It’s time to let go Morgan!


The most dangerous idea that we can accept is that MDC-T belongs to an individual.

Guest Column,Vince Musewe

I am told that the greatest power that we humans have is the ability to detach our self-worth from desired outcomes. That once we do something and are able to dissociate our egos from what the outcome may be, we become powerful creators of endless possibilities of the future. We free ourselves from that which limits our unlimited potential.

The problem is that we have not recognised this power within us, so we go along hoping and stressing for a desired outcome and when it does not turn out in line with our expectations, we become anxious, depressed, defensive, irrational and erratic.

As the German author Ekhart Tolle puts it in his book, The Power of Now; “When we identify with a mental position or a desired outcome, then if we are wrong, our mind-based sense of self is seriously threatened with annihilation. Our ego cannot afford to be wrong. To be wrong is to die. Wars have been fought over this, and countless relationships have broken down.”

And yet, the ego is merely a false self, created by unconscious identification with the mind. The ego is very vulnerable and insecure, and it sees itself as constantly under threat. It feels vulnerable and threatened and so lives in a state of fear and want.

Since the ego is a derived sense of self, it needs to identify with external things. It needs to be both defended and fed constantly. The most common ego identifications have to do with possessions, social status and recognition, power and control.

At most times we do all we can to satisfy our egos, even when it is apparent that we will not achieve the desired outcomes. We hold onto things, positions and ideas and we justify it in our own minds by believing that we are indispensible, invincible and in control; yet it is through this false concept that we destroy not only ourselves, but the possibility of preserving that good that we may have done.

This has happened to almost all political leaders in Africa since Kwameh Nkrumah in Ghana, Mobutu Sésé Seko in Zaire, Idi Amin in Uganda, José Eduardo dos Santos in Angola, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and many more.

The inability of our leaders to dissociate their self-worth from the external identification of power and material possessions and move on will continue to be an albatross on Africa’s development.

I would guess that Morgan Tsvangirai is going through the same mental conundrum that only Nelson Mandela conquered. It is not an easy choice.

Zimbabwe needs a fresh approach and a new narrative of the future. In my opinion, that narrative must be fashioned by those who use the future as the basis of their action and not the past. Leadership renewal is not a theoretical concept, but even nature itself must constantly renew itself for its own continuity and sustainability. The same applies to our socio-political development as a country.

The polarisation that exists today between Zanu PF and MDC does not serve our country nor does it benefit our people. No matter how we may justify it, it is remains based on myths that have been created by Mugabe’s ego in order to protect itself; an ego that feels vulnerable and threatened and so lives in a state of fear and want; an ego that is always concerned with keeping the past alive, because without it — who is he? It’s time to destroy these myths.

My advice to Tsvangirai would be for him to understand that in order to achieve change in Zimbabwe the game must change and so must the players. The circumstances we face require a new perspective and a new style of leadership. They require a new paradigm and new methods of thinking.

We cannot use the same people and methods that have not worked in the past and expect different results. His state of the nation address was somewhat underwhelming and lacked any new perspectives or insights on how we must tackle our problems. If anything for me, it reflects the need for a change in leadership in MDC.

If Tsvangirai is really committed to see a new Zimbabwe it is time for him to detach the possible outcomes from his ego or self-worth. It is only then that the Zimbabwe we want can emerge. It is indeed a hard pill to swallow, but it is time to let go.

My message to Tsvangirai is simply that; we cannot afford the same egos that have destroyed our country to prevail. We cannot allow the MDC to degenerate into the very same animal that Zanu PF has become.

The narrative must now change. These are the hard choices that come with leadership which Zanu PF has avoided taking and look where we are.

The pain to let go might be unbearable, but the achievable outcome of a new and prosperous Zimbabwe must surely be more compelling. It’s time to be a true leader who knows when to go.

The people come first!

Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. You may contact him on


  1. i AGREE WITH YOU MUSEWE. It is time for Morgan to let go. He had 3 consecutive chances and was unsuccessful on all occasions. Whatever the reasons the outcome and facts on the ground is that he failed to unseat the ruling criminals.As a democrat he must lead by example.

