Tinopona Katsande reveals infertility


BATTERED television and radio personality Tinopona Katsande has revealed she suffers from endometriosis, a gynaecological condition that causes cells from the uterine lining to flourish outside the uterine cavity. The condition causes pain and infertility.


After her controversial sex-tape that leaked to the media last year Tin Tin, as the former Studio 263 actress is affectionately referred to, went into hibernation.
But before her announcement on Facebook yesterday morning, all this should have been viewed as seeking to clean her image.

She posted on the social networking site that she had decided to divulge one of her closely guarded secrets because she believed she “may inspire, motivate and perhaps even save a life in the process”.

Part of the post read: “I have a medical condition called endometriosis. Endometriosis is a gynaecological condition in which cells from the lining of the uterus appear and flourish outside the uterine cavity.

“This means that every time I go on my period, I bleed from both inside and outside my uterus. Now, because it’s not normal to have menstrual blood come out of anywhere else, but through the vaginal canal, the blood that collects outside the uterine cavity creates cysts all over my other organs causing so much pain and discomfort every time I ovulate.”

She said the condition was diagnosed when she was 17 and she had undergone about seven surgical operations on her uterus and ovaries before the condition was eventually identified in California, United States.

“Instead, being the Shona girl I am, the ‘elders’ and doctors attributed the excruciating, demobilising monthly period pains to jeko (dysmenorrhoea) and I was told I would eventually grow out of it; especially after having a baby,” she said.

“Unfortunately, however, I have not grown out of it and medically, I am infertile. I say medically because I believe musiki wangu (my creator) will give me the gift of a child if and when he wants — endometriosis or not.

“In the meantime, however, I feel it is my onus to be an unofficial Endometriosis Awareness Ambassador in Zimbabwe.”

Tin Tin (34) said she has now resorted to high dosages of pain medication every time she ovulates as it provides her with temporal relief.

She said she had taken every traditional medication known for dysmenorrhoea before moving on to Lupron hormonal treatment in her early 20s, but stopped after it began to affect her bones.

“Endometriosis has a significant social and psychological impact. You lose days from school or work every month,” she said.

“You are jeered at and gossiped about for not having children.

“Note that there is no cure for endometriosis, but it can be treated in a variety of ways, including pain medication, hormonal treatments and surgery.”

Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights chairperson Rutendo Bonde said the disease was common but difficult to diagnose.

“Laparoscopic examination of the pelvis requires some advanced equipment,” she said.

She said it is caused by an additional uterine tissue and may result in chronic pelvic pain.

Bonde said there is now medication that can be used to cause the extra uterine tissue to shrink, but said treatment depends on the level at which the condition is detected.

Symptoms of endometriosis-related pain may include: dysmenorrhea, disabling cramps during menses, pain may get worse over time (progressive pain), lower back pains linked to the pelvis, chronic pelvic pain, dyspareunia (painful sex), urinary urgency, frequency, sometimes painful voiding, throbbing, gnawing, and dragging pain to the legs.

Her post ended thus: “So heads up every one! If you have experienced or know anyone who is experiencing any of the above please suggest an endometriosis exam from the gynaecologist.”


    • Kunyangwe ukapika nezita raJesu, some people are just not meant to have kids period!! Its not about faith, its about trust in God, He made everything for His glory we just need to trust in Him and live according to his will. Whether one spends his/her whole life bed-ridden or leaving no siblings behind have very little to do with faith, people should accept and praise God for who He has made them to be and live their lives to the fullest!!

      • @kitsi; Prophet Samuel is a good example of kids who are born from consistant prayer and pestering of God. Hanna did that so did mbuya Sara e.t.c. If she pray and fast hard like jesus said zverudzi uGu zvinoda kunamata nekutsanya kwakasimba, she will win her war. Sister ava ndinombovawona kuchurch kwandinoenda vanenge vachingotaura svisingaperi even when the pastor is addressing nyaya dzakafanana neyake iyi. She needs to be “serious-serious-serious” on her spiritual problem kwete zvaarikuita izvi zveku publisher nyaya yake mumapapers for sympathy. lets hope she does not have an STI yakazo complicate issue yake coz vakawanda vakadzi vane jeko asi vachiita vana. Vasikana vava komana ava, nedzake dziya hatichaziva kwakabviwa nezvakambobatwa.

        • @gulalikabili
          Thax my brother for the reminder of those people of faith, not that i doubt it but sometimes people lose the most important blessing(s) from the Lord because they dwell too much on earthly things, like wealth, health, kids e.t.c. Read Mathew 19 vs 12
          “For there are eunuchs who were born thus from their mother’s womb, and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men,….”
          You see, as I have said, some people cannot conceive because they were born like that.

