Tsvangirai, Mangoma showdown today

Morgan Tsvangirai

A SHOWDOWN is looming today in the MDC-T as the national executive meets to deliberate on issues affecting the party including the fight between party leader Morgan Tsvangirai and deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma.


The national executive is currently divided between supporting Mangoma’s views contained in a letter addressed to Tsvangirai urging him to consider stepping down and those fighting in MDC-T leader’s corner.

The meeting will be the first between Tsvangirai, Mangoma and the national executive members aligned to both camps since the eruption of a war of words between two camps.

Mangoma hinted to NewsDay on Wednesday that it will be a no-holds-barred meeting.

“We just have to see what will happen on Friday (when the party leadership meets),” he said.

Eddie Cross, also a national executive member, said Mangoma’s point of view would be discussed

“On Friday, as the national executive, we will consider Mangoma’s point of view and we will consider what we should do about planning the way forward,” he said.

In today’s meeting, Mangoma is likely to face Chalton Hwende, who has been blasting him on social networks.

Hwende, a national executive member in charge of Mashonaland West province and a Tsvangirai loyalist, told an international radio station that Mangoma should bring his position paper to the meeting.

He said the former Energy minister should put his proposals for leadership renewal up for vote.

“If it finds no takers, he should drop his proposals,” Hwende was quoted as saying.

He vowed that Mangoma would not win.

There has been renewed pressure on Tsvangirai to call for an early congress and allow the structures to come up with a new line up. Those pushing for his ouster say his marital problems and sex scandals have harmed MDC-T’s image and it would be costly if the party retains him as the leader in the 2018 elections.


  1. mangoma is ill advised who cares about tsvangirais sex issues. mangoma must know kuti save vakuru kwete zvake izvo ndiani waarikuda kut apinde ipapo,Iye ? no ways. after all where did he get that 3 million be careful mangoma is a sellout expell him akazungaira

    • Tofa, if suggesting changing a leader who has been at the helm of a party for 15 years means one has to be labelled a sellout then there is no hope for this country.

      If you feel that Tsvangirai deserves to continue leading his party then you should articulate your reasons in stead of castigating him because your views differ from yours. This business of creating personality cults has to stop.

    • Sekuru, Zimbabwe inevanhu vakawanda chaizvo zvokuti mukuru haashaikwi pamwe anotodarika Save vacho. Nhamo yedu kufunga kuti atanga haabvi, Dzimwe nyika dzirikusakura ndima isu takangoti vava, tichiti vaMugabe havatsihwi ivo vofunga kuti vanogona. Tsvangirayi has played his party but the party is currently in disarray coz hapana achaziva chokuita. Ikaramba yakadaro 2018 ikawana 3 seaats mashura.
      VaTsvangirayi vavakuda kutaura neZanu kuti vawane chigaro muhurumende. Varikuda kutenga imba yehurumende kuti iite yavo. makazviona kupi izvozvo kuti state house inotengeswa. Ko vakambobvumirei kugara ikoko ( kuHighlands) imba yaPrime minister iriko. Vaifanira kusiya chigaro ichi kudhara

    • how many terms has tsvangirai bn in power? MDC shud not emulate Zanu tactics, live and live democracy, regai Tsvangirai azorore, we need new strategies not the same old talk yekuti Zanu yauraya nyika, things have changed and the soon you will realise that MDC will be left with no support base.

  2. Whilst wearing a younger Robert Mugabe’s be-spectacled face on their breasts, navels and buttocks – our mothers, aunts and sisters – in 1980 towards election time – could be heard chanting songs like “vaMugabe murimo here zvaita moyo wangu ndafunga ndikubereke…” Fast forward to 2014 those still alive are certainly now singing the blues. Those are the effects of allowing a “man to become the political party”. It is an open secret that vaMugabe is Zanu PF and Zanu PF is vaMugabe. It is surprising how people are eager to repeat the same mistake with Morgan Tsvangirai. He should not be allowed to become MDC T and MDC T should not be Morgan Tsvangirai. What has he accomplished to justify remaining at the helm of the party? He has been out foxed by Zanu PF at every turn until with the exception of multiple currencies we are back where we were in 2007. Tsvangirai should not be the brand but MDC T. What we learn from history is we don’t learn a single thing.