    • I will not waste my time reading this ill-thought article. What guys like you don’t realise is that a leader does not come from nowhere. He needs history and a brand that resonates with people. Tsvangirai is the only leader with the history and pedigree to command the widest support in Zim. Welshman Ncube nominated himself, and a few guys like you joined him. Where is he now, even though he stole the MDC name? If what you say is true – why didn’t we get all MDC supporters following the new leader – Welshman? You want to say Tsvangirai prevented them? I believe in all my heart that guys like you are sellouts – and there are many of you out there. You think Mangoma or Mudzuri have the calibre to lead MDC? Then you want it dead. As far as I am concerned, all these ambitious types don’t know what they are doing; in fact, they are the greedy ones. If they are genuine, let them fight from their own positions together with Tsvangirai, rather than fight Tsvangirai. They may be the reason why MDC is not winning in the first place. I think they should be fired for attempting to derail the people’s project.

      • “Tsvangirai is the only leader with the history and pedigree to command the widest support in Zim”

        Leadership based not on vision, ability and integrity but on popularity and a history of failure is a sure reason for yet another defeat for MDC T!

    • To hell,Mr Tsvangirai will not go anywhere.Infact where do you want him to go?Where?It is Mugabe who is supposed to go to his rural home(KwaZvimba),is that so.

      Please if you don’t have anything to say you must keep quiet.

    • WHAT DOES THE MDC CONSTITUTION SAY WITH REGARDS TO TERM LIMITS FOR THE PRESIDENT?????????????????????????????????????????????????


      zvekuti president haaende ndezve zanu pf and kuMDC hatizvide. TWO TERMS pamunhu then NEXT thats tru democracy

  2. With the rate at which zpf is abusing voter slips and voters roll to manipulate election..
    Rather demonstrate to demand a level playing field than change players.
    Dont be desperat. Morgan is still a game changer.

  3. Mr Musewe, why cant you say the same to Robert Mugabe?
    You must be a addent Zanu pf supporter who is now very much irritated by Zimbabwes persistant efforts to remove the dictator.

    You Zanoids thought cheating an election would equate to legitimate victory.
    Unfortunately we dont see Mugabe as legitimate as Zimbabweans.
    Get away and go and die. Idiot

    • @Saru- I think Vince has been abused by ZANU no end, now I suppose it is the turn of those in the MDC. Well, it comes with the territory, dont they say? There is nothing wrong with Tsvnagirayi putting his best foot forward as a democrat by allowing another hand at the wheel. He has achieved so much in fact more than anyone in this country to advance the cause of democracy and for this alone he has the gratitude of a whole nation and Africa at large. Getting the presidency is not necessarily the biggest sir. If you look at people like Chitepo, Tongogara, Nkomo, Ndabaningi Sithole and so on..though these fellows did not get the presidency they are bigger in the minds of Zimbabweans than the incumbent. The presidency should not be considered as the be all and end all..Tsvangirayi has to be very careful that he does not shred the history books in which his name is not a footnote but a whole chapter in the history of the poeple living between “the two rivers”..That said his colleagues must be respectful enough not to herd him off the cliff, people will not like that at all. He is still very useful to the MDC brand and he still has a big role to play even outside the presidency of the party, Mandela was!

  4. Instead Mdc must go and not Morgan.
    Imagine to date the party hasnt carried an election post mortem to ensure the more than 2million youths and urbanites get on the voters roll.
    You need voters and you have them but they are not registered. Imagine the record attendance at the crossover rally.

  5. Were the elections free and fair in the first place. What we so in Mbare in the last by.election shows Zanu is now in the advanced state of daylight rigging



  7. Shallow thinker. Fine you want to change Morgan but what efforts are you making to change Zec, the military. Registrar General, Makarau. the courts, Police, Zbc, Herald,

  8. You are wrong in your analysis. 90% of Zimbabweans are more frastrated with Mugabe standing as a candidate than Morgan.
    That is why even you are talking of change.
    Chamatadzirwa naMorgan chaakukurwadzai chii?

  9. its very unfortunate to try to remove Morgan through Media he was elected at the Congress so those who are demanding leadership renewal must read the party constitution.They must contest at the Congress if their are true democrats.By and large those outside the party who are thinking MDC have failed they must form their parties.

  10. I’m just tired of your journal opinions. What is the povo saying about this Mogen go issue. Come to the povo first and have their input then can talk of your theories.

