Tsvangirai mourns Mugabe’s sister, postpones state of the nation address


MDC –T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has postponed his alternative state of the nation addresses scheduled for Tuesday to show respect for President Robert Mugabe who lost his sister, an aide has said.

Staff Reporter

Mugabe’s sister Bridgette who is being buried in Zvimba died on Sunday after three years in a comma.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said t the time the address was arranged, there had not been bereavement in Mugabe’s family.

“Tsvangirai, who has already sent his condolences to the Mugabe family, believes that under the circumstances, it would be inappropriate to proceed with the event,” he said.

“The state of the nation address is meant to unpack the problems facing the country and proffer solutions on the way forward in light of the magnitude of the economic problems facing the people of Zimbabwe.

“The state of the nation address will be a public forum comprising members of the press, diplomats, civic society, industry representatives, students and the labour movement.”

Bridgette was Mugabe’s last surviving sibling.


  1. as a hard core mdc supporter i will hold my comments.

    on another note cant wait for 2016 congress.

    ENG MUDZURI PANYANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think if the reporter is telling the truth then at times we do have mature people who respect the dead.People have differences in life but death has to take the highest toll in respecting it.People should have one thing in common namely be afraid and respect death.The state of the nation address which Tsvangirai wanted to address could not yield any results in the end but the first and foremost is putting the dead to rest and then reschedule the programe.

    at times unombofungawo umwe wangu.

  3. Nhai vanopenga here VaTsvangirai?Nation yavanoda kuaddressa ndeipi futi?Vadini havo kutaura chokwadi kuti vari kuda kuonekwa nekunzwikwa natenzi kuti vari kuhukura…,kuti vazokandirwa mabondo!

    • Nation is you n me. If I CHOSE not to listen to an address by some Zimbabwean on a national broadcaster I THINK its none of mine to stop the speaker or others who choose to listen.

  4. The Gandanzara family expresses its heartfelt condolences following the sudden demise of Bridget Mugabe. Thank you MDC-T leader, Dr. Morgan R. Tsvangirai for reserving your official duties in respect of this funeral. We salute your recent maturity levels in politics since you made a mock of yourself in Germany, when you participated indispeakable diplomatic blunders in the eyes of the world.

    • I am sure that in your poor understanding, or ignorance rather, you wanted to write the word “indespicable.” Meriam-webster dictionary describes the word as follows:

      Very bad or unpleasant : deserving to be despised.

      This being what you wanted to write, by any chance, you can see clearly that it makes no sense at all. It means completely the opposite of what you wanted to put across. Shame, Zanu PF goons…

  5. Nation angove matuzvi Mr Tsvangirai. Things are just crumbling around and left right centre companies are closing. ZANU PF yacho iri kutori very confused. Munomboriggireyiko ?

  6. Expect statements like we are going to make sure we cut fuel,water and power supplies . We are going to make sure zim is isolated and ask for more sunctions ….in his speach (state of nation).

  7. a sign of maturity
    we will be waiting to hear from from you what you could have done for us if the election had not been stolen from you. Give us a detailed response to the problems facing the nation so that we can still have faith in you. . This is a God given chance,Save make use of it

  8. Ah wagona Tsvacry keep it up.bt ko pawaimbo manya kumaboss ako uchinokumbira zvirango waimbofungei?,ko after mavhoti hanty ndiwe wakati tichafanenzara,handizvo here zvaunoda here kuti vanhu vatambure kuitira kuti vazokuvhotera.urikuaddresser wakamira saani nhai Tsvacry.muhurumende yipi?unogadzirisei uchikoniwa kugadzirisa matambudziko emumba mako.

  9. I suppose this is what should be expected of someone aspiring to that high office. This was a well thought out decision…well done!

  10. How many burials epa Heroes Acre emaNational Heroes did he boycott then nhasi akutaura kuti azorega kuita zvakati nenyaya yaBridget.Want to seek attention kubva kuna Bob.Crocodile tears

  11. those that are against mdc leader , chenyu chamakaita chii tipemberewo, because even the president knows tsvangirai as his challenger. itaiwo zvenyu tione.

  12. I am an international relations student and I want to attend this ‘state of the nation address’,, wher do I get the details of where and when the event will taje place.

  13. Well done Mr Tsvangirai, this is exemplary maturity. I like the way you always seek to overcome evil with good. We know you love those who hate you. Since 1999, they called u many names, they beat u, they tried to kill u but u survived it all. Rambai makashinga, 1 day God will put your enemies to shame

  14. We all noe that Save is the the man.hate or love it thus reality my dear foes.Well done Tsvangirai,,only those with blinkers,who are dull,people without humanity at heart can critisize what you just did.I personally salute you because you have proven beyond any reasonable dought to be our God given leader.Its just a meta of time.ALUTA CONTINUA!!!!!!

  15. He wants to address the nation on economic issues? Am astounded fo sho. When he was pm haana kuona here kuti the economy is down?

  16. I morgan tsvangirai tell you that the economy is not good. teachers were given small increament, there is no water, there is no cash, there is no fuel, there is money. there is nothing in Zimbabwe. to tell you the truth, these people stole elections and they can not steal the economy. Look companies are continuing to shut down. I Save have the keys to unlock the economy. please i have been praying and i was given holy water that Mugabe will die this year. Well the prophet only said Mugabe and i didn’t know that he referred to B Mugabe. on that note i can frankly say i was caught off-side.

    my wish as the president of Zimbabwe in waiting i wish of his demise but hey things are not on my side. Zimbabwe can not move forward if i am not elected to be the president of this country. I and I repeat that only I Morgan Richard Tsvangirai has the keys for this economy. Once you elect me in 2018, i will open schools, build dames and oceans, i will give teachers $1000.00 per month and i will give Doctors $5000.00 per month. Banks, Clinics, Bridges, rivers and oceans will be built.