    • Maswerasei you are so right. This business of singling out an individual as the face of an organisation is pathetic. Tsvangirai has done 15 years and has nothing to show for it other than dwindling support for his party. The fact that those who believe in change of leadership are continuously maligned does not bode well for this country. How can we move forward if we are bent on emulating Zanu P.F., the very party that ruined this country? It really is tragic.

      • Ruramai, I thought you now belong to the NCA party. Nway, your ideas are not bad but allow the National Executive members to decide the way forward.

    • The leader of an opposition struggle/party is different from the President of a country. When you are in power, you have the time and resources to deal with leadership renewal because you would have won! Leadership renewal in an opposition movement is foolish. It divides the effort, demoralises many people and shifts the focus off the right target. I tell you the Mangomas of this world are, knowingly or unknowingly, busy siding with Zanu PF and destroying the people’s project. ZPF never removed Bob because they new despite his many faults (as far as women and corruption are concerned, he is not a saint), he was the only one who could hold the party together, and also win against Tsvangirai. On that point alone, Mugabe had better lieutenants than Tsvangirai. If Tsvangirai goes from the MDC leadership, that’s the end of my support for the party. I have no respect for any of these sellouts.

      • My friend you are so wrong, MDC has better informed and honest lieutenants, we dont want to set a precedence where MDC is synonymous with Tsvangirai, a political party shud not be family business, leadership is dynamic and shud be allowed to evolve and change.

      • Good point,why single out Tsvangirai alone as having failed to dislodge Mugabe from the helm. The MDC as a party including Mangoma himself are responsible for the dismal perfomance on the 31st of July. Mugabe’s strength lies in the loyalty of his lieutenants,on the contrary despite his sexual escapades Tsvangirai is flanked by opportunists. Zanu Pf will not remove their link in Mugabe because they view Tsvangirai as never ending threat. I bet my last coin if Morgan is removed today Mugabe will retire the next. Why not.

      • @Watcher- Obama would never have seen the light of day had the democrats stuck with Al Gore who incidentally was cheated by Dubya Bush..but he walked away and the democrates came to power via Obama..The gentleman whose voice must come from around his ankles, one Hague lost to Blair but was happy go let Cameroon take a shot and look where they are..in power. By the way Hague is Foreign Minister now. The issue is about who can get power not who is the most popular or the founder..It is the MDC that will be in government allowing ts officers to govern in its name not the name of individuals. Tsvangirayi can be like Mandela or Mbeki campaigning spiritedly campaigning for the new leader even if they dont like him..This is what going to fight is all about, putting your best foot forward. You can continue going to elections and saying I was cheated and then insist you want endless chances while your movement is dying..It is irresponsible. There is really no need for this acrimony at all. I hope they discuss rationally mindful of the fact that the public is watching them very carefully. The public is losing patience with the MDC and the sooner the officers come to terms with this the better for them!

        • about US & British elections, if presdential candidate lose an election you are not allowed to contest again. its in their constitution and that does not feature in our constitution so these do not compare to us.

    • @ Maswerasei:::::::? ZANUPF does not carry Cde Mugabe`s surname as its name. PF stands for PARTIOTIC FRONT ! Our party supporters are free to sing praises to their dear leader! Just find ways of removing your “democratic“ leader from the top! After all, MDCT lost becoz of its policies, not becoz of Morgan per se! His lecherous drama is not what swayed voters against MDCT! Even in ZANUPF we have leaders with moral and ethical issues but people look at our policies ! E.g. when people across the political divide voted to entrench the land revolution in our new constitution, that interrogated MDCT`s vacillation over the land issue and the people spoke wisely on the 31JULY, ! You can remove Morgan from top leadership , but that wont change your political fortunes until you know why the West loves MDCT and hates ZANUPF ,to wit, the land issue! You can call your party MDCC(ross) and get more donors funds but you will bite the political dust again in 2018 and remain politically cross!