  11. Everything which is given space in the Herald, Sunday mail , zbc etc should taken with a pinch of salt. Remove Tsvangirai and zanu will celebrate and rule till donkeys grow horns

  12. aiwazve, tinoenda neku congress not ku newsday kana toda kubvisa tsvangi hanty? Plus futi tinoisa ani angamirisana namugabe? Nhai veduwee

  13. vince u ve bn co-authoring articles with elton and it doesnt surprise many of the stance that you have taken now. i think 2016 is just a year away and people who elected him will show him the door n put ur preferred presidentat the top. this hullabaloo you are causing is not healthy. mandela served one term as the national president and 27yrs in prison so if you look at rmt only 15 years leading the mdc n not yet an executive president. sata spent mo than 20 yrs in opposition politics saka morgiza ngaambomira akadaro.

  14. If you dont have anything to write please dont! How can someone base his opinion merely on ego being the reason for Morgan to go? Newsday please weigh some of the articles you publish!

  15. What is really the difference between Tsvangirai and Mugabe? What I am seeing in Tsvangirai he is slowly becoming another Mugabe. I have lost respect to him. The obsession of Mr. Tsvangirai to try to prove that he can remove Mugabe from power is killing the party. First, he is slowly distancing himself from the fundamentals which gave birth to MDC party by focusing on trivial matters. Secondly, he is misallocating his time and attention. Why is he allienating himself from critical nodes that would enhance and sustains the growth of MDC as a future ruling party? It’s no use to strive to be proving a point that you are a success but to rather be of value to the whole, as Albert Einstein once said. MDC-T is slowly becoming a Tsvangirai Project. I am dissapointed!!

  16. Ehe Morgan anodiwa nevanhu. The truth must be said- with his present momentum he is taking Zimbabwe nowhere near change.
    Mandela nekudiwa kwaanotwa nevanhu pane aibvuma here kuti aite stepdown. Nhai Mogeni MDC yava nemapieces mangani? You should seek to bring all the pieces together than to see it disintegrate further on your watch.

    • @chief zombejena; Morgan is not refusing to go. He is saying lets wait for the Congress and give the people who elected him a chance to remove him. That is democracy. What you people are advocating for is undemocratic. Remember that he was chosen by delegates from all over the country. The same platform has to be used ti remove him.

      • Mzwa- What is wrong with bringing congress forward so that he can get validation if he wants to continue? There is a dark hand in the MDC that pretends to like Tsvangirayi when all they are doing is thinking of themselves. It is this group that is dangerous to the survival of the MDC.

  17. Museve economist,you are the least person to talk about politics.Give us direction in as far as the economy is concerned or advice your friends to form their own party and leave Morgan alone.Stop opening history books coz Tsvangirai is still in opposition and you sound like an Agent of the revolution.keep your studies to yourself dont abuse the pltform

  18. pliz those calling for mrt to go give us an alternative way to remove mugabe. lt seems musewe and mangoma are obsessed with this idea of removing mrt but what are they offering which is different. vamutadzaka mugabe and now they think mrt is easy target. muchafoira futi.

  19. I am one big supporter of morgan but although it is difficult to fault him bcoz of zanu’s refusal to go( even if he had won 80% of the vote zanu would have simply refused to go) the buck stops with him and we cannot continue and go into another election witth the current machinery in place and therefore need new perspectives. Elton is however not an option bcoz he was vheated in his own constituency and like morgan could not do anything about it. I agree morgan is a brand but a careful choice of a successor will do it bcoz morgan’s brand derives from zimbos hatred of zanu and that will remain until victory is achieved. It is best to deal with the issue now to give the new leadership time to institute new tactics bcoz expecting to win any election in zim is a dream.

  20. Plz tell us the good qualities of Morgan and the not so good and give us one you think can replace him and show us his/her good qualities and the bad so we can decide because it would be wrong if removing Morgan will leave the opposition worse than it is now..let’s not act on emotions but be visionaries!

  21. I see no point in you people threatening and insulting an opinion. The is Vincent’s opinion. What is yours. As far as I am concerned, Vincent gives a very compelling case. The point is that Tsvangirai’s so-called popularity has not translated to power transfer because of his own inabilities, misjudgements etc. Romance haina mwana! Morgan does not have what it takes to win power. The MDC will be better placed after his departure, whoever takes over. The party needs a fresh pair of hands, full stop. Otherwise the people’s hope will be dashed away forever!!!! The time for change is Now!

