‘Shame on you journalist’


A CROSS section of NewsDay readers yesterday expressed outrage over an opinion piece by Zimbabwe Media Commissioner and journalist Matthew Takaona about the $230 000 monthly salary for Premier Services Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube.


Takaona’s op-ed headlined: “Don’t judge Cuthbert Dube harshly” received a barrage of criticism.

He wrote: “To many, he is a villain. To others, he is a man whose immense contribution to the medical services sector is second to none. Indeed for one or two months Dube earned an unbelievable $230 000 in salary in an economy where the majority cannot spend a dollar a day. Before that his salary seemed to have had a bit of modicum of decency at around $60 000 a month.”

Takaona added: “However, the anger has been expressed without balance and this is a cardinal omission. But Dube has another side and in the name of journalistic fairness that side must also be told even if it doesn’t justify the salary.”

His thoughts were received with anger as readers attacked both Dube and Takaona.

But angry readers charged that Dube does not have morals and that he should be arrested.

With his monthly salary, Dube could afford to pay 500 teachers every month ($500 each); purchase 57 Toyota Vitz/Honda Fits every month (cost $4000 from Japan); pay for 75 000 soccer fans at Rufaro at $3 each and buy 10 houses in the capital Harare’s high density suburbs ($23 000).

“How much did Dube pay you for that hogwash?” queried one reader.

Another reader added: “You’re lying about PSMAS. This is the electronic age; please do your research first before you write articles based on false premises. You’ve clearly demonstrated that you wrote this to protect Dube. Shame on you!

“Nonsense, complete nonsense,” another reader enthused. “He is a thief, plain and simple and he should be officially specified as a corrupt person, prosecuted and ordered to return every single cent he stole. I am ashamed to find journalists who defend such reckless, cruel, evil, inhumane acts of paying yourself half a million dollars of the public’s money while the majority of the public live on less than a dollar a day. Shame on you
journalist. Shame, shame, shame.”

A reader who identified himself as Yini said he was not surprised someone found it convenient to defend such gross immorality.

“It’s the Zimbos’ way to turn the other cheek to gross corruption, theft and act of criminality under some misguided act of dullness. Shame on you author of the article,” the reader said.
“Even (Nelson) Mandela with the immense contribution and sacrifice never earned that much. Cashbert should simply go and play for (Real) Madrid, Barça , Man United. He will be paid that kind of money without qualms.”


  1. You forgot to add my contribution calling for an investigation into a possible commissioning of the editor and the writer to conspire together secretly to sway public opinion in leaning towards letting the crook off the hook! Your headline must read: Shame on you, editor!

    • You also censored/suppressed my contribution on the same topic. Are you now behaving like the other newspaper who only publish blogs favourable to their editorial stance?

    • I prefer the “Looik East Policy” here. In China anyone who abuses public funds is sentenced for life in prison. In South Korea – they put him/her before a firing squad. That squad does not miss!

  2. Please please that’s clear looting. Some people are not merciful. We contribute our monies so they can take care of us. Now you are asked for a top up. This issue is serious

    • And those who contributed the money that was looted and are now ailing from lack of accces to health are going to fund Dube’s exit to the tune of $20 million? This is not funny.

  3. @ scotv the report also failed to mention my contribution and many others which condemned the editor…why…why….why Newsday. I agree with scot, an investigation please

    • That journalist has a hidden motive, pliz monitor him closely, ‘kashiri’ kaDube. I suspect he was given a bribe. Shame

  4. Contributors should just move away from this PSMAS. Why die for lack of access to treatment when you are contributing monthly? The President should order an inquiry into all state-related organisations, because it is beginning to emerge that parastatals and local councils are just one big scandal.

    • what do you know about PSMAS.this memebers pay $20 a month for dental,drugs,doctor,lab,xray etc.check CIMAS how much people pay.dont just talk rabbish.this members for PSMAS come to see the doctor almost 5 times a month and get drugs that cost about $50.when u pay $20.have more information before talking too much.