  1. Kutenda chete sis wangu,Mwari anoregerera,tose tinezvirwere asi hatitaure chete….KEEP YOUR FAITH..Jeremiah 17:7-8 But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD whose confidence is in him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

  2. I think as Zimbabweans we should learn to sympathise with those that have some difficulties in life keeping.Honestly instead of us giving her some advice on who to cure her problem we seem to be joking.If Tin Tin has this type of problem sure she is in for rough treat.Imagine if she was your daughter who suffers from such an ailment,how would you feel.To us who have daughters sure I feel some nerve breaking pains in my body and I feel sorry for Tin Tin.

    May the Good Lord at one time cure this deadly creature in you.

  3. sry my sister, ur ordeal meks me cry, bn married fr 7yrs and have sex less thn thrice a mnth cz evrytime we mek love my darling wife wil writh with pain afterwards, sex has become an operation without sedation, my wife is pushing me to mary another wife which is a toll order to me again, u are nt alone in this strugle my sista bt the good Lord wil answer us 1 day

    • pliz u make me sick…..you are such a darling to yo wife…..i realy admire yo love for yo wife…..for sure one day with yo faith mwari vachakuitirai zvakanaka. to yo wife ndinoti asaruza hope…mwari vanaye n shud thank him for givng her such a lovng hubby

    • My advice to you my dear brother is attend the services from Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. I have witnessed severe diseases and disorders healed. Witnessing it with mine own eyes. Please help your wife and thats preventing getting 2nd wife and bringing joyful sexual encounter in your marriage. The prophet is a God-given gift to the people of Zimbabwe. He is not only for UFIC but the whole country. Its just that anowanika kuUFIC as an address. Ndewedu tese nomatter you fellowship in Roman Catholic, AFM, UMC, Johanne Masowe, etc.


    • @ jozef; Be faithful to God brother. I feel for you but first ask your God even though your wife is pushing you to take another wife lest you be like what became of Abraham on his son Ishmael and his mother.

  4. Zimbabweans lets feel sorry for one another especially women. My sister had 2 children but now suffers from the same condition like Tinopona. This can affect you at any time its a complicated situation. Hosea4:4 says my people perish because they lack knowledge and ingnorance.

  5. ummmmmm something doesnt sit right here somethings are better left unsaid as this is private and confidential information,be careful what you share with your family and what you share with the public as this may back fire.

  6. @ observer. I think she has achieved her objective, “Creating Awareness”. As an adult and a long time public figure, I believe she knows what the public is like. And especially after the “unfortunate tape”, she knows how hostile & judgemental we can be.

    She is to be commended. May God bless you, TT, for your dear efforts. You may have saved a few marriages.

    • Let’s be realistic, this is just a sad attempt at garnering attention. Tinopona Katsande’s antics to that regard will never end.If it’s abt creating awareness for the condition, why not partner with medical institutes and go on a campaign abt it? Personal experiences are good and well for testimony but until you have medical experts to explain the condition and how it can be treated( if at all) you’re just blowing hot air.
      Someone just give this girl a real job.

  7. Silence, whats the objective of your story? Kuda kungosvibisa chete haunyari? Tin tin has a medical condition and iwe ndopowoti sika sika nekuti she is trying to clean her image,nxa ndosaka muchiramba muchitambura majournalists

  8. chiNewsday, basa rekuteerera nyaya dzevanhu pa facebook hamunyare. Sika sika nekudongorera timeline yemunhu. Kana akasheya pafb aiudza shamwari dzake ipapo, haana kuti publish. nxaaa

    • @ ESSIE you are very foolish and ignorant.firstly,face book has no secret at all and what ever you post on it,munhu wese anogona kuzviwona.secondly,you cannot tell journalists what to write and what not to.you cannot tell them where to get stories.in any newspaper there are sections like politics,business,arts etc so being a reporter doesnt mean kunyora nhau dze accident yaitika kana zve musangano we UN.celebrities can open up their hiv status and other life issues during various interviews dzatinoverenga mumapepa ese.vatambi ve bhora,vaimbi,we read their profiles mumapepa.go back to grade four.nonsense.

      • @gulaz u are foolish too and nonsense as well coz u come here to insult others yet u need only to give ur comments as u see fit, not insult me, who are u, are u a news reporter? idiot.

        for ur information, what upsets me is the beginning word of the story “battered” this showed me that this reporter in up to nothing gud except degrading Tino more and more. I for one do not believe that Tino is “battered”. Thats why i commented so. Again on fb, information is public if u are a friend, but if u are not, then it means u have searched for that person and her postings. Anyway let me not argue with a fool coz pple will not see the difference.