    • You are wrong. The system he is dealing with has been in power since 1980. It has its tentacles spread across Zimbabwe and difficult to dislodge. Those who are linked to Zanu are awarded hefty salaries to make sure that where ever they are they defend their positions. The Zanu system is like apartheid in South Africa which took the ANC more than 80 to dislodge.

  22. Yes Morgan will go when the people who elected him say so. That’s democracy. This thing of trying to buy him is criminal. Sithi uMorgan ngenkani, ongafuniyo kayekele and form his own party. People should wait for the Congress. This columnist is a Zanu Pf agent.

  23. washaya nyaya, enda kuchikoro undodzidza Politics 101 and brands, you will know that Tsvangi is the best leader.Who are you to talk of MDC?Why not talk about the Sekuru Bob who failed to the extent of failing to buy a house in his name in China. Leave my President Tsvangi pliz

  24. I think Vince is getting this all wrong, the reason MT is holding on is because no one has challenged him, do you want to create a power vacuum in the MDC?. Whoever thinks can do better than MT shuld just campain for the position, all u analysts are just saying MT must go but none of of you is offering a replacement. People will choose another leader if he offers himself up for the position and can sell his policies, he will have to prove that he can do better than MT. When Mandela left the ANC leadership he had someone who was willing to take over who in the MDC is willing to take over from MT let Him or her come forward.

  25. i only got to know Mdc through Tsvangirai. He is the only person who has proved he has balls to beat Matibili and moreover he is smarter when it comes to the peoples’ wishes. Ask welshan ncube we don’t want an eloquent leader or a thinker we had it all in Matibili and he failed us, we want Morgan. Morgan is more

  26. To those who say Morgan remains popular or ‘anodiwa nevanhu’ I pose a question. Was Mandela not popular when he retired? Mugabe haana vanhu vanomuda? And yet the case for retirement is clear. I think the same applies to Morgan. He is popular but it is better for the growth of the democratic movement in Zimbabwe that he leaves and allows a new generation of players and thinkers to take the baton and run with it. No one will dispute his achievements but this “I will go to the people and prove I still have their support” or “I will go once I have achieved such and such” is exactly formula used by Va Mugabe for the last 34 years to stay in power….Food For Thought

  27. When lsraelites were set from Egypt; some they didn’t believe Abraham so they perished in the red sea because it was a longtime since they were slaves. Same to us Zimbabweans it has been alongtime under the Zanupf leadership ( no employemnt; poor roads, looting the economy’s minerals e.t.c). lt is along journey to dig out the taproot of these people; but with Morgan l promise you we will prosper, he is the first man to to enter closed doors with your President and he is the only leader who was appointed by the Lord Our Saviour. Enough respect Morgan you will remain a life saver to all Zimbabweans. As for you Musewe form your own party and see if you will last for a day; shame for you. Save we love you all.

    • To Tongogara…..Moses was told that even after 40 years in the desert leading the Israelites to Canaan he would not enter into the promised land. Moses did not say “But Lord I am still popular!” or “Lord The people still want me as their leader!” NO! He accepted that he had played his role and handed over to Joshua

  28. very correct Musewe! tsvangirai must let go of his ego n allow the party to grow. Is he now a god of the party? He avers that he emulates Mandela’s ideals….really?? Shudnt he walk the talk n let others try to do their best fo the country?? Why is it that wen pple take a dig at Tsvangirai pple label them Zanupf? Are we that polarised nt to see a middle path in criticsm?? Remember dictators are made by the people who grovel to personalities….dont make Morgan a monster.

  29. people stop hiding behind a finger. if tsvangi has support why is he losing. you have just council elections and you dont want to face the truth. you going nowhere my fellow citizens. it is clear that tsvangi is does not have enough support to dislodge zanupf. if they were rigged kereke wld have lost. tsvangi is the second most popular presidential candidate ryt now, period.

    stop being emotional and think beyond one man. dont behave like followers of madzibaba nzira.