      • My friend PSMAS contributions are Govt subsidized i.e Govt pays a certain percentage in addition to member contributions. Govt contribution is around twice member contribution. So try not to mislead people here. Besides, its a numbers game! PSMAS has over 600 000 contributors, mostly forced by Govt standing rules not to join other schemes apart from PSMAS. Thirdly, what is the probability of a Teacher in Guruve visiting a doctor five times in a single month? I am a doctor myself, how come I don’t see the abuse and frequency you are talking about? Whereas other MAS like CIMAS have to fight for a market share.

  5. This is crazy Zimbabwe where thieves think they should be defended and, perhaps, even hire some people to initiate that defense. One thief and fraudster said to parliamentarians that their IDCZ account with Standard Chartered was being shut down by the local Stanchart because their actions at IDCZ were butressing the economy against western sanctions. But, which other entities and persons under those sanctions are not having their accounts closed by the local Stanchart?

  6. Cash book journalism is thriving in Zimbabwe and Matthew Takaona has just shown that evidently. Check whether Munyaradzi Huni can write anything negative about former governor Gideon Gono. It seems Matthew Takaona failed to check his facts about PSMAS and wrote an article to exonerate Cashbert Dube. Payback time? Shame, shame, shame.

  7. Yesterday I had posted a long piece on how I was forced to resign by Cuthbert Dube from PSMAS after working for 18 months. The reason was because I had questioned their modus operandi. Sadly it has taken over 10 years for me to be vindicated. I was one of the first doctors to be employed and helped set up their very first clinic opposite Holiday Inn and many others across the country. Things came to a head when I questioned why clinical decisions have to decided by HR from Head office. The main reason why Dube managed to get away with it for so long is because he managed to mislead the Govt and Public claiming that independent aka private service providers are mercenaries charging unpatriotic medical, dental and hospital fees. It worked for a while during the hyperinflation period but quickly fizzled out of steam because the lie was not sustainable. In order to continue to sustain his health service model, Dube deliberately frustrated service providers by not paying them on time so that Psmas members continue to have little or no choice but to go to his clinics. His model long failed but because he has a captive market and a guaranteed subs payment from Govt, it continued to give a veneer of success. Dube’s much publicized health model is neither the CUBAN model nor the UK NHS. It is not efficient and survived on the fact that civil servants have no choice of medical aid other than to contribute to Psmas.

    • so tru cde.PSMS is just surviving bcz civil servants have no choice but to go there through their employer.the medical aid society is grossly inefficient and somthing needs to be done now

  8. What’s the point of your article? What value do you add by selectively picking a few comments and publishing them as an article?

  9. Dube and other thugs who are destroying our economy have some journos in their pay pockets, mercenaries, like the pathetic Media Commissioner being eaten alive here by angry citizens, who abuse their journalistic privilege by defending this shameless Mafioso. We have known that fact for quite some time but had no evidence, but now there it is for all to see. Shame on you Takaona for bringing the profession of journalism into disrepute.

  10. You heavily censored the responses, probably picked out what you thought wouldn’t hurt Matt too much. So what good have you done by this. I agree there were a couple of unprintable words in some of the responses but you can asterisk them unless they are truly vulgar. Now can you rewrite this article and dedicate ample space to the responses so that You, Cuthbert, Zimbabweans at large, and most importantly Matthew, know what we think of yesterday’s piece on unwarranted consolation of Cuthbert, and what we think of the writer. And tell Matthew I said he is a sorry bootlicker.

  11. The market is efficient in the strong form. Information is already making rounds that these guys now want to increase the employee contribution portion to PSMAS from about $7 to over $20. If this is anything to go by, all this Cashbert noise would then tend to be political gimmick to recaptalize PSMAS that we looted over the years possibly to fund Nikuv activities. It would be fool hard for one to believe that Cashbert’s salary was not known to the guys.

  12. cuthbert Dube is an economic terrorist,period! Now he has roped in that mercenary journalist to defend him,its a pity. How mch were u given nhai journalist??

  13. as much as we would hate what happened, Zimbabweans the good that someone did should not be pushed away like that. yes where one has wronged should be pointed out and likewise where one has done good should be applauded.dont we have room for appreciating good things? we should honestly have a critical mind hence the jorno was not outrightly wrong for pointing DUBE’S good things though his statistics were flawed.

  14. @ mumu. Can we say the same for all criminals, rapists, Gumburas. Surely all these people have done some good things @ some point in thier lives. Can those good deeds justify their evil deeds. Pliz hell no.