      • If you are going to write an article about what I posted tanga waziva kwazvabva.Facebook is for my friends shamwarie.Taura zvaunoziva

  9. I know of some traditional medicine which is taken three times a day-early in the morning before eating anything. The medicine does treat the jeko/isilumo. In fact there are two types of Jeko/Isilumo,namely the female one and the male type. It looks like Tino suffers from the male type-very painful.

  10. I think you should first of all advocate for safe sex before advocating for your medical and probably self induced pelvic condition. In our days HIV/AIDS is rife and sadly you don’t seem to be wary of that reality as evidenced by your rather unequivocally lackadaisical sex-tape where you were apparently copulating with the aid of unprotected genitalia. In any case and without sounding judgmental or sardonic, I suggest that you reveal to both us and your gynecologist if
    ever you have suffered from any form of STI since it can also be an attribute to your condition and if so I strongly suggest that you desist from unprotected sex and perpetual use of medicinal contraceptive. Perhaps stick to mechanical contraceptive suck as condoms and loops which are ubiquitous amongst many cohabiting partners hence that way you won’t put your medical condition and health at risk particularly taking into account this pandemic called AIDS that has since left us with only memory to recalled our loved ones. God Bless You Tino and I presently hope that you take heed of the opulence in this advice that I have just conjured above. You are a very smart adult with multi talents and I strongly suggest that you focus more on shaping up your path in the warm comfort of your privacy without fishing out for public opinion because believe it or not you might not relish some of the gross feedback that might come your way especially prio to yo recent publicity drama and dilemma. These papers/press on the other hand are doing more damage in the long walk of restoring the paucity of your reputation by publicizing your private life in a bid to up their ratings. So I further suggest that you keep your personal life in-house and
    hopefully we won’t be hearing from you anytime soon in the year 2014…..NBC….Out!!

    • NBC,you do realise she said it was considered as Jeko by the elders when she first started her period?Oh I’m sorry,did she start her period after the tape?

    • more often than not i have seen pride masquerading as modesty,here we have gross stupidity masking as informed and enlightened. nbc is all sound and fury,alas,signifying nothing. consequentially ,it is the last part of ur argument that ultimately unmasks ur ignorance,its not the press(or papers,kakaka whatever that means,or the difference), fb is a public domain which she has chosen to air her problem. so ultimately it’s not the press which has catapulted the story into the public sphere. yet again,ignorance is bliss,isn’t it nbc ,nbc,gbc whatever u call ur self.h’aaaaaa pthu .

  11. She is just seeking attention and relevence in the society. All those people at Parirenyatwa Hospital, Chitungwiza and Harare Central Hospital among others all have problems just like you and there is nothing new that you can do that MoHCC cant do. You are just trying to reap from donors by doing that after your failed sex tape trick. You are a shame to us.

  12. Tino playing the sympathy and humanitarian cards.. Kkkkkk!!!

    Sad fact about Tino though is her spiritual husband(s). Source of her problem is the father (the Chief /businessman). Remove spiritual hubbys and like magic, marriage and babies and no more kupengereka. Look to TB Joshua….Take the step..

  13. All said and done in the comments above, Mwari ndivo chipatara chikuru chisina maside effects. Zvishamiso zvechokwadi zvichiriko and Tinopona can still witness hers as long as abatirira pamupendero wenguwo yaJesu. Kuzvinamatira ndochikuru, rimwe zuva, nenguva yakatarwa naMwari, zvichachinja, zvigopera, zvigozotaurwa senyaya. Keep your faith my sister and usamhemhaire uchiedza zvese zvese nokuti hauzivi kwaunogumisira wave. Kuna Mwari kune address imwe chete, shandisa iyoyo and haurasike.


  15. Is there no Balm in Zimbabwe? Is there no Prophet in Zimbabwe, then why are my daughters not healed? Jeremiah 8v 22. You are healed in Jesus Mighty Name!!!! Visit City SPorts Centre Tuesdays 5pm sharp and Sundays 9am to 5pm sharp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I qoute again “Is there no Balm in Zimbabwe? Is there no Prophet in Zimbabwe, then why are my daughters not healed? Jeremiah 8v 22. You are healed in Jesus Mighty Name!!!! Visit City Sports Centre Tuesdays 5pm sharp and Sundays 9am to 5pm sharp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. my sista as long as your conscience is clear about what you intend to achieve with this revelation, both at personal and societal level, you should not allow the ‘holier than thou’ movement to put you down. It takes a lot of courage to reveal such sensitive personal details but I believe it also sets your soul free. it also helps those who are quick to jeer at those with such misfortunes of not bearing children kuti kuva nevana kwavo hakusi kungwara ba asi kuti they are just fortunate to not have such conditions. It will help educate them that such conditions can afflict anyone and society has a role to play in helping and supporting people who are traumatised by these misfortunes. Its high time somebody said something because our people are ignorant about these things and need to be educated and it takes people like you Tin Tin to set the ball rolling. I’ve been following the things that you are doing and I don’t care if there are some selfish interests in there but the most important thing is the number of lives you save and offer hope to. Keep it up. God has a plan for you. For your own information my wife developed a similar problem after the birth of our only son who is now 5 years old and you can imagine the psychological torture we go through when people through their wisdom or lack of it remind us everyday that we need to have another child when we know that medically our chance of achieving that as a couple is next to zero. Maybe coming out clean would set us free but we lack the courage like yours Tino. And I know its more traumatic to my wife as she feels she has let me down but I know she did not invite this on herself and I have vowed that I will never allow this issue to separate us. That’s god’s plan for us and we are even luckier than those without any children at all, and I can imagine the psychological toll on them.