  30. go to the rural areas and see for yourself how popular RMT is. Mangoma ndiye ani anotiudza can form another MDCM

  31. go to the rural areas and see for yourself how popular RMT is. Mangoma ndiye ani anotiudza zvokuita.he can form another MDCM

  32. Vince, this was always going to be controversial one..It is refreshing to read your thoughts on the subject. Like the good Dr. Mandaza has said Tsvangirayi’s colleagues should not hound him out of the MDC but rather sell their position to him so that they get buy in from him. Remember this is a guy who is being torn in all directions..The most dangerous are not those seeking to take over from him but those lumps of clay and dead wood who are hiding behind his name so that they continue to have relevance. The best way out for him is a special congress or if he is really brave he should resign and let Khupe lead his colleagues to congress. No easy task with all these hyenas baying for blood. Worse are those penny a dozen friends who really are leeches seeking to suck him dry..

    Robert Frost, poet of yore has this to say on the subject. Its aptly called “Reluctance”

    “Ah when to the heart of man
    /Was it ever less than a treason/
    To go with the drift of things/To yield with a grace to reason/And bow and accept the end/Of a love or a season?

    You are dead right Vince letting go is not easy..this is what made Mandela this demi god.

  33. Vince,before you produce your articles,i think its better u seek for views and guidance from other people before you rush to lay them bare in the public eye. by writing such a poor and stupid piece of paper you are really discrediting your name,u need to write like a thinker. in your opinion you should seek ways to de-millitarise the election process,how to free ZEC from dectatorhip and all these government institutions that are inclined to a single political party.Anyway you should only align youself to economic issues because you do not have political wisdom. leave political views to those like us who did polad.Are you aware that Tsvangirai’s resignation today is a victory to ZANU PF and they will celebrate christmas party in February well before resign Tsvangirai is a very suicidal move politically. panoti Tsvangirai ndipo panoti MDC. Bvunza Welshman unzwe,iye umboripiko

    • @Jtaa- This is an opinion piece..Vince is simply expressing a view..what really is wrong with this? Remember the words of Voltaire, he of the French Revolution fame..”I do not agree with what you are saying but I will die to defend your right to say it” As democrats go Tsvangirayi is the biggest of them before him is another test for him to show that he is one. It will not be easy to let go, Vince has already said this but for the good of his project I think he needs to think very seriously about this. Power has its own traps..Remember one Mutambara who threw it all away when he could have been the biggest name in the country right now. After their congress he intimated that he was not like other people who stay glued to posts as he made way for Ncube. This resonated so well in the street that the MDC he had been leading got multitudes of new is a refreshing organ they said. Before the ink was dry he was back saying he was still the president..At first people laughed, they thought it was a joke. When they found out he was dead serious they spat him out…Here is one guy who destroyed a brand! So yes, power is a drug and like any addict will tell you it is not EASY to let go. It is here where you need REAL friends, who do not take you to see their dealer when they know you are battling the habit..or friends who buy alcohol to an alcoholist friend..

  34. Please leave Tsvangirai alone anoda kuformer party yake ngaatange. People vanoziva Tsvangirai imi murikutawura tawura tangayi yenyuparty like zvakaita Ncube and Job Sikala chete zvirepe kwete zvekupererwa nepfungwa zvamurikuita.

  35. U sound like a paid zany imperialist agent. I am no fanatic of MRT but you shld use your pen to tell RGM to vacate and be gone. Utter rubbish. We do not remove by newspaper articles. We remove via ballots and congresses.
    Solutions pliz. The defeat was caused by you zealots not MRT. It was buffons like you who chose to sit in your offices and never went to vote.
    You can get paid for telling us rubbish in the press and smile all the way to the bank but you are keeping zanu in office and also pushing roy bennet’s homosexual agenda. Stop wasting the povo’s time with small minded opinions.

  36. i will never never never attend a rally addressed by mangoma.u pple r being funded 2 kill th mdc.who else can fund u (reporters n sell outs in th mdc)other zanupf

  37. RMT has failed us. His downfall was mainly due to the death of mai Tsvangirai whom i can clearly see kept out of embarrasing womanizing scandals which clearly cost him the elections despite the vote rigging….so Morgan must go…toda Biti.