  3. We have no need to expose each and every leader be it in Mdc or Zanu pf about sexual behavior, including Mangoma himself , I personaly know her little small house a lady who was working at Harvest house.
    So we need not to take advantage of other people’s private lives as if we are clean.

    • A question to all the readers. Saka anenge apinda pachinzvimbo chaTsvangirai akafumurwa zvemarriage and sex life anofanirwa kubiswa kotsvagwazve mumwe, dzamara pawanikwa akachena.

      Handirevi kuti zvameso meso zvakanaka. Kubvunza chete.

  4. Hapana chichaitika kuna Mangoma. If MDC-T is a democratic party as MDC-T alleges, then pple shld appreciate Mangoma’s views. Tsvangirai is not the last drop that can quench a dying horse. Accept pple’s views and what does the MDC-T constitution say abt Tsvangirai’s term of office? Honestly when some of yo people call u a rusty bolt can’t u see they ar no longer interested in u? Ndokuva DICTATOR ka uku

  5. Go and ask Welsh and his MDC he will tell yu kuti Tsvanson vahombe havasati vapedza mission yavo.Mangoma and yo crew yu are free to form yo own party ,there yu shall see kuti mari haina basa

  6. mangoma step aside or else go and form yo on party pliz.so leave our leader pliz.wait & c Tsvangirai wil remain our President.why usina kukwana Mangoma,vange vadii kumirira Congress kuratidza kungwara.ukwane zvako

  7. Mangoma is very right but iye pachake haangaisimudzi vese naMudzuri saka naivo vagarisa ngavabve tipinde isu vana Mhofu muone Zanu tichiikanda mu toilet like a used tissue paper.

  8. Hatingarambi tichitnderera panzvimbo 1 nekuti MT does not want to give way to change i leadership. We want change in leadership, not a person. Otherwise we have nothing to blame RGM. He is Zpf and he cant relinquish powe to anyone nomatter how bad he runs down the country, he feels he is the only one who can steer the ship. We can’t possibly have the same thing happening in our party takatarisa. what change would we be talking about. mangomas views should be taken seriously.

  9. About who introduced the use of multiple currencies in Zim, please its not Chinamasa. It is the people of Zimbabwe. For a long time people had been using forex after ditching the worthless ZimDollar, and the government was busy arresting and jailing people for doing the only logical thing under those circumstances. We were calling on the Government to formalise the use of foreign currencies, but the government, led by the then de facto Prime Minister Gideon Gono, could not see sense (I guess they believed that a miracle could happen in that wrong economic policies would bring positive results). What Chinamasa simply did in February, just before the consummation of the GNU, was to formalise what the people were already doing. Do u remember that? So who introduced multiple currencies in Zim? I stick to my opinion.

  10. in our ward we believe morgan tsvangirayi has to step aside because the terms he has served as our party president are now finished. he has served a total of three terms and the constitution dictates that he no longer eligible to stand for another term and the party should now select the next person tp take the party forward. it is simple as that.

  11. It further provides evidence on Tsvangirai’s incapabilities. Mangoma wrote a letter in confidence to His Majesty Tsvangirai. A friendly advice, NOT for public consumption. Guess what? The aspiring president displays it in the gallery. It was between the two to sit down over a cup of coffee and iron out the their problems. Now every Jack and Jill are commenting without properly scrutinising the intentions and motives behind the writing. I just cant get it fellow Zimbabweans.

  12. when nelson mandela resigned as president of south africa and president of the anc, he was still very popular and a lot of people wanted him to remain n place. he resigned to set an example for all future anc presidents that there is life after serving in office. morgan tsvangirai should also resign and allow leadership renewal, so that in the mdc leadership renewal becomes the norm in the mdc

    • Why did Mandela not resign when he was still in Roben Island ,realizing there was noone leading the ANC outside.ANC Members had faith in Mandela even if he was in Prison those outside kept on working hard giving each other support and advises.Mangoma and all others around Morgan should keep on respecting the President of the party until final victory,then renewal of leadership debate can start.

