Serial rapist (30) jailed 290 years


SERIAL rapist-cum-robber Thomas Chirembwe (30) who was convicted of 21 counts of rape and robbery — in which at least 13 women fell prey to his reign of terror — has been thrown behind bars for an effective 230 years.


Chirembwe, who terrorised Harare areas of Cranborne, Hatfield and Queensdale, was sentenced to a total 290 years, but the court set aside 60 years of the sentence on condition of good behaviour.

In passing sentence, regional magistrate Simon Rogers Kachambwa described the behaviour of Chirembwe as “worse than that of a wild beast” because he committed the callous crimes for nothing but fun.

He was initially facing 30 counts of rape and unlawful entry, but was not tried on nine of the counts after witnesses failed to turn up in court to testify during the trial.

The magistrate said: “In aggravation, the offences that the accused committed are all serious, namely unlawful entry in aggravating circumstances.

He used weapons such as knives, an iron bar and spanner to threaten his victims.

“In his criminal acts, he also raped the women and stole cash and other valuables. There is no doubt that he had turned crime into a profession, earning him a living. I agree with the State that rape is the worst form of invasion of privacy.
“A long custodial sentence will meet the justice of the case. His behaviour was worse than that of a wild beast, which gives respect to its victim because it kills for food, but the accused was doing it for fun,” he said.
Using case law, prosecutor Michael Reza had on Monday suggested that the court should slap the accused with no less than 90 years in prison.

He told the court during trial that Chirembwe, whom he described as “a one-man urban terrorist”, broke into people’s homes and raped 13 women between September 18, 2011 and November 6, 2012.

The court also heard that during his terror campaign, the accused person used an iron bar, a knife, spanners and “the manhood in his trousers” to commit the offences.

“The crimes were pre-planned,” Reza said in aggravation. “He was callous because rape is the worst form of invasion of privacy and robbery is a very traumatic experience.”

Chirembwe stole valuables worth thousands of dollars and a total of $1 500 cash after raping the women without using protection.

One of his targeted victims survived the abuse after she went down on her knees and prayed, forcing Chirembwe to spare her.

Another victim survived after telling him she was HIV positive, while the other said she was on her monthly period.

The court heard that on September 1, 2012 at around 3am, Chirembwe pounced on a Queensdale woman and raped her three times before stealing household property and cash.

On September 18, 2012 at around 4am, a 31-year-old woman was sleeping in her bedroom when she heard some noise coming from outside. She saw Chirembwe walking into her house armed with a knife.

Chirembwe switched off the lights and demanded money from her and she gave him $30. The convict then raped her once.


  1. I was one of the victims and when it happened i was only 20. It may not remove the scars he coursed to me but knowing I’ve been brought to justice brings me peace.

    • I am really sorry for what you have been through. No woman should ever go through such an ordeal and only cowards would ever abuse their position of physical strength to harm rather than protect.

      Stay strong and hold your head high, for you have conquered the beast and the best way you can make him know that is by how well you live and love without his act hampering you.

  2. I hope the prisoners in Chikuribi end this psychopathic sack of dirt’s miserable life. He doesn’t deserve to live. How dare anyone enter a persons home and rape an innocent woman! He must die!

  3. Gumbura hokoyo nenhamo. Kutaura kuno urikubvunda pasina chando .Mumwe wako adzipuhwa 290 years but aita lucky abvisirwa 60 years.

  4. When he broke/walked into peoples’ private property he made his intentions clear (BARBARIC)!!
    When a pastor mis-interprets the BIBLE to achieve his intentions but cunningly, on an innocent flock what is the result?

  5. interesting,they will keep him in person,his corpse and skeletons inside the prison or lets say mamwe anoapedzisira kuhell.

  6. kwasara hombe racho rinonzi Gumbukumbu. iroro iro ngaripihwe 240yrs moribvisira 100yrs on conditions of good behavior rozobuda ravenemakore 196 yrs.

  7. iko pasi rino pane vanosvika 120 chero ariko rinenge ratova dambudzo kune vanochengeta.290 vakangosiya kutitakutongera rufu .hey mutongo uyu haurwadzi asi kuuraya munhu uku.290 .290 .290 .gushungo havasativadzisvitsa dziri kusvika nematsuru tsuru 90 chete apa muchitaura kuti 290 dzapihwa mumwe munhu

  8. The barbaric acts committed by this man are very heinous and the courts must mate out justice to its highest possible level but again the purpose of prisons is to rehabilitate an individual; in this case what use is it to lock him up for 230 years which he won’t live it was better if he had just been handed a life sentence…who can live up to 230 years logic is needed here!!

  9. @nyikayedu, chikukwa, abolishment of the death penalty from the lobby groups. if we hang them tomorrow you will say we are abusing human rights Zimbabwe must be sanctioned. now we want them to die in prison you are crying again better you cry.

  10. Don’t worry Mr Serial rapist 290 years dzirinaani pane jeri ramakapinza uyo wamakarepa. Kudai ndiri ini ndakakupai death sentence but anyway do ur time dzinosvika 290 years mukazobuda makuziva zvamuri.

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