  15. That journalist must be of written the article on behalf on Sharuko or Kausiyo. Sports journalist at the herald must also be investigated for their ties to Dube.

  16. As an employee of PSMAS I can confirm that, Petros Kausiyo was Dube’s right hand man and ZIFA media officer, the car he drives was bought by Dube and its serviced at PSMAS.

  17. I really think if cuthbert realy turned PSMAS into what it is today the he really did a good job. We can not turn a blind eye to the good that he did. Ask any nurse if they want to stay in the govt or work for psmas? They will tell you psmas coz it pays its employees better. In my opinion cuthbert may be a villain but he is way better than the muchecheteres and all executives in parastatals that have not yielded any success but have chosen to earn the $27k they dont deserve and on top of that have also swindled company funds

      • The point is not that Dube did not award himself and his worker huge and obscene salaries. It is the quantum and lack of congruence with reality about his and your salaries. Try to help PSMAS to be better than blindly supporting mismanagement of PSMAS. If it collapses where will you and all those workers go?

      • as for me I talk coz I was denied health care, my mother was denied health care until she died, besides holding a psmas card, not to say we are talking out of newspapers mhani iwe and yes, Dube is the one who brought it to all that coz before we were never turned away by doctors of our choice with the same medical aid. do you know how it feels to be denied what you contribute every month for? huh? think and be considerate before uttering please

    • indava kukurudzirawo umbavha mhani newewo? I was denied health care, my mother was denied health care until she died, besides holding a psmas card.Yes Dube is the one who brought it to be all that coz before we were never turned away by doctors of our choice with the same medical aid. do you know how it feels to be denied what you contribute every month for? huh? think and be considerate before uttering please

  18. @jimmy thats true tho his salary cannot be justified by that @kiro the jorno openly admitted that am not saying these good deeds justify the salary but just to shed light onto his achievements as well which is a good and noble thing to do.

  19. so are you telling me that PSMAS is a private project like greenfuel which was forced on civil servants,mr president is this the self rule you always preach am very disappointed in you,total let down.you signed a bill into law which enforces me to pay a tv/radio license yet i should not question its use.freedom my foot,i miss Smith

  20. @mumu. The timing of the article and the highliting of Dubes so called good deeds (which the journo went on to exagerate) cleary shows an attempt to exonerate the dude. Magood deeds toataura pama grave side speeches kwete kana munhu abira more tha 600 thousand poor souls working their hearts out for a pittance as salary.

  21. Ok guys, i have gone through all your comments but looks like noone knows what really happened. Now let me tell you the truth. This Cashbert guy and his team used to work for free at psmas during the turn around period and this was a way of rewarding the team

  22. And this is just about PSMAS and Dead BC. We havena evenm started on the ZIFA business where contestants in the boss election were asked to pay thousands to contest against Cashbert. He earms more than Ronaldo and Sepp Blatter and Lionel Messi, our Cashbert of Salarygate.

  23. Cathbert is guilty of doing very well in an economy that is led by mediocres. Because of that shut him up in a big slammer and let him rot you can’t do better than your president let alone earn better.

  24. @gunguwo. In North Korea he would have been fed to a pack of very hungry dogs (or is it wild dogs?) like the Kim Jong Un’s uncle.

  25. I think all the parastatals’ wagebills, in particular the salaries and allowances of middle and top management, should be published and private audit firms must be engaged to audit the books of these firms . Responsible ministers must be taken to ask because they should have known about these and if they did they should have acted .
    ZERA before approving the next tarriff increase for ZESA should inspect and publish the executive wages at tye parastatal because this parasitic behaviour whilst producing very little must end .

  26. Nobody can be arrested for negotiating a salary. The onus is on his employer to see to it that the salary is sustainable.
    The law doesnot work on emotions but facts. Has the PSMAS CEO ever been fingured in a audit report for misappropriating funds?
    As for the journalist who presented other facts about this PSMAS saga he is entitled to his own opinion. Its his democratic right to see issues in his own way. Its silly to expect everybody to be one track minded(lynch mob style).
    I sincerely hope the powers that be won’t be swayed by the lynch
    mob and act in an illegal manner. That would set a bad precedent in our country.
    People should never react with their hearts/stomachs to such things but with their brains

  27. There is a torrent of public complaints about outrageous chief executive salaries in parastatals but that will soon blow over when those investigating find out that some of the Board members in these organisations are what some people call war veterans and whom I call thugs. Permanent Secretaries in respective ministries know how much the chief executives are earning but they are hamstrung by this “war veteran” nonsense – some board members are so-called war veterans and are untouchable. Mugabe, who is very corrupt chief executive of the country, insisted last year he was going to make sure army personnel are employed in these parastatals. I want to see how this one pans out.

