Sexual abuse case exposes lack of security at college


THE trial of 23-year-old Frank Nemaire, son of Rusape-based Watermark College owner on charges of sexually abusing a 14-year-old pupil has exposed lax security systems at the institution.


This emerged yesterday after the complainant, who cannot be named as she is under age, told Rusape magistrate Shingi Mupiro that she had on several occasions, between April and November last year, scaled the precast wall at the girls’ hostels and spent the night with Nemaire at the boys’ hostels before sneaking back at around 4am.

The complainant, who at the time was 14 years old and doing Form Three, told the court that she had lost count of the sex romps she had with the college owner’s married son.

The court heard that sometime in March 2013, the two allegedly fell in love before Nemaire started collecting her from the girls’ hostels and spending the night with her either in the boys’ hostels or in a disused classroom located nearby.

The matter only came to light in November last year when the girl used her mother’s mobile phone to send text messages to Nemaire informing him that she suspected that she could be pregnant.

Nemaire’s wife intercepted the messages and called on the numbers and narrated the whole issue to the girl’s mother and aunt.

The girl was medically examined and was confirmed to be pregnant, leading to the suspect’s arrest.
Trial continues on January 30.


  1. hapana nyaya apa, vana vemazuva ano vave kuda zvinhu too much at even 12 chaiyo. Ngaangoroora agochengeta mhuri yake apa zvipere. Hw many ppl today hav mothers that gave birth to them at 15/16 and was never said abuse. VanaGumbura ve abuse chaiyo varikutadza kutongwa wani?? nxa ngatitsvagei mari apa, open this link: nhai nhai. Cashmore

  2. I think the girl must be 16 since she form 3. If she is 14 then she was 11 when she went to form 1. The culprit must face the music. There is need to establish the security at the college so that corrective action can be taken. No need to close the college. Even in our high schools these things happen every day

    • @farayi

      I agree with you. 14 year old in Form 3? The majority of them are found in Form 1. I would probably accept Form 2 and not 3. However, this is not to say that I condone what the guy did.

  3. Yah this young man must pay for sure I remember seeing an issue about another girl from Bulawayo he abused last year on R metro he should rot in jail together with the Father. He is not fit to be in Society str yake Makanaka is at AU achidzidza vevamwe vana arikubvonyonga 290 years mujeri

  4. The girl was scaling the wall not the man?So who wanted th sex here?Let us accept reality,kids nowadays vakuda zvinhu &u cant stop it.To put this case in a traditional court,the guy wil take his wife.But th white man’s court,everyone is going to lose.He will be locke up.His wife and kids will suffer.the girl and her parents wil take care of the baby themselves.Chatagona hapana.

  5. Isuwo vabereki tichinyanya. We trust these private colleges tichisiya tried and trusted boatding schools. Tinoda kunzi tine mari nekuendesa vana vedu kuzvikoro zvakadai. Kuzvikoro zvakaita seRegina Mundi, Thornhill kana Chaplin hazvitori nguva kubata such an occurrence.

  6. think the guy should be given 20 to more years in jail working very very hard how can someone ruine an innocent girl’s life nxa

  7. Why do yu say the girl is innocent? This girl has reached the age of accountability, she knew wat she was doing. Parents please teach your children to respect the word of God at home.

  8. watermark college aint a learning institution but rather a whiling up sex store zvichibvawo kuna baba va frank ndovamwewo vanopisa vana vepachikoro pavo

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