      • @Chiru- Mandela gave way to Tambo while he was in prison, remember and only got the presidency when he came out of prison. And remember Mandela did not contest election three times while he was in prison..spot the difference?

      • My brother victory is only certain when the top leadership remains focused not with Morgans leadership which got carried away with GNU.Ours became a struggle without a face.Whilst others were loosing property and everthing that they had owned since birth thru zanu(pf) barbarism,others became rich overnight thru the same system.When Mandela was at Robben Island no-one in the ANC ever entered into a GNU with an appatheid government.

      • Chirikunga u ill-informed Mandela was just a leader not President of ANC e time he was in Roben Island, Oliver Tambo was e president then and Madiba attained e presidency upon release and ultimate death of OR Tambo, just wanted to correct u there! So pliz don’t mix the predicament of Tsvangirai with that of Madiba. The question just to be asked is what does e constitution of MDC T say on terms of office of its president? Then follow the constitution, that’s what democracy is about. If its silent then it lies in e hands of the party congress to decide whom they want to lead them not just e executive committee.

  13. its funny, those in support of tsvangirayis continued helm sound exactly like zanu pf supporters when they defend mugabe continued helm of zanu pf despite the obvious need for him to resign.

  14. a spilt in the mdc is now in the offing between those who want tsvangirayi to defy the mdc constitution and those who want to follow the mdc constitution to the letter. all of this plays nicely into the hands of zanu pf. tsvangirayi as the current leader is fully responsible for this mess.

    • For Tsvangirayi to remain in his party at another position is not a demotion but respecting the constitution.He can even bounce back at the helm of not only the party but the country since mdc is democratic.

  15. Ndinoona paine vanhu vakarasika zvachose isu support yatinopa Tsvangirai is not that he is a dictator.
    Look at what is hidden then you know Mangoma is not genuine.
    Does his proposal benefit the people-No. If he has people at heart why go to media zvaari kuita saying im ready to be the leader.
    His ideas are driven by greedy self aggrandizement and sellout

  16. Soo Mangoma thinks Tsvangirai is as cheap as $3M????? I think zpf is equally shocked if they have known they should have bought him more than a decade ago.

  17. Koo inga Mangoma ane pfambi dzakewo vani? Uye vane pfambi zhinji ndivo vari kutohwina maelections muZim? Aaah Mangoma usarasike kunge Mutambara kudaro

  18. Whilst its a gud to put one’s views in e open, I don’t support e way he is doing it. It shows he is hell bent not only on destroying MT bt e whole movement. Once u becoming a darling of e state media it means ua now singing from their hymn book. Since when has e state media been reporting fairly abt anything to do w MDC? By giving Mangoma acres of space as they do to Mahoso shd tell us a lot. By openly castigating MT, I think Mangoma has gone over bounds. Why can’t he take a leaf from Blessing Vava and Takura Zhangazha who just resigned from e NCA and also resign. If he is truely concerned w e loss of elections y can’t he call for e whole leadership to stand down? After all e next elective congress is just 2 years away y can’t he wait for that time whilst he is biz helping mobilizing and rallying their troops? His behaviour makes it difficulty not believe he has bn hard agst e party so as to create an avenue to exploit and seize e presidency

  19. Nora nora nora akomana mhururu kuenda nekudzoka.
    Kuna Mangoma akapanduka nepamusana pekuda mari mhururu kuenda nekudzoka nora akomana
    Viva Morgan viva Morgan kugara nemhandu taneta
    Nora nora nora akoma
    Kuna Mangoma akapanduka nepamusana pekuda mari VIVA MORGAN VIVA MORGAN VIVA MORGAN

  20. Morgan will only resign after being installed as The President of Zimbabwe for only one term of office NOT NOW.Viva Morgan.

  21. ZVINE MAZISO ASI HAZVIONE………..zvakadzitirwa pfungwa . Kana masvotwa naTSVANGIRAI …..form your own party(s)

    Nhundiramutsime dzevanhu!! pfungwa dzechi CIO,……..