  28. takaona u a trying to be clever by half. the earth will be a far much better place to live if we rid ourselves of cashbert and takaona.

    bambo makapuweyi

  29. Cashbert ndisekuru wangu akomana. Zvavadzingwa basa so handichaziva kuti kuMeikles ticharamba tichienda here kulunch. I think he dezerved the pey he was getting but vachine basa kumamwe maparastetal 17 so we kavhadhi. Huyai tikupeiwo mabasa. Tiri kuda mukomana wemugadheni $3500 per manthi nemusikana wemumba $4500 experience yako chete

  30. Guys dont we have eyes this is zanu pf shifting your focus on the crisis we have in our do u think cuthbert chose himself or decided to gv himself that salary no no no this issue has been tabled at shareholders meeting amd thy reached this understanding gorvement being represented by their proxy whoeva it was saka mhosva murikuibvisa kumuridzi wayo mopa a result but root cause ndiani and who is the heard guys guys guys guys focus zimbabwe se nyika ndiyo ine crisis cuthbert wd hv paid some civils servants not all of them neither can it pay 38 million iri kukweretwa wer dd the rest of the cash i am saying gorvement we have cash employment health and poverty crisis just to name a few zvichabhadharwa nani tichawana sei pundutso uyo cuthbert mamudzinga asi mari yake inokwana here kwakashota angryy at u fellow zimbabwians

  31. Thats what zanu pf is good at, diverveting people’ s attention on really issues not that these are small issues but people should not be talking about stolen elections.
    I bet by next week the Herald will anounce something different from abnormal salaries…this is a party of projects rather than programmes.
    Zctu spoke about these even during the gnu era and newspapers did not make it headlines.
    Nothing is going to happen to write home about at the end of the day.
    People are being duped for obvious reason…when C Dube was donating to the national team no wondered where he was getting the money..where is coperate governance issue launched with pomp and fan fare when one person sits in 20 boards of companies with ones company supplying products or giving insurance cover to those companies he chairs ..this stinks.

    • makadhakwa. what attention diversion?? man you are using a wrong platform @Japhet moyo and @culture. let’s deal with corruption once and for all. it doesn’t matter kuti iZpf kanaMDC.

  32. This is a country of thieves , that is why even workers do report for duty even if they are not earning because in most cases inodya payasungirwa.
    People do not pay themselves but conive with their boards, perm secretaries ,ministers etc.The most corrupt are board members who first greased before they approve what ever is brought before them.With 20 boards to sit who bothers to read document presented to them as their sitting allowances are paid.
    Still this remains a smoke screen.

  33. Cde N muri chimokorume chaCashbert. Iye haanzwe kunyarawo here kuzvipa increment from 144k to 230k honestly chero ndimiwo guys isu maticha tichitadza futi kurapiwa. Nxaaaa mhani

  34. While I agree with most of the upheaval about Matthew’s article, I don’t see the need to get too fired up about this article today that seems like it didn’t serve any purpose whatsoever. And others are just pissed that they didn’t see their own comments listed in the article.

  35. Dear Newsday Editor . You owe us Zimbabweans an apology for publishing this disinformation. You are complicit in Mathew campaign of disinformation.
    1.Matthew lied that under Dube’s tenure, PSMAS membership rose from 4500 to about 600000.
    Truth is , there were more than 400000 members when Dube joined PSMAS.

    2. Your newspaper published this story at face value without checking facts.
    3. I’ve lost trust in your newspaper; the Herald is now doing a better job!!
    4.I filed a complaint to you online and am still waiting for a response.

  36. Matthew Takaona supported his opinion with false figures. That’s disinformation.
    Question is, was this a deliberate attempt to sway public opinion, or is it lack of professionalism?

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