    My people of Zimbabwe, you are in sorry state and i can only say we want fresh elections or erections whatever so that we legitimize everything in Zimbabwe. mind you we honor our War Vets and we want to give them gratuities for the role they played for liberating this country. I will encourage polygamy to increase population. I will let my masters in Zimbabwe so that they will mine, farm, gaying, and giving us credit lines. i want Zimbabwe to be called Highly Indebted Poor Country so that our masters will forgive us that $12 billion dollars debt. this will unlock credit lines. I know very well that those people love us too much. they will definately give us everything for free.

    Oh My Citizens brace for harsh economic conditions under this government. i have solutions. I didn’t do it when i was the prime minister because i was under Zanupf so I was powerless. Just vote for me and i will solve your problems that include financial, marital, economic and spiritually.

    Thank you
    Morgan R Tsvangirai

  17. iwe you are not zimbabwean god. We trust God and not you. pwetere pwetere chii chacho uneyi iwe gona kuita basa kuna Eriza mhani. yekuda vana vadiki iyi hezvo. vanoda ma 45 meter drive ka ava.

  18. A natural leader is seen by the way he makes decisions . Morgan has always made simple straight forward decisions which the 90yr granny Mugabe has failed to display. Well done Morgan we salute you. One thing zimbos like you is that you listen you do not use mangoromera to get want you want

  19. death knows no political alliance. Bob should also respect the deceased regardless of previous political alliances. Bob ignored the likes of the late Chavhunduka, Masipula and Makumbe because they had belonged to different political persuasions despite that he had been their Chancellor. Good example Morgan. Only dolts and particularly ZANUPF sycophants will not appreciate this.

  20. I don’t think Tsvangirai proposed address will change anything on the political landscape. It’s an exercise in building castles in the air. For as long as Mugabe is alive the system will remain the same until Mugabe makes any changes. Tsvangirai had no executive powers to change anything in the ill-fated GNU never mind now when he is fighting matrimonial battles and leadership battles in MDC-T. The man is a failed politician. The sooner he exists the arena the better.

    We still don’t know what MDC-T stance is on sanctions or restrictive measures.

  21. only a buntch of useless old politicians will criticise such a move.i dont see anything wrong with attending a burial.We juss have to respect that coz we all gona die and pple shld pay respect to that.Zvashamisa coz its Tsvangirai who attended now,kurai mani,nxaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Like him or not Morgan is the next president only fools can not see the writing on the wall as of this magogo he is leading us back to 2008 .Ian Smith had fully flenged sanctions but he never made any noise about it and the economy was the best ever for this country before a group of idiots came in and completely destroyed everything

    • are you a prophet Diibulaanyika if wishes were horses.leaders come from GOD.Dont impose any leadership on anyone.Those whom you are criticising are imposed to us by GOD.It is nice to respect our leaders whether from church,politics and any organization.Hatidzikame hama tipiwe nashe.

  23. I remember one time when Gushaz said that Tsvangson will never rule this country when am still leaving. zvikanzi ndinopika naamai vangu aBona haafe munhuyu akatonga Zimbabwe. now it come to my senses that it was true nhayi. Kikikikikikiki

  24. dear writer it is known as “coma” not “comma”…please proof read your spellings,this is appalling.

  25. Those who think its strange or improper for anybody other than Onebody to address the nation are people who threw their brains in the bin and now have to borrow Onebody’s brain before they speak or write. Unfortunately its too late the brains were eaten buy cats after dogs refused to eat them. Sorry henyu.

  26. tsvangirai ita kuti vanhu vako vaite noise 3 dayz ndobva ndaenda upinde pabasa rako wakahwina since 2002 pese apa ndaingomama.amen


  28. On the other hand ZBC is destroying UNITY efforts among Zimbabweans in its report saying and I quote “A meeting that was supposed to be addressed by MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai in Harare failed to take place after the expected people did not turn up in what insiders say is evidence that factionalism is threatening to destroy the party….” As a responsible peace building media institution i expected a better reporting from ZBC in light of the sad moment we are after the loss of our President’s sister.

  29. mudzuri akatadza kurunner harare nhasi omuka oti anoda kutungamira nyika , musatambe nevanhu muchida kuzama zvisingaiti , ndizvo zvatambudza mazimbabweans zvekuzama pamusoro pavanhu pasi namudzuri

  30. why do i see morgan ruling this country one day. why do i say so. he is ready to learn from his mistake. he humbly accepts his wrong. infact he should have not won the 2013 election so that he learns more on how to correct things for this country in a Godly way, which our present leadership is failing to do. if he fails to rule this country we will all acknowledge the truth his imput will do the trick and mugabe knows that.

  31. something is fishy here guys…Tsvangison has boycotted the burial of quite a namba of war veterans at the national heroes acre on flimsy reasons n nw he tells us he respects Mugabe on the loss of his sister…utter rubbish! R u sayin Mugabe’s sister iz more special n important than the war veterans?? U dont respect Mugabe bt u r grovelling fo yo pension manje haulume! Z fo yo state of the nation address we dont care a bit…u hev no nation to address bt yo suppoters. U had all the tym to address the nation whilst in GNU bt u wasted it uchitsvaka vakadzi….yo tym z up.

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