  22. morgan will step down one day. he is not like mugabe dont be cheated. what is happening is that we the people have postponed his steping down by always voting zanu. his mission like madela of sa, is to defeat zanu and let the rest of us rule. ncube postponed or delayed his by lack of patience and mangima is following in the same route. all these guys who are challenging morgan are good guys and even better than him, but are doing it while dancing to the music which zanu likes.

    • @Sammy- ZANU is not this invincible beast it is just a political party like the MDC. The MDC should clean up its internal engines so that it can face ZANU..saying that so and so is the only one who can defeat ZANU when this so and so has failed THREE times is curious logic. If you look at the history of ZANU you will find Mugabe took over from Sithole..they brought in new leadership when this was required but look at ZAPU, UANC and ZANU ndonga..This failure at leadership renewal put paid to their attempts at governance. ZANU under Mugabe will also pay down the line for this failure of theirs to renew their own leadership..


  24. If MDCT supporters are truly democratic, in the western sense of democracy, then they should take Mangoma’s views into consideration. If I am not mistaken, the MDCT has been preaching that succession debate is most welcome provided people follow the right channels of communicating their views, in writing, etc, etc. Mangoma did exactly that only to see top leadership unleashing the dogs of war on Mangoma. Democracy, the African style, is of consensus and looks like the likes of Hwende are resorting to that good old African way. In old Africa, we sit down and weigh the pros and cons before we throw matters to the povo because that is a sure recipe of getting views so diverse they will derail the original intent. Some people will speak for the sake of speaking without weighing sense and significance of utterances. The way left will be going to the vote by all of which he with the utmost cash or violence will win because povo is unpredictable. The povo of Zimbabwe wants to eat. Those who are dismissing Mangoma thinking money will not buy him votes have to think twice.

  25. Mangoma is being petty and myopic. he forgets that its him and Biti who were the brains in the negotiation process that brought nothing, but dismal failure for Morgiza and the party. Kure, they should just shutup if they have run out of steam or we shall remind them about their corrupt moves at Zesa and Plumtree-Harare-Mutare project. Birds of the same feather-(Mudzuri, Mangoma & Biti) they all had questionable conduct during there tenure as goverment ministers.

  26. Morgan Tsvangirai has outlived his usefulness he should stepdown……together with Robert Mugabe vagarisa varume ava.

  27. MAngoma is right. I like TSvangison, so much. But he is past sell by date, stale news. There is nothing new the grade 7 dropout will do to unseat ZANU. Look how the fool was tricked by Mugabe after drinking tea together for one day.

  28. The overzelous pple like Charlton Hwende,are destroying the party,there was no need for him to personally insult Mangoma because MDC is an institution founded on democratic principles and charlton is trying to subvert that truth by tying the party on Tsvangirais leg which is unfair both to Tsvangirai and the party.the only acceptable thing to do for Charlton and Gutu is that they must apologise to Mangoma and the peaceful democratic loving people of Zimbabwe for their barbaric slurs on social media.

  29. @ falcon i dont disagree with you. morgan will step down as long as people like you come into the picture. at present even if they are there, they are not seen. tell you the truth morgan is ready to do so anytime and will not be difficult . thats why people who know him like biti will be quite even when they know they are more powerful than morgan. they are not ready to be advised by zanu on how to get things right in that party

  30. Leaders are removed or installed at Congress, not in the Herald. Mangoma should know that. If Mangoma cant wait for Congress, then he should go back to ZPF.

  31. Tinoziva kti mangoma wakapanduka kare enda undo former party nevamwe vako. wakaiwana kupi mari yaunoda kupa Tsvangs ? uri stupid kuuraya musangano wedu iwe

  32. Judging by past experiences of internal dynamics in the two main parties..THERE WILL BE NO SHOWDOWN! People will just kiss and make up on how best to screw idiots who believe there will ever be a showdown inside both parties! If you discount emotion the two parties are exactly the same..and the same.

