just speak as if he does not know that July 31 (election date) has come and gone.

    “There are instruments to charge such people.
    “You do not just open your mouth in the service. He must resign and then he can become a spokesperson of whoever he pleases and no one will ask questions. He must not pronounce himself as long as he is a civil servant on behalf of a politician. He must resign.”

    A highly-placed source in the Civil Service Commission said the behaviour of some of the civil servants who were working in the then PM’s Office was tantamount to political activism.

    “You cannot have a civil servant reporting to the headquarters of a political party without communicating that he is no longer a civil servant.

    “If they are civil servants, they should know that Harvest House is not their workstation.
    “That act by all staff that was working in the Prime Minister’s Office to relocate to Harvest House indicates they were never civil servants in the first place, they were political activists serving a political party.

    “If you are a bona fide civil servant you will know that your employer is the Civil Service Commission, that you report to Dr (Mariyawanda) Nzuwah and not some secretary of administration of a political party which means upon Constitutional changes you remain in the station under your permanent secretary who in turn liaises with the Civil Service Commission for direction in terms of re-deployment.”

    Another source said it was not the first time that Government workers were affected by a Constitutional change.
    A similar situation happened in 1987 when the Office of the Titular President was abolished to create Executive Presidency.

    The source said all workers who were affected by that Constitutional change went to the President’s Office where they got absorbed because they knew well that their employer had not been abolished.

    “Now, the PM’s staff is behaving as if the Constitution has abolished their employer who in this case is the Civil Service Commission,” said the source. “What has been abolished here is an office – a workstation.

    “Their behaviour is disqualifying them as civil servants because they seem to be exuding greater loyalty to a person than to a bureaucracy which is permanent.”

    The source said there were rules in the civil service that if one does not report for duty for a given number of days, he or she gets discharged from the service immediately without any ceremony.

    “So, their behaviour is putting their career at risk unless they never wanted to be civil servants,” said the source. “It is also prejudicing them in terms of their packages.”


  7. Thank you sir for clearing the confusion. It was obvious anyway that no one can ever work as a government staffer and get their salary from a political party

  8. The case is straight and simple .These people were not employed by Morgan but by the govt of the day and the present govt must give them retrenchment perks failure to that sue the crooks not Morgan .We know courts are run by zanu but try do not give up wish good lucky

    • Hey! these are the guys who were getting far above what other civil servants were earning during inclusive gvt. Vaitoti hatisi macivils servants isu tiri maCIO are Morgan. Ngavapihwa mari naMorgan vakasapihwa imhosva yavo coz vakatadza kuita musoro nemari yavaipihwa naMorgan during incl gvt havana basa ava taurai zvimwe zvinemusoro

  9. Problem is that munofunga kuti munhuwese anoshandira government should be given a pension when they leave. Pane stipulated number of years you must serve before you become pensionable. 4years is too little. They will only get what they contributed which isnt much considering what they were getting paid. So in anutshell noone owes them anything

  10. If these workers were employed by the government, they should take the govt to court, and if they were employed by the MDC-T they should take the MDC-T to court. They cannot keep suffering when they are owed money. I hope their employment, either by government or the MDC-T, was regular.

    Do they not know who exactly who employed them? Did they or did they not go through the standard Public Service recruitment process?


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