Teen author Samantha is a success story


HUDDERSFIELD — A mother has spoken of her immense pride in her daughter’s achievement after she had her first book published.

Senzeni Ndlovu has had the misery of living without her talented Year 11 pupil Samantha for more than “six long heart-wrenching years”.

This is Senzeni’s story.

“My daughter Samantha arrived in the United Kingdom on 1st of January 2013, after three years of extreme hardship of trying to obtain a visa for her and her brothers, to come and live with me, after being apart for over six years.

“Samantha Alexia Ndlovu was born on 28 May, 1997, while I was doing my ‘O’ levels back in Zimbabwe.

“She was born at Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

“Myself and her father separated when she was one and half years old, and due to unfortunate circumstances she has been estranged from her father ever since.
“Samantha was raised by my parents in Zimbabwe while I lived and worked in South Africa.

“In 2007, I joined my sister in the UK hoping to better myself and the lives of my children, knowing the struggle and hardship that lay before me from being apart from my darling children.

“While my parents relocated and lived in South Africa when she was 10, Samantha developed her love and passion for writing.

“This was also to help her cope with her absent mother and the move from her native Zimbabwe to a new strange and sometimes scary South Africa.

“Samantha’s book Cold Hearts, is about mermaids and their culture.

“I believe the book will speak to a diverse crowd and inspire teenagers.

“Samantha has found the move to the UK and Huddersfield as an adventure which has inspired her and given her more ideas for future novels.

“She has settled well in Newsome High School.

“It’s still not easy to get used to the weather though it was quiet easy to speak to people because they also spoke English in South Africa.
“She likes that it’s quiet and people are much more welcoming and kind.

“There are quiet a lot opportunities than in Africa.

“With it only being a year, Samantha is still finding her feet and is also missing her grandparents and friends in South Africa and at the same time is excited and glad to be reunited with her mother and living together as a family at last.

“Samantha wants to be many things.

“She is a talented girl and she is very good at acting, Maths, English and science, hence she always say she want to be a writer and an actress.
“But while at home and in her spare time her true passion will always be writing.

“Cold Hearts is the first book she has published with AuthorHouse although she has already started her second book.

“But she has put it on hold because she is studying for her GCSEs.

“I work as a support worker and as any single mother would understand, it’s not easy to raise three children.

“But thanks to Samantha’s achievements which I could have only dreamt about, I am filled with a mother’s pride and hopeful of my daughter’s success in this venture.

“Because of my 100% faith in Samantha, I am willing to support her in any way.

My children’s happiness means a lot to me.

“Although I have been supportive financially of Samantha and her brother’s up bringing while they were living with my parents in South Africa, it feels like I still have a long journey ahead of me to try and compensate for the time lost between myself and my daughter.”

The novel Cold Hearts can be found on amazon.co.uk and authorhouse book store. — Heddersfield Examiner



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