SRC stands firm on Zifa election fees


THE Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) is adamant that Zifa should further slash election fees so that they are affordable to the majority of aspiring candidates.


However, elections for area zones and provinces have already been held.

The election fees had initially been pegged at $10 000 for those contesting for the Zifa board — a figure that has been met with disapproval from interested parties resulting in the SRC intervening — arguing that the figures were discriminatory.

The supreme sports body ordered Zifa to reduce the election fees and the soccer controlling body slashed them to $5 000 for those contesting the Zifa board elections.

However, despite the elections having already begun, SRC director-general Charles Nhemachena said yesterday Zifa should revise the election fees further downwards from $5 000.

“We are saying the $5 000 election fee is still too much and should be reduced. We had a meeting with Zifa where we discussed this. We asked them to go back to the drawing board and come up with another proposal. They said they would bring the issue at their next board meeting and they are still to come back to us,” Nhemachena said.

This comes after Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters’ Association (ZNSSA) president Eddie Chivero wrote a petition to the SRC demanding that the supreme body states whether the Zifa constitution is registered within 48 hours and that they should be given a copy of it.

However, ZNSSA seems to have missed a Bulawayo High Court case last Saturday brought by one Martin Muza Mazorwenyu who had sought to stop the Zifa provincial elections citing irregularities in the nomination process.

Bulawayo High Court judge, Justice Lawrence Kamocha dismissed the petition after Zifa produced a letter from the SRC dated January 8 stating that the football governing body’s constitution was registered with effect from November 18, 2013,Justice Kamocha also cited Article 59 of the Zifa constitution which states that no member should seek to resolve an issue through the courts of law.

The association also alleged the whole election process was shrouded in secrecy as they were in the dark on the constitution being used.

ZNSSA founding president Eddie “Mboma” Nyatanga, secretary-general Wellington Mupandare and public relations officer Paddington Japajapa attended the Press briefing.

“We know that the elections for the area zones and provinces have been held, but it is our view that those elections are being held under a cloud as there are a lot of uncertainties regarding the constitution and the fees.

We, by copy of this letter, ask your good office to write a public letter in which you should clearly state that indeed the Zifa constitution upon which elections are being held is properly registered with you as required by the law and that they are in good standing with SRC.

We hereby demand that such a confirmation be provided inside the next 48 hours to enable members interested in the elections to submit their papers knowing the rules and regulations,” reads part of the petition to the SRC.


  1. The whole issue of ZIFA election fees is a ploy by Cashbert Dube to make it impossible for genuine football lovers to participate. He wants his cahoots like Mavis Gumbo who are also with PSMAS to be involved because they can afford the high election fees.This is corruption at its highest.Cashbert Dube and ZIFA are in the process of rigging the elections.Watch this space.Its high time supporters take action. We cannot allow a few persons destroy the beautiful game.Batai munhu!

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