  17. to al girls out ther…… no early sex. have your sex partners tested. one sex partner. wash yo sex toys. dont use conterfeit contraceptives. no to unsurnitary abortions. use condoms.

  18. Sorry Tin Tin,,,I had that problem en was tx in the netherlands,,,bt it started when I had my third kid (2yrs after),,,sure it was painful,,,,,

  19. Dear Tino,
    Please do not dispair. This could be a calling from God to use you to give a disadvantaged child a meaning in life. Consider adoption mwana wehanzvadzi yangu.

  20. Some STDs and abortions can cause that. I advice you to repent and go to Lagos to see the great prophet TB JOSHUA. Pon a Dios primero.

  21. @ willard mubvumbi thanx for advise but why wasting money by going nigeria when we have our own man of GOD prophet E mmanuel MAKANDIWA, ITA ZVATAURWA NAMUBATSIRI VANHU VARIKURAPWA hiv , tb cancer zvichipera huya ku UFIC

  22. Uyai imi mose makaremerwa….. mwari anoregerera zvivi kunyangwe zvakatsvuka seropa. Jesu Kristo wakafira zvitadzo kuti iwe neni tikatenda kwaari tivane hupenyu husingaperi. Ndinoti sister Tino mukasiya zvose zvakaipa mukatarira kunamwari, kuvimba naye, nokumunamata mumweya nomuzvokwadi zvinhu zvose zvinoendeka. mwari wakatendeka nguva dzose.

  23. Sorry to hear that. You, being a public figure did the right thing to let the world know that there are people who are living with this and you are not alone and will not be the last one.We are all sick of one or another disease.

  24. Its at least enlightening to realise the majority of contributors to this platform have been informing rather than just being vindictive as if we are all very clean in the eyes of the LORD. And true, God is not only in Nigeria but also very much here too, but I am not saying the Makandiwas are saviours sent from above.

  25. There is only one person who can help you.The only person is the creator.You need to put all your thoughts to your prayers.Don’t give up and don’t lose hope.Keep the spirit and one day you will smile.

  26. Was touched by your post Tino, I also have the same problem, i have been married for six years now and have no children. Actually my tears dropped when i was reading your post, when you have a problem, sometimes you wouldn’t think that there is someone with the same problem as yours, I have tried all the jeko medicines but to no avail. i have since left everything in God’s hands since he is the Almighty Healer, I know the Lord will make a way for us and give us children, lets just have faith in him, he will never fail us.

  27. Zvimwe zvigwere zvinokonzegwa nokubvisa mimba muri kuchikoro nhasi woda kutipakurira mahwi anaChiremba anogozha kuverenga , ndinoti tanga wativhiira makuriro ako chokutanga . Ini seMukaranga ndinofungawo zvimwe chivanhu chinoda kugadziriswa kuti kwenyu hakuna aneChikwambo here chinokutadzisa kuita mwana ndinoti chimboshanyirai tete Mavhunga veDhiziri paChinhoyi zvimwe ungabetsegwa .

  28. you have to behave yourself as u grow up, sry result of not listening to the elders. may god help u anyway

  29. Vana Tin Tin hupenyu hwakawoma ka?Being real is one of the virtues of life,and I’m glad to say that after all that we saw about U at least ur now trying.I believe you should try it elsewhere,media is not the right platform I guess…Yawakapinda nayo b4 kuti zvizodai no-one knows.Uzvibate!

  30. Hi, Tino

    Please take the holy communion and declare that you are healed in the name of Jesus. There is nothing impossible to him. We were healed by his strips.

    Whoever is experiencing the same problem, just take communion.

    Note: You don’t need to have the elements which are used at church, but you can use even half slice of bread and juice.

    After having the elements, declare that the disease (name it) was healed at the cross. I promise a miracle for you my sister.

  31. i also suffer from the same condition,thank you Tin Tin @ list now i noe im nt alone.God will hear us one day.

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