Suspected rapist’s suicide bid foiled


A SUSPECTED Chitungwiza rapist Tobias Matarirano allegedly attempted to commit suicide after he was caught in the act late last month.


Matarirano (23) was later rushed to Chitungwiza Central Hospital before he was brought to court last week charged with drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl from his neighbourhood.

Chitungwiza magistrate Kudakwashe Jarabini heard that on December 24, Matarirano, who works as a security guard at a nightclub in Zengeza 4, proposed love to the complainant as she walked past his workplace in the company of her friend. The complainant, however, turned down his love proposals.

Three days later, Matarirano again approached the complainant after he allegedly spotted her at the shopping centre and offered her a drugged soft drink which she accepted and drank oblivious of the suspect’s motives.

She allegedly started feeling dizzy and could hardly stand.

Prosecutor Edmund Ndambakuwa told the court that Matarirano took advantage of her state and allegedly dragged her into the nightclub and raped her.
The complainant’s sister later pursued the pair and allegedly caught Matarirano in the act.

She screamed for help drawing the attention of other shoppers who immediately rushed to the scene and apprehended the suspect.

Before he was taken to police, Matarirano allegedly gulped some paraffin in a bid to end his life, but the witnesses took him to the hospital before pressing rape charges against him.

The court remanded him in custody to January 20 for trial.


  1. kuda zvinhu anamahobho, manje maitei (kuda zvemahara) inga paunoshanda ndopakazara chikafu chawavakuendera mujeri

  2. I think some of our reporting needs a lot to be desired because you are talking of someone who could hardly stand and was dragged into the night club.What time was that?If it was during the night what was the 13 year old doing at the night club.If it was during the day,where were the people and where were they drinking the soft drink from.People need to be realistic in their reporting because a lot of questions are being left unanswered.Where was the complainant’s sister when the younger sister was being given soft drink?

    Food for thought.

    • True that brother.. I made the same observation… Interesting story but I dont think the writer did enough investigations on the matter. There are a lot of logical gaps with the story…Journalists please dont rush to write stories before you do thorough investigations…Editors please DO what you are paid to do

  3. seems these two had became lovers otherwise how could a 13yr old girl accept a cool drink from a stranger.i think the govt should lower the age of consent to 12years because these days girls mature at an early age and some parents are now abusing this law by extracting money from people.where there is genuine rape the law should take its course.

  4. Hapana nyaya,vanga vajaira kudya mari gadhi pasina punani,vanozivana,manje i feel sorry coz judiciary system yemuno inozvibata thats a false report,Gadhi achafira yekuita sexual with an under age of which community service will do

  5. parents should teach children morals. Hw can a 13 yr old accept drink from an adult proposing love dats ridiculous

  6. @Hwiyo, even if the girl was over 16yrs, this guard committed a crime by first intoxicating the girl (making her drunk) without her consent. Thus he had sex without the girl’s consent since he took advantage of her drunkenness wc he had caused. For your own infor, l’m the one who rushed this guard to Chtza Hospital from G16 Makoni. It’s unfortunate the Editor didn’t give a detailed story.

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