  33. Some pipo are shallow-minded. How do u compare Tsvangison to Madiba when the two were not exposed to the same conditions?
    Tsvangison “lost” elections 3 times but the playing field was not even. Who in MDC do u think at present can defeat Zanu Pf under the current conditions. Just think of anybody who is spotless and forward his name.
    Why is MDC-N not doing well in elections? And why is Zanu Pf silent abt Ncube’s party? U should ask yourself why even the press has of late made more noise abt Tsvangirai than the rot in the economy.
    If Tsvangison goes, Zanu ichatonga kusvika madhongi amera nyanga

  34. The MDC Constitution has no limit for the President l do not where you are reading it from.Guys democracy its not about term of office.Tsvangirai to be President of the party does not need endorsement from social media we have a constitution to follow.And those who are in the party who doubts his credentials its either to shape or ship out.We have so many parties in Zimbabwe to join if you are not satisfied.Tsvangirai is there to stay.As far as the constitution of the party is concerned congress is in 2016 period.

  35. Mangoma (who had been one of my favorites following his fine performance as energy minister) is simply wrong innocently or otherwise on the leadership issue:
    1. the nikuv tragedy and the failure to perceive it and deal with it is not tsvangirai’s alone. the whole mdc leadership needs to take responsibility for that.
    2. repeated failure to dislodge a ruling party that has usurped all institutions into one man equally belongs to the whole opposition leadership. Did the mangomas offer strategies the MT turned down?
    3. the notion that opposition party succession politics needs to be as elective based as national presidential elections is a fallacy. Opposition succession needs to be goal driven strategic, lest it becomes a tool for the incumbent ruling party to stifle opposition ascent.

    The question now becomes is Mangoma genuinely advocating for change with the will to have the party reinvigorated or could there be other motives behind the scenes? Time will tell when archuves one day will be opened. What is clear is there is a group in the MDC T that is either privy of information that other higher up leaders do not have but don’t share it, or all of the MDCT leadership are just oblivious of the hands of the state behind the scences

  36. Culturally democracy was known its not anything new in zimbabwe. Where does the saying ‘ushe madzoro hunoravanwa” emanate from? Let the stick be given to someone else even from outside this would help unite any emerging camps and you may be even surprised by how much your support base will surge,

  37. …vakomana Save vasiye ndapota. Murume uyu akaponda takatarira, agogerwa hircut yaMr T, kushingirira tese tese. Taiva kupi pavaimira-mira semweya wetsvina vari vashoma. Tichirara hope dzakada kuti kwaneyi vari muchizarira. Let the man be, he has tried, bt no man can bear this Zimbabwean kind of burden alone. Pamberi naSave!

  38. @ Cde Mzvinavanhu (Prof). You want to talk about Zanu PF’s policies? One party state 1980s (which I must say congratulations you have achieved through the back door thanks to the security chiefs). Jobs for the boys. Results. A bloated civil service and public debt, not forgetting demob fees plus payouts for the comrades late 1990s. Control of parastatals profitable at time of take over 1980 but now nothing but a horrible eye sore (all of them basically). Willowvale and the many other scandals that followed. Mind you had Geoff Nyarota not done that article which caused public outcry Willowgate would have never surfaced. The moral being be corrupt as long as you don’t get caught. That’s ZPF policy. Ethnic cleansing. Converting commercial farms into subsistence & recreational holdings (after losing a referendum) then going on to buy the very same produce from neighbouring countries where the very same commercial farmers are now domiciled. A system of education that produces theorists rather than practical people what I mean is professors that are as myopic and blinkered as a derby race horse. And as for the west; once upon a time there was a certain queen of England who once uttered these words “…arise sir Robert…” to the leader of a certain southern African state. So yeah you are right Zanu PF won the 2013 elections because of its policies and is set to win the 2018 ones again because of its policies. Silly me, I must be Nikuved.

  39. mangoma must respect his leader;because for him to be a leader today is because of tsvangirai,stop fighting unless your are being used because money.

  40. @Ruramai -you are a star, all who want to create their hold -for -life leaders should join zunu, party policy must be over, above, and beyond certain individuals.how can mdc change zanu while on top of our necks are heads similar minds as of zanu.mouthing up change is easy, but living change is something else.slowly , but surely, mdc is being zanunised.our minds and our mouth talk change, but our feet walk zanu, shame on US.

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