  38. hmm intrestn read of the responses above. It realy shows hw much Morgan is loved by his pple. They see no evil & here no evil of him. A remniscent of my President RGM in the 80s til today.
    in as much as u blame team zanu for ‘nikuving’ an election you must also take tym to ask yoslf some hard sereious questions.
    *Wher u realy prepared for the election?
    *Wher those scores of pple we saw in yo rallies registerd to vote?
    *What effects does Morgan’s bedroom isssues have on yo support base esp the rural folk who hve no othr arlternative source of info?
    Wat has derailed this country more than any thng z the blame game. Every thng wrong in mdc u blame it on zpf, mugabe or cio evn thngs that u yoslf can manage jus lyk excercisng self control.
    meanwhile, whilst u r fightn bedroom issues & who shd b yo leader..zpf has covered a lot of ground for the 2018 election. In rurals they r making sure evry eligible person is registerd to vote.
    Wat hve u done so far?
    Food for thot, whitewash myt b cumn yo way again

  39. Vince i do agree with yu. Tsvangirai has outlived his term as the Mdc leader. Zimbabweans never learn…especially those who have never been to other civilized nations. Tsvangirai is being greedy and selfish by staying in power. He does not require to be challenged at congress but to announce himself that he has played his part and is retiring from the helm like what Mandela did. He can then introduce and support whoever is elected at congress. The people will naturally follow that person and Tsvangirai will remain our model of democracy and civilized politics. Kwete kuti ndiani anoita challenge at congress because all potential leaders will not want to risk their political future by throwing their names in the hat. We all know what will happen if one challenges and lose. To those saying Tsvangirai is the brand name of opposition i do agree. This is why he need to step aside and use his name to support the new leader, whoever it is. So Mr Tsvangirai, you are over the hill but still climbing. Hameno kuti moda kusvika riini. Ipaiwo vamwe. Step aside and support our new leader. Rejuvenate the party and yu can accompany the new leader to the rallies especially the first ones. But power has corrupted your mind…15years and still going nxaaaa.

  40. ladies and gentleman ,morgan after election pleaded with us not to overreact into violence yet some sections wanted us to revolt,and i was very angry with morgan for telling us to be calm,i was angry because the election was stolen infact nikuved from us,i could not see reason in what he said but after a month i realised that we were to face a brutal force of the army and police more than ever because we would be trying to overthrow a well resourced force with all elements of brutallity and for an ordinary person like you and me armed with sticks and stones it meant a painful end,so who in MDC would make such difficult decision,which was against general view in the street

  41. and saying morgan lost the election its a lie,we lost the election it was are hopes our dreams our desire for a better tomorrow which were stolen,we lost the election

  42. To all these people who say havadi mumwe munhu besides Tsvangirayi saka Save vakafa MDC yofa navo?? Are we really saying hapana mumwe munhu anokwanisa kutora the reigns and do as well if not better? g?? If this is the case saka how is MDC different from ZANU(PF) na Mugabe?? Izvezvi there is a REAL chance ZANU will die when Mugabe goes and we all say this is not good and zvakabva pakugarisa kwa Gushungo and yet after 15 years at the helm some still think Tsvangirayi can still pull a rabbit out of his hat?? Hamuzvibvunzi kuti mari yekutenga dzimba,kubhadhara vakadzi,etc yakabvepi asi we ALL complained about the Mugabe Mansion in the Brooke tichiti tabigwa mari??

    I now understand why it is said a people get the leadership they deserve. If we are grooming the likes of Morgan&Joice to take over this country we deserve everything we have got,are getting and will get. Tiri mastupeti evanhu notwithstanding kudzidza kwedu

  43. Thank you Nhamo Chaiyo.ZANU PF through people like museve are trying to destroy MDC. It is said that seperate the fire and it goes on to die.Ivo Va Mugabe vanotoziva kuti Morgan akabva ipopaye MDC will be history nevanhu vakaita sana Mudzuri nana Mangoma. Kosei ma War veterans ne ZANU chaiyo isingati vaMugabe vabve ivo vavane almost 45 years vachitungamirira ZANU.The only option for disgruntled MDC cadres is to form their own political parties and see what will happen. They should ask chief CIO operator Welshman Ncube or Simba Makoni.Unowana 3 votes

  44. How ridiculous! If you criticize ZANU(PF) you are an agent of the West. If you criticize MDC you are an agent of ZANU(PF). And we call ourselves an intelligent and educated nation. See my next article titled Zimbabwe Leadership failure in both ZANU (PF) and he MDC camp.

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